Volume 5.18 | May 2018
Your KWPN-NA E-Newsletter for May 2018
Discounted WFFS Testing Now Available for KWPN-NA Members!
The KWPN-NA is proud to announce that thanks to a partnership with UC Davis, genetic testing for Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) is now available for a special discounted rate of just $30 for our KWPN-NA members!
New Policy for Stallions Regarding Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome
Effective immediately, the General Board of the KWPN is requiring testing for all active approved KWPN stallions of which offspring have been registered in the past five years, as well as any stallions that are currently participating in the performance test. All test results must be provided to the KWPN and will be made publicly available on the KWPN website. This decision immediately leads to transparency regarding possible carriage of the WFFS gene.

Therefore, here in North America, the KWPN-NA will now require testing for all activated Approved, Licensed and Foalbook stallions. These results will also be published on the KWPN-NA website so that breeders can make informed decisions. 

Keuring Entries Now Open!
Oh happy day - KWPN-NA keuring entries are now officially OPEN! Once again we have a wonderful keuring tour planned with 17 sites across North America in late August through early September.

Applications are now being accepted through July 15, 2018. 
Congratulations to our new Bronze Level Breeders!
The KWPN-NA would like to congratulate Sakura Hill Farm and Ryu Equestrian (Michele and Makoto Sakurai and daughter Monica, pictured above) and Liz Rothman of Rothman Sporthorses (left), who have been named as a Bronze Level Breeders !

Learn more about these breeders on our Facebook page , as well as more information about the KWPN-NA Breeder's Achievement Awards on our website HERE .
Making Headlines
At the KWPN-NA, we're working hard to tell the world all about how amazing the Royal Dutch Sport Horse is! This month we worked with the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) to include the KWPN as the "Breed of the Month" in their May issue of USDF Connection magazine. 
Don't Miss our Saturday Stallion Showcase!
Have you seen our Saturday Stallion Showcase on Facebook, where we learn more about KWPN-NA activated stallions? In May, we met Sir Sinclair, Vinca (shown here), Olivi, and Utopie. Make sure you "Like" our Facebook page where we profile a different stallion each week!
KWPN-NA Show Awards Are a Big Hit!
At shows across North America, competitors like Kathleen Stanek and her KWPN gelding Rubin’s Passe Partout are winning High Point Dutch awards that are provided to shows FOR FREE by the KWPN-NA! Rita Glen of the Oklahoma Dressage Society says, "Thank you so much to the KWPN-NA for allowing us to give out these amazing awards!" Want free (yes, we said FREE) high-score KWPN awards for your dressage, H/J, eventing, or driving show? Ask your local show manager to easily apply online here:

 KWPN-NA Member of the Month

Sandy Harper, Laguna Niguel, Cal.
Members who have attended a KWPN-NA Annual Meeting may not realize that the person behind the scenes who devotes an enormous amount of energy to make sure this yearly event comes to fruition is our May Member of the Month, Sandy Harper. Since retiring from a career as an electrical engineer and program manager three years ago, Sandy has devoted countless hours to the KWPN-NA where she has served on the Members Committee, Finance Committee, Education Committee, YKWPN-NA, the Board of Directors (where she currently serves as Treasurer), and accepted the daunting task of chairing the Annual Meeting Committee for four years. When not volunteering for the KWPN-NA, she still finds time to run her own program and event management consulting company AirPegasus Innovations, LLC, and is an accomplished competitor in dressage. Let’s find out more about Sandy:
KWPN-NA: Did you grow up with horses?

Sandy: No, unfortunately – I had the passion but my parents felt horses were too expensive (of course they were correct there!) and too dangerous (not always!). As soon as I was 19 years old, I bought my own horse, a three-year-old (or so the man said) black mare I found in a holding pen in Riverside, Cal. I trained her and rode her many miles on Westminster/Fountain Valley city streets. I didn’t have any type of riding lessons until I was in my late 20’s - I just made it up as I went along! I also owned Arabians and rode Western in the beginning.

KWPN-NA: You are an accomplished equestrian in dressage. Tell us a little more about that.

Sandy: After attending the 1984 Olympics, I was smitten with dressage so started taking lessons and began to show my Arabian mare. I soon purchased a Dutch mare and then a Trakehner mare, and started moving up the levels and finding success. Now I currently ride and compete Freya DG (Devon Heir x Sir Sinclair) in Fourth Level/Prix St. Georges, and during the competition season here on the West Coast I compete pretty much every month. I’ve been known to trailer to many out of the way places in search of qualifying scores to go the year-end “party”, which for us is the California Dressage Society Annual Championship show. Along the way I’ve gotten my USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals, as well as the CDS Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond Medals.

KWPN-NA: How did you get involved with Dutch horses, and what is your favorite thing about the breed?

Sandy: I enjoyed going to the DG Bar Ranch Dressage Shows every year and loved to look at the babies in the fields. I eventually purchased two Ferro mares from Willy Arts, one as a yearling, Ultima DG, and the other a four-year-old, Rockette DG. Although I don’t have my own farm, I was able to begin breeding Ultima DG and was able to keep her and her offspring up in the fields of DG Bar. Ultima produced three colts and two fillies and enabled me to develop as a breeder of Dutch horses. What I love the most about the Dutch breed is their “go” and their intelligence.

KWPN-NA: Who was/is your favorite Dutch horse?

Sandy: To answer this question based on all Dutch horses, I would have to say that my favorite Dutch horse is Ferro. I met him once on a visit to Holland, and he wasn’t very tall, but he definitely had a presence! And he has positively influenced the Dutch breed through the years. In the context of my own Dutch horses, Rockette DG (Ferro x Pantheon) was truly special to me as she and I had a super relationship which took us from Training level all the way to Grand Prix. Rockette definitely has the “go” button and really taught me the art of dressage. Rockette is enjoying her life now up with Gina Ruediger in Oregon. My other favorite is Garein (Ulft x Sultan) who I purchased from David Wightman. Garein was the most fun horse to ride and the most intelligent, and we had a super symbiotic relationship. But at this moment my favorite is Freya DG, as we are moving up the levels together and she is the most affectionate horse I’ve ever owned – and that is saying something since I buy them based on that feeling.

KWPN-NA: You have been instrumental in organizing the AGM in recent years. Tell us a little bit about that and why you do it.

Sandy: I’ve been the Annual Meeting (AGM) Committee Chair for meetings – 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018 – and I’m currently helping on the 2019 AGM committee to go to Holland. Yes, it is a lot of work that actually continues for the whole year in preparation. Plus due to the fluidity of trying to coordinate speakers and excursions, the agenda is always subject to change at a moment’s notice – or no notice at all! I guess because of my background in program and event management, I am up to the challenge and definitely enjoy the results.
KWPN-NA: Is there anything that people don’t really know about you or would be surprised to know?

Sandy: In my long adult career in horse ownership and without my own farm to keep them, I’ve owned a total of 39 horses – 26 of those were Dutch Warmbloods. And that doesn’t include the 10 or so that I’ve owned “vicariously” up at DG Bar!
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