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Are supermarkets really disappearing_
Reports of your demise may be greatly exaggerated
The home-cooked meal, at long last, has been pronounced dead. But if true, this could be the longest death rattle in recorded history. Here's why the reports of the supermarket's demise may be greatly exaggerated.
Why the crop circles_
Why the crop circles?
Non-Nebraskans flying into and over the state may be alarmed by signs of alien crop circles. What's the real story behind these giant rounds dotting our landscape? Why the heck do farmers do that?
Do we have farming to thank for weather extremes_
Flickr/Pamela Andrade. Some rights reserved. Used under CC BY 2.0.
Is farming really to blame for weather extremes?
The ink had barely dried on reports of this season's hurricanes when some commentators were blaming farming-induced global warming for the stormy weather. Is food production really at fault here?
Will this year_s weather spell commodity shortages_
Source: Flickr/Dean McCoy. Some rights reserved. Used under CC-BY 2.0.
Will weather extremes lead to commodity shortages?
With the arrival of the tenth named hurricane this season, weather extremes in the Atlantic tied a century-old record for the number of storms. Are we in for a rough ride in the commodities markets as a result? Here's what the numbers foreshadow. 
Nebraska_s most eligible males
In further testimony that modern agriculture is no longer quite what the agrarian romantics envision, McCook's Nebraska Bull Service will give you a whole new outlook on the mating habits of today's beef cow. A fascinating look at the logistics of bovine romance.  
Ski Nebraska
Nebraska farmer Quentin Connealy attracted more than 2 million views and counting for his home video demonstrating the epitome of making the best of the bad weather last spring.
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I'm proud the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association continues to be a sponsor of Farmer Goes to Market. This unique newsletter looks at issues from the entire food industry - from farm to fork. We choose interesting topics that we feel need further discussion or clarification. It is important to farmers, producers, processors, retailers and customers that the true facts about food production be thoroughly researched and shared with everyone in the chain. This e-newsletter is  about telling the truth when it is so easy these days to put spin on an issue or take it out of context to make it seem like something it is not. I encourage you to share the newsletter, and if you have comments or questions about any issues, please let us know so we can address them in a future issue.

- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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