MARCH 2017
Layers and layers of activity happens here @ The MACC -  but there's EVEN MORE going on than most people realize. One subject that we just cannot talk enough about is our Artists in the Community program, where we bring our renowned artists around the island to encourage interactions throughout Maui Nui: talking, teaching, reaching out to make the connections that are such a valuable part of the arts experience. What happens off-stage is often as much or more impactful than what happens on stage!
     We have found that these opportunities can hold life-changing experiences for young artists, and satisfying "Ah-Hah!" moments for all kinds of people in the audience: to attend a unique show is great; but to see the show and be able to interact with the world-class performers and artists - in person - is excellent!
     This past month we were lucky to have a wide cross-section of opportunities in the art form of dance/movement. (Take a look at the Maui people in the pictures if you think such things are just for aspiring ballerinas!) These artists brought messages of inspiration that can apply to us all: "look deep into each other's experience" ... "tell your own story" ... "find your passion"... "follow your dreams." And above all: "dance like no one is watching!"
     We hope to see you dancing (or looking, finding, exploring, dreaming, experiencing, being inspired) here @theMACC soon!
Art Vento, President & CEO


- taught a master dance class in the Omori studios
- met with a group of students with the Queen Liliuokalani Trust
- conducted a Q &A with the audience after their performance

Ragamala Dance Company
- taught a class in Omori Studio on the classical Indian dance form, Bharatanatyam

Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre
- taught a dance workshop with budding young performers at MAPA
- conducted a master dance class in the Omori Studio at MACC

Sean Dorsey Dance
- took part in a community conversation with the Maui AIDs Foundation
- taught a dance workshop with young performers at Seabury Hall
- conducted a dance class "For Terrified Beginners" in Omori Studio

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