Volume 6 June 19, 2020
Chorister BiWeekly News & Updates!
Happy Juneteenth!
I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to say "Happy" Juneteenth, as it feels a little awkward as a white person to say it! We at Chorus Angelicus express our gratitude for emancipation, but acknowledge that we as a society have a LONG way to go before everyone is treated equally as they SHOULD be! River and I (Bethany) will be celebrating by reading the emancipation proclamation aloud and making strawberry soda tonight!
Cheers! Clink! Freedom!

Summer is officially here as of tomorrow!
Enrollment for our 30th Anniversary 2020/2021 Season is OPEN!
If you know a child who LOVES to sing, direct them to our website! Under "Connect with Us" on the ribbon is an "Enroll" page, and everything you need to know is there! Or click on the links below!
We don't know what September will look like yet, but we know for sure that we will be prepared. Our directors are preparing for the possible scenarios. It is highly likely that we will have to meet virtually. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me at bethany@chorusangelicus.com or reply to this email!
I hope you all have an enjoyable, safe summer!

Bethany Lee, Office Manager

Senior Choir
Gabriel asked the Seniors to work on a little video project. There will be more to follow throughout the summer! Oh how lovely YOU are Lindsey Holden! Thank you for sharing with us!
We are featuring our Graduating Senior Choristers who will unfortunately not be able to be honored on stage in concert this year.
Chenyi Tracy Yao will be attending Smith College in Northampton, MA next year. She plans to double major in Economics and Music!

Chenyi Tracy Yao was a senior in Chorus Angelicus for four full years. She is graduating as an international student from Winsted’s excellent The Gilbert School, where we usually recruit for our choirs thanks to the kind agency of Mr. Adam Atkins, their choir teacher, and a big fan of our organization and a former Gaudie himself.
Having Tracy with us was magical! I particularly relate to international students because of my own binational identity, and because of having been an international college grad student when I moved to the US. The fullness of experiences that they bring is unrivaled. Tracy represented a window into the incredibly rich Chinese culture of her native Hangzhou.
Logistics and planning for international students are definitely more complicated than for our regular choristers. They depend on the generosity and openhandedness of their homestay families. Tracy’s tutors were remarkably supportive of her being a senior for Chorus Angelicus and did their very best to ensure Tracy was at every rehearsal and performance, even with the countless rivaling activities, commitments, and extracurricular obligations she had to answer to, as a top-notch student at The Gilbert School. Tracy did an amazing job at negotiating the demands of her hectic schedule. A quick “texter,” she would swiftly keep me posted about future conflicts, or situations that might pose an incompatibility with CA’s agenda, even for other choristers, such as auditions and shows for the statewide regional music festivals.
We are going to miss Tracy dearly. She had shared with me, at the beginning of this choral season, a series of gorgeous Chinese choral gems that I had planned to perform as part of the Missa Gaia concert. I was so excited to get to sing in Mandarin with Tracy’s coaching. We will hopefully get to do that next year.
As Tracy is off to the outstanding Smith College in Northampton, we not only wish her the best, we also hope that she can come back from time to time, to say hello, or maybe even take us up to Northampton for a field trip and concert there. Keep following your dreams, Tracy: you’ll do wonderfully!

Gabriel Löfvall
Paul Butcher
August 3, 1978 to April 24, 2012
Paul Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Consider making a donation to the Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund. The objective is to provide every interested and financially eligible family with a scholarship sufficient enough to enable their child to participate in our programs. The present economic climate has intensified current and prospective families' need for scholarship support and, as such, there has been greater pressure on our scholarship program. This was a cause dear to Paul's heart.