Dear Friend,

Safe & Well.

These simple words have taken on a whole new meaning for all of us in the past month.  We want them to be true for ourselves and for others and are doing everything we can to make it so: staying home, social distancing, regular handwashing, and wearing face masks.

In a recent story about CMHC’s COVID-19 response written by Marekeshia Ricks, CMHC Director and CEO Michael J. Sernyak, MD, explained:

"Our strategic goal from the beginning was to maintain clinical services, so everything is being oriented in that direction.”

Here at CMHC we are doing our part. To safeguard the health of our clients and staff, we have scaled back on-site care to ensure continuation of core clinical functions:  inpatient, acute, mobile crisis and pharmacy services.  We are in the process of converting to telehealth to make sure people can count on us for quality care while we adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. You can read more about our “new norms”  here .

Several years ago, our board member Chris Philip-Onofrio, put it like this:

"CMHC and its Foundation are like safety engineers in our community. Together they do the unseen work of making sure that nearly 5,000 adults every year have reliable support systems to overcome mental illness, addictions, and poverty, in order to be well and live securely in the community." 

Right now, we are in the midst of a massive sewing drive to create 1,000 masks for our clients in the community.  We want to help protect them against this virus.  By doing so, we also protect our CMHC staff and help stop community spread.  Our effort is spearheaded by members of our staff with support from community volunteers.  You can help by donating 100% cotton fabric and/or 1/4” elastic.  If you sew, we can provide you with pre-cut kits so you can help us reach our goal.  For questions or more information, please contact .
You can also make a financial gift to help with this effort or the many innovative and critical efforts we will pursue to support our clients and staff in the months ahead.

In this time of limited physical contact, we strongly encourage you to donate online by clicking the green button below:
You may also arrange an online payment from your bank or financial institution to the CMHC Foundation.

We know this crisis will not be over when the virus abates, physical symptoms subside, and social distancing is relaxed.  The lasting impact will be felt economically, socially, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.  And CMHC will be here—in the community, for the community—as it is today and has been since 1966.

We hope you are safe & well .

Thank you for caring,
Kyle Pedersen, Director
Connecticut Mental Health Center Foundation
34 Park Street, Suite 144
New Haven, CT 06519