From the President & CEO
by Tony Beadle

As we navigate our national maelstrom, I want to share an important moment with you. It was on this exact day 10 years ago that we opened the doors and presented our first concert at the Shalin Liu Performance Center! The work of so many volunteers, board members, and staff had turned what had once been merely a dream into a reality. Today it continues to bedazzle us with its beauty and resonates with a musical soul like few other buildings, exceeding all expectations. Though we are unable to celebrate this milestone the way we had originally planned, we are grateful to all those who helped bring this special space into existence.. . READ MORE
10 Years of Musical Memories
A Decade of Moments

Picking highlights out of a decade of musical performances is no easy task, especially considering the wealth of world-class artists that have graced our stage. Of course we could easily just list all the big names that have appeared, iconic musicians like Yo-Yo Ma and Wynton Marsalis for example, but often it was just a particularly spine-tingling moment in a conc ert those littl e glimpses of musical grace that sometimes happen –that’s what we’ll still remember when memories begin to fade.

For a listing of favorite moments, READ MORE.
A Gala Celebration From Your Home
Mark Your Calendar &
Make Preparations!

This year’s Gala, now transitioned to a Virtual Gala, will celebrate 10 glorious years of music in the Shalin Liu Performance Center. The Virtual Gala celebration, “A Gift of Music to the Community,” will be streamed on Saturday, June 27 at 5 pm (EST) and will bring a spectacular evening of music right to your own homes. While this Gala may look and feel different than in years past, considering the unique circumstances, the feedback thus far has been one of joy and gratitude. “I have been incredibly inspired by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Virtual Gala,” says Gala Chair Jeannie McIntyre ... READ MORE
Artists in the Gig Economy
Working Life Comes to A Halt

As painful as it is to miss out on hearing live music this spring and summer, it’s even more painful for the musicians whose livelihood depends on performance. We talked with three musicians about their quarantine life:  Caitlin Lynch , violist in A Far Cry chamber ensemble and the Aeolus String Quartet,  Alexa Tarantino , saxophonist (Alexa Tarantino Quartet) and Director of the Rockport Jazz Workshop, and  Joe Wilkins , singer-songwriter, guitarist, and bandleader of the Rum Runners String Band. They all participate in what is known as the “gig economy,” which for musicians is essentially the non-salaried freelance work of performances and lessons... READ MORE
Music Creates Common Unity
A Commitment to Building a
Greater Community

The theme for this year’s Virtual Gala 2020 is “A Gift of Music to the Community,” and its sentiment rings very true for our corporate sponsor, Wernau Asset Management . In a conversation with Peter Wernau, WAM’s founder and CEO, and wife Thi Linh, the two shared their philosophy for the business and the family’s personal philanthropy—doing well and doing good . .. READ MORE
Sustaining A Treasure
Linden Tree Society Profile
Steve and Sigi Lindo

Steve and Sigi Lindo are seated in their living room overlooking the ocean and pondering music’s impact. “Salsa music sets my teeth on edge. Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ gives me a lump in my throat,” quips Sigi.

Steve adds, “We’re both spiritual people. We have been going to c hurch since we were kids, and music is a big part of the church experience. When you hear music in a special or sacred place, it’s both moving and calming. The Shalin Liu Performance Center is one of those places. Between the visual and aural beauty, something goes straight into your heart and transports you.” ... READ MORE
NEW Concert Window Series!
We're pleased to announce Rockport Music’s New Concert Window Series ! We launch the series with Danny Koo from South Korea today, but the remainder of the series will continue in early July. Please join us for exclusive concerts by artists performing on stage at the Shalin Liu Performance Center or from their homes. From Danny Koo in South Korea to the Parker Quartet on our stage, enjoy world-class musicians streamed to you in the comfort of your home or on-the-go on your mobile device.
Exclusive Performance
from South Korea!

We're sharing this special video from violinist Danny Koo today in lieu of our usual Music Midday series, which will continue on Fridays at noon through the summer.
Greetings from across the globe! Rockport Music presents violinist Danny Koo with pianist Hyunho Choi in an exclusive musical welcome from South Korea to Rockport. Danny has performed in the Rockport Chamber Music Festival over the last two years. Here, he sends his spirit of joyful music. Enjoy!
At Rockport Music, we are looking forward to the time when we can all gather together again to experience live music. Even though we are not presenting concerts at this time, we take the safety of all of our patrons, staff, and volunteers very seriously, and have been researching and making preparations for your safe return when the time comes. Our task force for ensuring a safe and clean environment for concert-going in this “new normal” has been undertaken by Director of Technical Operations Scott Rodgers, Ticketing Operations Manager Carol Ciulla, and Director of Volunteers (and rentals) Michelle Alekson... READ MORE
Education & Outreach
Jazz Workshop Goes to the Schools

This past February we had an extraordinary opportunity to bring together two of our flagship education offerings, Rockport Jazz Workshop and our in-school residency program. Alexa Tarantino , Rockport Jazz Workshop Director, along with faculty members Alita Moses and Steven Feifke paid Cape Ann a visit during the off season, this time wearing winter jackets and snow boots instead of their usual late July summer outdoor wear ...
All of us at Rockport Music would like to thank our many volunteers for their tireless dedication and hard work over the past 10 years. We appreciate all that you do!
If you would like to help Rockport Music during these
challenging times, please consider making a gift today!

“Music is the tool to express life –
and all that makes a difference.”