Volume 22/ January 20, 2021
Being Together - Apart
Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!
We the People of the United States....
During the events in Washington over the past couple of weeks, we heard leaders and journalists make many references to the Constitution of the United States. At today's inauguration, we will hear Joseph Biden say, "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

One of this week's network morning news shows did a random "person on the street" segment asking people basic questions about the US Constitution and government such as:
  1. How many people are in the House of Representatives?
  2. Who is your Representative in congress?
  3. What are the three branches of government?
  4. Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
Only one person, a recent naturalized citizen, was able to answer all of these.

Current Massachusetts law requires all public schools' curriculum include Social Science or Civics classes on the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. During the US Citizenship naturalization interview, candidates are asked 10 questions, in English, from a list of 128 questions on American government and history. You must answer 6 of the 10 questions correctly to pass the civics test. Since they don't know which questions will be asked, to be properly prepared, candidates need to know the answers to all 128 questions.

As we went through school, most of us took similar Social Science or Civics classes, but that was a long time ago! So I wanted to see if I could pass the naturalization test. I will admit, there are a number of questions I could not answer. So I plan to do a DIY study of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence as if I were preparing for citizenship. I offer you two links if you decide to do the same.

I know we pray today is a hopeful and beginning of better days for the United States. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I suggest we live a life consistent with a portion of the closing prayer request delivered by Joe Robinson this past Sunday:

God of love: Widen the boundaries of our hearts,
breaking down the distinctions we make,
the favoritism we practice,
and any ways our lives have become impediments to your grace.

at 10:00 a.m.
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Sadly, due to the growing number of COVID cases in the area and for safety reasons, recordings of Spirit Story selections are on a hiatus. The selection below will be the last "Spirit Stories With Ruth" until it is safe again for Ruth to be with Caroline or
grandson Joe to produce these wonderful recordings. 
We look forward to when things improve and we can once again listen to
another Spirit Story read by Ruth Campbell.
The Peace Book
by Todd Parr

Ruth recorded this book in November and said to hold it for the 2nd edition in January since she had a number of wonderful Christmas themed book recordings to share in December and for Epiphany 1. 

Amazing how this is such an appropriate book for us to hear this week as our country prays for peace in our own capitol.

COVID 19 Vaccinations - Who, when and where?

"Who": If you have questions about who should receive vaccinations, check out this CDC page on vaccination schedules:

"When”: This is being updated almost daily by the Governor of Massachusetts. Go to this page for the most current updates:

“Where”: If you are in Phase 1, you would have this information. Per the state Covid19 web site, no specific locations for those in Phase 2 & 3 have been given. The web page for “when” should provide this information at a later date.

And please always keep in mind, this information changes so rapidly, you want to be sure you have the most recent posting.
Other Healthcare links that might be helpful:

There are other useful resources at the county level including a newsletter from the Barnstable County Department of Human Services. This bi-weekly newsletter is designed to provide timely information on health and human service topics of interest for people living and working in Barnstable County.

This newsletter includes information about local vaccine distribution and testing sites as well as links to many organizations available to you. Click here to subscribe.
Ken Campbell+
We did it! We observed Martin Luther King Day with a moving online “MLK Breakfast.” We listened to the voices of young black and brown Cape Codders as they shared their passion and personal commitment to the vision of Dr. King. This program was presented by the Nauset Interfaith Association Martin Luther King Action Team, chaired by The Rev. Wesley Williams.

Joanna Holleck, whose parents are the co-pastors of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Harwich, organized the stirring event through the “mystery of social media” so 300 people could participate from their homes. The centerpiece was a panel presentation by young Cape Cod people of color, five women and one man, who challenged us to join with them in dismantling the deeply rooted systemic racism on Cape Cod that infects our souls and kills us just like Covid-19 does our body. It was moving to see their love, their commitment to non-violent social change, and their desire to partner with all in this cause.

In addition to the panelists, youth from local regional high schools offered personal poems and reflections on how they, as white young people, were joining in the struggle to heal racism in us and in our communities. We saw a slideshow of moving visual art by children at the Latham School in Brewster and sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize,”

Lastly, I had the privilege of presenting our annual Olive Branch Award to Tom Ryan, a former Roman Catholic priest from Orleans and Eastham who has worked for 30 years with Cape Cod young people, immigrant and indigenous communities as an advocate, educator, and liturgist, and so much more!

The event was recorded and will be posted on the nausetinterfaith.org website. When available, a link will be provided in a future CHS newsletter. We hope next January’s MLK celebration will return to CHS! I pray 2021 will be a year of healing and new beginnings for our country and world! Please follow NIA activities on their website.
This video is just one example of how Sagan's message has been presented with beautiful pictures of our vast universe and the earth, the "Pale Blue Dot."

Thirty years ago,
the Voyager 1 spacecraft was traveling far out into the cosmos when it turned around and snapped one of the most iconic images of all time — the "Pale Blue Dot," an image of Earth, a tiny blue speck shining brilliantly in a band of light. 

The message Carl Sagan wrote then is still so meaningful now.
Try building a domino and card trick track like this. Here are some amazing videos
of these displays!
No problem! We have Bill and Margaret Ann Heuss on our team who lead us in an impromptu acapella sing along of "We Three Kings" while the technical issues got resolved. Thank You!

When I shared this story with Debbi Manning she laughed and said "This would be another great episode of "TVODHNOU!" and then explained that over her twelve years of working in the CHS parish office, she has heard and seen many funny, sad and heartwarming stories that she says would make a great PBS show. She would call it "The Vicar of Dibley Has Nothing On Us!" Right on Debbi.... We do love our Parish Family... Keep Smiling!
Panels installed
and "hot"; activation will be end of February after all necessary inspections are completed. Nat Goddard is smiling down on us! 
Our 2nd grant review by the Community Preservation Committee is on February 4th. We are requesting additional funds needed to complete the restoration this summer. When approved by the Committee, it will be presented at the Orleans Town Meeting in May for final approval and funds available in July.

Our Gallery Grand Opening is scheduled for October 16, 2021. We are planning press releases in February inviting Lower and Outer Cape artists to apply and join CHS artists who have already signed up. CHS artists who have not signed up should contact Sue Sasso or Sharyn Laughton.

Here are a few pictures of things happening at the site.
Sign on Monument Road announcing the gallery's future home.
East side of Galley - New Window, new roof, new shingles.
Photo to left is from the front fireplace room. When the contractors took down the ceiling to prepare for ceiling insulation and new wiring installations, we discovered this beautiful historic wooden ceiling and beams that we assume are original to when the space was part of the Higgins Tavern in the early 1800's.

We plan to leave it exposed and instead will insulate the 2nd floor attic ceiling
to weather-tight the building.

The uncovered wooden ceiling is just too beautiful to hide again! It was like being in a real life episode of "This Old House."
It will also make this room be consistent with the natural wood ceiling in the Galley room that will also remain exposed.
Sunday January 10th, we began discussing Love is the Way by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

We meet via Zoom from 12:30 - 1:30 pm. ALL ARE WELCOME! If you wish to join us, please notify Brian or Brooke Skea and they will send you the Zoom invitation.

The book is available through local bookstores or on-line.
In the last edition of Being Together –Apart, we learned about CHS member Ian Ellison’s love of saving historic/ancient structures using hand tools that were used when the structures was originally built. While he anxiously waits for Covid travel restrictions to France to be lifted so he and son Jaden can join a team of like-minded carpenters restoring Notre Dame Cathedral, Ian continues to ply his carpenter skills on local Cape Cod properties.

Click Here to read the rest of Ian's story.
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Celebrations, Remembrances and Prayers
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   Ragnhild Bjerke  1.21     Katie Bragdon    1.21 Bill Gardiner   1.23
Jacob La Branche  1.24 Thomas Graham 1.25  Nils Idman 1.26
Douglas Fromm   1.28 Bill Ranscht  1.28  Jacob LaBranche    1.29
Joan McFadden 1.30 Conner Pike 1.31 Ragnhild  Bjerke 1.21
Katherine Bragdon 1.21 William Gardiner 1.23
Thomas G Graham 1.25 Nils Norman Idman   1.26
The Rev. Douglas Fromm 1.28 William Ranscht 1.28
Jacob LaBranche 1.29 Joan McFadden 1.30
           William Wahlquist  2.1 David Smith  2.2 Patricia Carroll  2.5
Deborah Kimball 2.5 Chase Thomas Tavano 2. 5
Dana L Hammatt 2.6 Elizabeth P. Daiute  2.8
Brooke Eaton-Skea  2.8 Jaden Ellison  2.8 Benjamin Chung  2.9
Philip Sousa  2.10 Jack Sasso 2.13 Hannah Chung 2.15
David Gass 2.5 Davis Keeffe-Jones 2.15
Joan Kirkby 2.6

Bob and Kathy Hubby   2.01.86
Arthur and Ellen Snyder  2.05.44
Dick and Ann Anderson 2.07.60
Bill and Judy Gardiner 2.14.70
Gardy Bridge 1.23.13 Jane Lough   1.23.10 Barbara MacArthur 1.23.17
John Anderson 1.27.04 M. Egerton “Jim” Gray, Jr. 1.27.08
Harry Preston 1.28.85 Anne Swift 1.29.03 Elisabeth Meyer 1.30.16
George Wallace Ruckert, Jr. 1.30.97
Elizabeth C. Houghton 2.01.08 Sara Joy 2.01.09
Helene Barrington 2.02.15 Charles Boulton 2.02.89
Muriel Maguire 2.03.06 James Boyd 2.04.15 Edward Gombos 2.04.91
Florence E. Idman 2.04.15 Richard H. Jones 2.04.08
Helen Enochs 2.09.01 Shirley Felsenthal 2.09.98 Ruth Fish 2.09.05
Gladys Pearston 2.09.07 Robert Affleck 2.10.81 Philip Drew 2.10.98
John Seale 2.10.86 Alfred Chandler 2.11.80 Edrie Dalton 2.11.97
Fay Olwig 2.11.02 Gertrude Cuthbert 2.14.99
Anne Hagenbuckle 2.15.75 Mary Varga 2.16.92
John (Jack) Nixon 1.18.2021

Milt Barnes Jr., Elizabeth Beattie, Robert Blanchet, Kate Carroll, Beverly Chace,
Dorothy Cross, Betty Daiute, Noah Evans, Cassie Fariello, Ali Funnell, Ernest Gordon, Mary Beth Guiliano, Adelaide Hubler, Ruth Evans Jones, Bill Kirkby, Joe Manson,
Ed Mason, Bill Nemitz, Dianna Oliveira, Jennifer Peters, Joan Proctor, The Bayuk Family, Linda Stabb, Jared, Bill Wahlquist For all our service women and men.
Those on the front lines Dr. Susan Cornell, Kristin Crighton, Dr. Donald Dupuis,
Liberty Jane Dupuis, Steven Isner, Carol LaBranche, Kristian Kurtzke, Jenn Marlin, 
Dr. David Meguerdichian, Dr. Michael Meguerdichian, Dr. Nadia Huancuhuari,
Joy, Danielle Pensa, Meg Nemitz, Kelly Crossland, Justin Tavano, Holly Tavano,
Kimberly Topping, Mike Topping, Peter Vogt
Watch over thy children, O'Lord, as their days increase.
Bless and guide them wherever they may be, keeping them unspotted
from the world. Strengthen them when they stand;
comfort them when discouraged or sorrowful; raise them up if they fall;
And in their hearts, may thy peace, which passes all understanding,
Abide all the days of their lives; Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
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