From the President & CEO
by Tony Beadle

One day in February 2010, as the new Executive Director of Rockport Music, I donned a construction hat for my first tour of the 50% completed Shalin Liu Performance Center with Tom Burger, then the Chair of the Board of Trustees. While pointing out some of the nascent architectural features not totally in evidence yet, Tom related that the new hall could seat 330, about 60 more seats than a jam packed evening concert at the Rockport Art Association, the original and then current performance space of the Rockport Chamber Music Festival. The intimacy provided by 330 seats has earned its keep a hundred times over in the last 10 years, drawing in thousands of attendees annually who are attracted to its interior beauty, acoustics and seaside views, making the Shalin Liu Performance Center one of the best known concert venues in the country.

Fast forward 10 years. Last week my assistant Shannon Mason and I walked into the Shalin Liu Performance Center, darkened and chilly since early March... READ MORE
A Gift of a Gala
Save the Date!
Rockport Music’s Virtual Gala 2020
Our Gift of Music to the Community
In the best interest of the health and safety of our patrons, staff and musicians, we are transforming our in-person Summer Gala (originally planned for June 5, 2020) into a virtual event to be held on Saturday, June 27 at 5 pm . In the midst of these unprecedented times, this event provides a unique opportunity for us to now offer our annual Summer Gala program to a much wider audience of not only our regular patrons, but to our greater community and beyond.

While we were unable to reschedule the Pinchas Zukerman Trio and A Far Cry for our new, virtual event, our program will include a live virtual performance by the dynamic pianist MARC-ANDRÉ HAMELIN . He will perform in the stunning Shalin Liu Performance Center (without audience) livestreamed to you in your home along with some exciting program details to be announced in the coming weeks... READ MORE
Holding Up Our Musical Elders

These days, perhaps more than ever, we need to honor and protect our aging artists, the ones most vulnerable to Covid-19. A couple weeks ago we got word that one of our Rockport Music mainstays, the iconic folksinger Tom Rush , had contracted the virus. Thankfully, it seems that Tom, who has been living in Rockport this year, is now on the mend and on the road to a full recovery. Tragically, other musical legends weren’t so fortunate... READ MORE
A Musical Pause
from Barry Shiffman, artistic director

As we look ahead to the summer, cherished memories come to mind of the Rockport Chamber Music Festival’s tremendous musical performances from past years, co-mingled with a deep sense of homecoming as friends return to Cape Ann. With these thoughts, I know I am not alone, as I’m the newcomer to this Festival, but I have felt the warm embrace of you into this family of music lovers. So many of you have been stalwart supporters since the very early years of the Festival. .. READ MORE   
From the Chair
by Nina Doggett
Rockport Music Board of Trustees Chair

Cultivating a deep well of goodwill over time has been the singular strength of Rockport Music. For almost 40 years, our Cape Ann community of generous supporters has shared a passion for live musical performance, beginning with chamber music performances in the First Congregational Church of Rockport. In the last 10 years, Rockport Music has grown and flourished in presenting music of many genres to enthusiastic audiences from Cape Ann and beyond. .. READ MORE
Midday Music Series
Kenny Barron Trio
 August 16, 2014

Back in the summer of 2014, we were thrilled to host the legendary jazz pianist Kenny Barron and his trio. Here they are performing a gorgeous rendition of Barron's own "Cook's Bay."

Click here t o see all of the Midday Music Series videos !
Our Virtual Music Community
One of the hardest things to get used to in this strange Coronavirus era is all this distancing. For the most part, we humans are a profoundly social species. We crave connection, but if we can’t connect in the flesh, at least we can connect digitally. Some of the most powerful moments in the last few weeks have been the way musicians have responded to this crisis on social media... READ MORE
Find a lot of great video content on our newly created
 Virtual Community page. Come over and check it out!
Staff Playlists!
We asked several members of Rockport Music's staff to come up with a YouTube playlist of music they've been listening to or would like to share. They sure delivered. The results are all over the musical map, from classical to folk to jazz and everywhere in between...dive in!
Education & Outreach
A Silver Lining for Educators

The past few weeks we've seen an incredible resilience and a renewed passion for education and community programming in the arts nationwide. There are countless examples of musicians, artists, ensembles and non-profits as well as school systems that have had to adapt to our current circumstances reinventing traditions on the fly with the help of technology... READ MORE
Rockport Jazz Workshop
Takes a Break

In light of the current situation, we have decided that for the safety of all students, families and faculty to cancel this year's Rockport Jazz Workshop (RJWS).  In the meantime we hope that everyone is able to stay safe at home and stay tuned for possible online opportunities provided by some of the RJWS faculty this summer. We look forward to keeping everyone updated with announcements regarding Jazz Workshop 2021.

Stay safe!
Alexa Tarantino & Josue Gonzalez
Jazz Workshop Director & Director of Education
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“Music. . .can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”

- Leonard Bernstein