Volume 6.18 | June 2018
Your KWPN-NA E-Newsletter for June 2018
Great Perks for our Members!
 D id you know that all current KWPN - NA members also receive a complimentary US Equestrian Fan Membership ? Yep, it's FREE and is just another of the many benefits we're proud to offer our members. Here's a few of the things you receive with your USEF Fan Membership:

  • Ability to access full search, standings, and competition results on the USEF website;
  • Full access to the USEF Learning Center with educational videos and content featuring elite athletes, trainers, and industry experts, with new videos released frequently throughout the year;
  • Access to full USEF Network coverage with over 4,000 hours of live and on-demand content;
  • The US Equestrian magazine with digital stories that educate and celebrate, delivered quarterly to members;
  • Optional $1,000,000 excess personal liability insurance available for purchase;
  • Access to the MemberPerks Program with cost-saving discounts like free bags of feed from Triple Crown Nutrition and 10% off purchases at Dover Saddlery;
  • And so much more!

Be sure to check your email for a message from USEF about how to activate your free Fan Membership, and thank you for being a member of the KWPN-NA!

Keuring Entries Due July 15!
Don't miss out on all the fun - KWPN-NA keuring entries are open and due by July 15th! Once again we have a wonderful keuring tour planned with 17 sites across North America in late August through early September.
It's time for the next edition of our popular educational series, "Letters to the Judge", brought to you by the KWPN-NA Members' Committee. Have a question? We want to hear from you! E-mail us and your question may be featured in a future post!
Don't Miss our Foal Fridays & Saturday Stallion Showcase!
Have you seen our adorable Foal Fridays, or our Saturday Stallion Showcase on Facebook? What about the latest news about Dutch horses excelling in the competition arena? Make sure you "Like" our Facebook page to keep up with all the news, and adjust your News Feed preferences so you always see our posts first! (Photo by V.M Photography)
So. Many. Awards!
Lately our office has been inundated with requests for KWPN-NA high-score awards for shows across North America, and our recent public announcement about expanding into eventing and combined driving has only added to the madness! But we're up to the challenge - encourage your favorite show manager to easily sign up for FREE awards today!
You're Invited to the
KWPN Summer Seminar!
You're invited to attend the KWPN Summer Seminar
at Shooting Star Farm! Scheduled for July 6-8, 2018 in Spofford, NH this special event will feature an incredible line-up of presenters including:

  • KWPN expert and top equine journalist Dirk Willem Rosie will speak about "The KWPN: Past, Present, and Future."
  • Internationally famous breeder and KWPN goodwill ambassador Emmy De Jeu will present "Making Connections and Marketing Your Breeding Program."
  • Top Harness Horse breeder and trainer Wim Cazemier will discuss "The Modern KWPN Harness Horse."
  • Grand Prix rider/trainer Eiren Crawford will talk about "The Making of a Grand Prix Horse," plus a freestyle demonstration with her current star Godot SSF.

As well as:
  • Question & answer sessions;
  • A showcase of the SSF breeding program & 2018 foals;
  • Great networking opportunities;
  • Social events each day!
A frequent question we receive in the KWPN-NA office is, "What is the process for licensing a stallion?" Now, we have a handy flow chart to help make the process easier for everyone to understand! Check it out & learn more on our website here:

 KWPN-NA Member of the Month

Marie-Josée Proulx, Dunvegan, ON
Even though today’s KWPN-NA has a diverse membership which includes competitors, owners, youth, and fans of equestrian sport, it is breeders who remain as the foundation and heartbeat of the organization. It’s the passion and vision of breeders like our June Member of the Month, Marie-Josée Proulx of Canadream Farm, who dedicate themselves to producing the world’s best equine athletes and make the constant advancement of the KWPN breed possible. This month, let’s find out more about Marie-Josée:

KWPN-NA: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your farm.

Marie-Josée: My farm Canadream Farm is located in Dunvegan, Ontario, Canada, which is a little village conveniently located between Ottawa and Montreal. My daughter and I moved to this 100-acre farm in 2015. I have a university diploma in Finance and Marketing and worked for the family businesses from 1990 until 2013. I always bred some horses while working full time, but then in 2013 I decided to breed horses full time. I imported my first three KWPN mares in the fall of that year, then another three the following year, and so on. Now my broodmare herd is composed of six elite mares, two keur eligible prok mares, one ster D-OC and an imported two-year-old filly from which we’ve already done two embryo transfers. I breed about about seven dressage foals per year that I sell before they are yearlings.  

KWPN-NA: How and why did you become involved with the KWPN breed?
Marie-Josée: I originally started breeding KWPN in the early 1990’s when I was in my early 20’s. At that time, I worked closely with Meghan de Garay at Iron Spring Farm, and bought several of their mares to start my breeding program. In 1999 I was blessed with the birth of my daughter and a fulfilling job, so I sold my KWPN stock and went shopping for a couple of easy-going Canadian horses to hitch up and do family sleigh rides. Instead, I came back home with three pregnant mares, so I bred Canadian horses or Cheval Canadien (not to be confused with Canadian warmbloods) and was the president of that association for seven years. Then in 2013, I decided it was time for me to get back to my original passion: KWPN dressage horses. So I started shopping for a mare in The Netherlands, and three weeks later, I had filled a container as I thought it was cheaper to get three shipped than only one, but only ended up saving 50 euros per mare LOL. Like most breeders I chose the KWPN because I was very impressed with their stringent selection process, and the fact they were very proactive and had a forward-looking approach to breeding.
KWPN-NA: What are some of your accomplishments as a breeder or things you are most proud of? 
Marie-Josée: Since I only returned to breeding KWPN in 2014, Canadream offpsring are just turning three so none of them are in sport yet. But I do present my foals at keurings every year, and since 2015 and out of 13 foals presented, 12 of them were 1 st premium and two foals were 8 th in North America.

KWPN-NA: What is your favorite thing about being a breeder? What is the toughest?
Marie-Josée: I have a true passion about equine reproduction. Being able to do the whole process from choosing the mare, the stallion, doing the actual breeding, ultrasounds and putting those amazing foals on the ground, and then marketing and selling them is a dream come true for me. As mentioned previously, Canadream offspring will just be started under saddle this year, so while we don’t have sport results yet, getting regular updates and pictures from the new happy owners of the foals I bred is very satisfying. Seeing a foal mature into what you had planned when you chose the semen is priceless.  

But what I do find quite tough is being in Canada, we do not have access to fresh semen. I do 90% of my breeding with frozen semen, and the availability of frozen semen from KWPN stallions is pretty limited, and we all know the quality can be less than stellar. I always say I am a “KWPN snob” so I will only breed to KWPN stallions for now, meaning I can only use frozen semen which increases the cost of every breeding and reduces the number of potential stallions I can use.

KWPN-NA: How long have you been hosting keurings, and what do you like best about it?

Marie-Josée: I co-hosted my first keuring in 2015 with Suzanne Trickey from Bloomington Farm less than a week after moving to our new farm, so the keuring was held at Beaulieu farm as our property was not ready yet. We hosted our first keuring at our farm in 2016 and have had one annually since then, including this year. Keurings are a great advertisement for breeders, and getting the feedback from the judges about our horses and our breeding program is very valuable. I am always grateful to the judges for so eagerly sharing their extensive knowledge with us.

KWPN-NA: Who was/is your favorite Dutch horse?
Marie-Josée: While I do not have one favorite Dutch horse in particular, if we speak about stallions, my favorite one will be the one that best matches my mare LOL. 
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