July 2018 -- Happy Summer!
Montclair Kitchen In Progress
Project of the Month
Although we don't have any new photographed projects to show you right now, we do have 4 bathrooms and 2 kitchens that are nearly ready for their close-up. And 6 other kitchens and baths in the design or construction phase. In the meantime, check out this kitchen in progress.
The starting point for the colors in the kitchen shown above was the fun patterned floor tile. We added navy base cabinets, pale aqua wall cabinets, 6" white hex backsplash and countertop with chunky recycled content.

We photograph materials to show our clients how it will all look together. It used to be called "mood boards" but the current trending Instagram hashtag is #flatlay. Check it out!
The Inconvenient Truth About Convenient Cookware
Green Design & Mindful Living
You probably have heard that teflon coated cookware is toxic and not safe or healthy . Personal experience: my post-college boyfriend ingested teflon flakes along with some broccoli and ended up in the hospital with violent vomiting and diarrhea. He was on IV fluids for almost 1 week and lost 17 pounds. Very toxic!

Ceramic coated cookware (seen below) is a safe alternative. Explore the best non-stick cookware and bakeware according to epicurious.com.