Volume 7 July 3rd, 2020
Chorister BiWeekly News & Updates!
Happy 4th of July!

Enrollment for our 30th Anniversary 2020/2021 Season is OPEN!
If you know a child who LOVES to sing, direct them to our website!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me at bethany@chorusangelicus.com or reply to this email!
I hope you all have an enjoyable, safe summer!

Bethany Lee, Office Manager

Training Choir
During our time of in-house learning (March, April, May), many of our Angels in Training members completed 25 pages of "Ready to Read Music" -sequential lessons in music reading readiness by Jay Althouse. Now that we have gotten our feet wet with this new approach to learning, I have devised a new methodology for on-line learning which will keep students engaged and productive throughout the 2020-21 season. Next fall, a workbook (specially devised for the Angels), for each enrolled student will contain chapters on theory- rhythm, pitch and more musical symbols and terms, as well as songs, games and a bit of music history! It will be a self-contained curriculum designed to contain all of the information the student needs to be successful. No more downloading and printing sheets of study material from emails! When finished, each student will have the advantage of knowing how to read a score and enjoy singing tunes that will enhance music appreciation. It will be a holistic approach to on-line music education that should appeal to all ages! 

Karen Sovak
Angels in Training Director

Junior Choir
In addition to studying repertoire as usual in September, we’ll be focusing on building our literacy skills, particularly in sight-singing, and establishing routines for successful rehearsal and performance. 

Andrew Skinner
Junior Choir Director
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Senior Choir
Gabriel asked the Seniors to work on a little video project. There will be more to follow throughout the summer! Here is Alex Larson tickling the ivories! Thank you for sharing with us!
Letter From Gabriel
At  Chorus Angelicus  we are working hard to create a solid action plan for the fall, so both our teaching and performing schedules remain dynamic, rich, and in keeping with the high standards of the organization.

The last time that we all saw each other, face-to-face, in our traditional rehearsal spaces at Trinity Church, in Torrington, was March 12. However, faced with hardship and the impossibility of physical gathering, we persisted… and the resilience and creative drive of the human spirit prevailed. We went on with all the tools that technology afforded us. We were able to, not only keep our rehearsals happening, but also, to craft three (soon to be four) wonderful virtual choir performances for the delight of our community. We also kept inspiring our children, so as to get them to send us ingenious expressions of themselves playing instruments, dancing, or singing at home. We take pride in sharing those with you regularly as part of these newsletters.    

Looking to the fall, our Senior choristers will continue to rehearse twice a week. We will also continue to stress new areas or pathways of learning not quite emphasized before Covid-19, such as music theory, history, personal projects, technology, and special extracurricular assignments.

We will meticulously monitor all official health recommendation, not only from the CDC, but also from expert entities such as the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), and the Connecticut Arts Administrators Association (CAAA), which in cooperation with State Arts Organizations and the State Department of Education, have released critical guidelines.
Consistent with these recommendations, we will still offer distant learning options using the current tools that have proven highly effective, such as Zoom meetings and Google Classroom. We will also be ready to start implementing a “blended” instruction approach, allowing for some in-person teaching, should the health guidelines permit it, with smaller subgroups, and following strict safety procedures to ensure we are not compromising ourselves or the wellbeing of our families. Such measures may include wearing masks, utilizing well-ventilated, sizable rooms, and working with rotating reduced ensembles of very few singers.

While group performances and presentations may be limited, virtual classes focused on the aforementioned pathways and technique development will be fostered. We will make up for the lack of public concerts by establishing a strong online presence, and by utilizing tools and platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, and venues with which we could partner up to offer live-stream concerts. With the tireless work of the Board of Directors, we have secured funds to invest in virtual proficiency and ensure we will still be accessible to our families, patrons, friends, and followers.

We will still be there for you with our angelic sound!

Dr. Gabriel Löfvall

Gabriel Montage by River Lee
Paul Butcher
August 3, 1978 to April 24, 2012
Paul Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Consider making a donation to the Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund. The objective is to provide every interested and financially eligible family with a scholarship sufficient enough to enable their child to participate in our programs. The present economic climate has intensified current and prospective families' need for scholarship support and, as such, there has been greater pressure on our scholarship program. This was a cause dear to Paul's heart.