There is war being waged in our country. Every day, battles for religious liberty are being fought over zoning laws, unjustified criminal prosecution, and municipalities violating First Amendment rights of speech and religion. People may protest and petition to show their discontent with these laws, but who actually steps onto the frontlines to make sure they get changed?
What are 7th Circuit judges and most other judges looking for when it comes to your brief? Learn where to push the envelope, and where to use restraint, when to use humor and when to leave it out, and how to be balanced and informative, yet fervent and engaging. Join John Mauck as he teaches about these must-know tips.

Soo Yeon Lee, of counsel attorney with Mauck & Baker, has made the welcome transition to becoming a partner at the firm. The attorneys at Mauck & Baker take their mission to do work for the Kingdom and make disciples very seriously. See what Soo and the other partners at our firm had to say about this new development in our growth!

WORLD Magazine covered our matter regarding four Wheaton College students who are requesting changes to a restrictive speech code affecting Chicago’s popular Millennium Park after the city blocked them from preaching or distributing Christian literature there. The city still has not replied to our demand that their rules conform to the Constitution, so we are ready to pursue legal action. Stay tuned!
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