Volume 3 May 22, 2020
Chorister BiWeekly News & Updates!

You are the first audience to PREMIER the Junior Choir Virtual Choir piece "Alleluia"! I hope you enjoy it as much as we all have!

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Here is what Mr. Andrew Skinner, Junior Choir Director has to say about this video:
The Junior Choir of Chorus Angelicus has been reminiscing live performances from yesteryear in their latest virtual choir project. The choir reprises a short, but intricate three-part canon they sang this past December in their winter concerts, written by contemporary Italian composer Simone Stella. For some newer members, this is their first performance of this piece. No virtual performance will ever measure up to the thrill of making music live, but yet again Chorus Angelicus strives to make choral singing relevant and engaging in these strange times "

Well said, Mr. Skinner!

Angels in Training
During our time of in-house learning (March, April, May), many of The Angels in Training and Advanced Angels have completed 25 pages of "Ready to Read Music" -sequential lessons in music reading readiness by Jay Althouse. This beginning theory guide has introduced the music staff, clefs, notes and rests. This will be reviewed and continued in the fall with chapters on rhythm, pitch and more musical symbols and terms. When finished, each student will have the advantage of knowing how to read a score! That's awesome!

Stay tuned to Bethany's newsletters! There will be exciting information about the Angels in Training Program, what to expect and how to be involved. Your child may be one of the stars in some of the pictures you see! Please share with friends who might be interested and please, please send us stills and videos of your child doing interesting summer things!                                                                                                            
Karen Sovak
Angels in Training Program Director
Junior Choir
Zoom Junior Choir Meeting was attended by Korrin's pet snake, "Ozzy"
There are many more voices than faces as several choristers recorded two parts. "Beef Wellington" the hamburger stood in for a chorister who was looking under the weather, and Molly the MoneyTree also made her debut.
Senior Choir
We are featuring our Graduating Senior Choristers who will unfortunately not be able to be honored on stage in concert this year.
Kaira Springer is planning to go to Western Connecticut State University for a degree in cybersecurity. She looks forward to being a Gaudie in the future!
Our treasured graduating Senior, Kaira Springer, has been with Chorus Angelicus for just one year, yet it seems as if she always belonged in the choir. She was a recipient of the  Chorus Angelicus/Laurel Music Camp  partnership scholarship, and a success story on how these kinds of collaborations are a win-win for local arts non-profits.
From day one, Kaira not only sang her heart out as a second soprano senior, she also displayed overall knowledge on the history of Chorus Angelicus and its traditions: she participated in all our music camps and concerts, and always did it with the enthusiasm and proactive predisposition of a seasoned CA Senior Chorister!
Kaira’s super accurate sense of perfect pitch quickly became epic: she would quickly tell us when certain delicate musical passages were at risk of going sharp or flat. Both at rehearsals and concerts, I would always look to her for a consenting nod, or an “alert” face that would warn me of an incoming tuning danger!
She is a skilled composer as well, and created a stunning composition on the traditional Prayer of St. Patrick that we hope to sing in one of our future concerts. The piece was submitted to the  Philip Stopford Choral Composition Competition 2020 , this past April. Fingers crossed, Kaira!
Kaira’s gifts are plentiful and we will miss her very much! There is always a great sense of expectation when an older youth joins the Senior Choir: it requires a very special balance of social skills and musical talent. Kaira showed both in bountiful doses.
We wish, Kaira a great, brilliant future at Western Connecticut State University! We also hope to see her becoming a Gaudie in the not-too-distant future, because we know we will need her “tunemomether” at our Christmas Angelicus concerts…and others, too! To Kaira and her family: THANK YOU for everything!

Gabriel Löfvall
Paul Butcher
August 3, 1978 to April 24, 2012
Paul Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Consider making a donation to the Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund. The objective is to provide every interested and financially eligible family with a scholarship sufficient enough to enable their child to participate in our programs. The present economic climate has intensified current and prospective families' need for scholarship support and, as such, there has been greater pressure on our scholarship program. This was a cause dear to Paul's heart.