Volume 2 May 8, 2020
Chorister BiWeekly News & Updates!

In addition to several concerts that had to be canceled and postponed in March and April, we are mourning the loss of our Spring Concert which was to take place tomorrow on May 9th. Sadly, the Missa Gaia All Choirs Concert in June has also been postponed until next year. The choristers and instructors miss singing together, but are still making lemonade from the lemons they have been handed. Another virtual choir video will be presented very soon, and our fabulous Artistic Director, Gabriel Löfvall has a big end of year project underway for all of our enjoyment. Stay tuned!!!
Angel Training Choirs

This week we are featuring the Patrick Family in our training choir section! Susan Patrick is a behind the scenes volunteer extraordinaire for Karen Sovak the Angel Training Choir Director. She is also helping us tidy up our music library. She has two children, Ruth and Hunter, in the Angels in Training and Advanced Angels in Training Choirs, respectively. The Patrick family is enjoying their time at home together, creating music and being careful to not take anything too seriously!

Ruth Patrick, Angel in Training
Hunter Patrick, Advanced Angel in Training
Hunter, we're all glad that we can count on you!!! Keep an eye on your sister and make sure she doesn't fly too far away!!! <3 Keep on Singing!
Junior Choir
"Owliver" Junior Choir Mascot
Last week, Mr. Skinner had to cancel the Monday Zoom meeting because he had to go to his brother's home to help out while his sister-in-law gave birth to their fourth child, at home!

This week, the Junior Choir has begun working on a couple pieces for virtual choir videos of their own, in addition to the next virtual choir video with the Senior Choir which is still in the production stage.

Every Zoom meeting the Junior Choir salutes their mascot "Owliver" who resides with Junior Chorister, Gabbi Carpentier.
Stay tuned for our next virtual choir video!!!!
It is still in the production process!!
Senior Choir
We are featuring our Graduating Senior Choristers who will unfortunately not be able to be honored on stage in concert this year.
Katharine Cartwright is planning on going to UCONN Storrs majoring in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences to be a Speech and Language Pathologist. She has been with Chorus Angelicus for 5 years.

“We are so proud of Katharine Cartwright, our graduating Senior Choral Scholar. I still remember traveling to Spain, on a transatlantic flight, and sitting in a window seat next to Katharine. She was a young Junior Chorister at the time, yet already possessed the enthusiastic, self-confident, and bright spark that characterizes her. I recalled being absolutely taken by the fact that she had already virtually met some of the Spanish choristers from our host choir via social media! Since then, she has always been teaching me new things. When she became a Senior Chorister, Katharine made it clear from day number one, that her main priority was to ensure rehearsals and performances were executed to the highest standards. That is why, this last year, I broke with the tradition that a Chorus Angelicus Senior Choral Scholar requires a year of experience as a Head Chorister first. I invested Katharine as a full Choral Scholar for the 2019–2020 season and she has been a terrific assistant. Her zealous attention to detail, combined with a strong will to deliver our best as a team, confirmed my decision was a good one. Katharine, we will miss you!”
Gabriel Löfvall, Artistic Director  
Paul Butcher
August 3, 1978 to April 24,2012
Paul Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Consider making a donation to the Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund. The objective is to provide every interested and financially eligible family with a scholarship sufficient enough to enable their child to participate in our programs. The present economic climate has intensified current and prospective families' need for scholarship support and, as such, there has been greater pressure on our scholarship program. This was a cause dear to Paul's heart.