Monday, June 15, 2020
A Step of Faith, While Enduring a Pandemic
Thank you to our amazing volunteers who remain constant during this Pandemic. A few of our volunteers who are unable to serve during daytime hours, since we are closed, remain faithful in prayer for ACHC and we are Thankful. A number of NEW donors have stepped up during this pandemic to show their support and their faith in our Lord, and in our Mission at ACHC, and we are thankful.
Our clinic hours have remained open because our steady faithful volunteers who have never stopped working, and never stopped serving at ACHC. During the time of Stay at Home orders, and now in the opening up of Ohio, there has been much talk about how did we use our time, what is different now since the start of the shut down. Did you learn a new skill, read a few books, try something new, did you study Scripture more, did you help others more. Well, at ACHC it is proven every day, that our folks love the Lord through their service to our neighbors, and we are thankful.
If you would like to support our mission, Now is a great time to do that. You can donate on line, or send in your check. We appreciate your care for our patients. Our clinics have remained open, and we continue to serve about the same amount of patients, though many of the patient visits are through Telehealth measures. That being said, with a telehealth visit, there is a limited opportunity for some of our patients to pay. If you would like to contribute to a patient's visit, we know our patients appreciate it.
Thank you.
 Mary Coleman was one of the CHOCOLATE LOVER 'first responders' to support us after the cancellation of Chocolate and more. Thank you Mary.
Tell us what motivates your involvement at ACHC  *
I heard about ACHC and found out that someone in my church had been there for an appointment. I found that if I could financially help support ACHC, then I would be helping my fellow church member to get medical care they needed.
How does your faith guide you in your daily life, and while serving ACHC?
I am following Jesus’s guidance to help those in need through service to ACHC.

You may not be a golfer, but Everyone can play BINGO. Please join us for Bingo at the Golf outing, You can register for Bingo which starts at 11 am. and includes Breakfast and Lunch if you are interested.

Donations can be mailed into the ACHC 380 E. 4th Street, Ashland, OH 44805