Volume 21/ January 6, 2021
Being Together - Apart
Photo above is of the CHS Epiphany Trope Circa 1980's
before North Transept was added.
When I hear the word "Epiphany", I think of the visit of the Three Wise Men to the manger that we celebrate today, January 6th. Another definition for the word is "a moment of sudden revelation or insight." That's how I felt when I woke up on Friday, January 1, 2021 realizing that FINALLY, 2020 was behind us! I was so done with hearing the words "unprecedented year" and was ready to hang up the new calendar and look forward to better times.

The world has had to deal with pandemics before. Over 100 years ago, the Spanish Flu ravaged the world. It was also during the sad and forever impactful years of WW1. Somehow, the world survived that period in history as well as years with other smaller pandemics, wars, political and civil unrest... so in a way, 2020 was "precedented" by similar events. But in all of these trials, the human desire to survive and thrive was and still is present as we move on with hope... the hope that the Christ Child gave us over 2000 years ago and the Psalmist shared, "Happy are the people whose strength is in you! whose hearts are set on the pilgrims' way." Psalm 84:4

Newspapers and posts to social media this past week have been filled with editorials about 2020 and thoughts for 2021. Here are two that I found to be thought provoking and good advice.

Try not to compare yourself to others or see the best in others and the worst in yourself. In the end, life is hard and worth it all at once. I’m reminded of this duality almost daily and while I think most things are complex and gray, I like to live my life with full color.

2021 isn't a magic solution. We have lots of work to do to get to the end of COVID. If we don't do what needs to be done on local, state, nation and worldwide levels, 2021 may look a lot like 2020. And the cancellations and postponements of all those positive 2021 happenings will be the least of our concerns. We need to commit to wearing masks for at least the better part of the year and come to grips with the fact that some things will never look the same again. We need to be vigilant and dedicated to public health and safety until we can defeat this crisis together. But if everyone does their part, 2021 can definitely be the year of the light at the end of the long dark tunnel.
Courtney Stewart, PhD candidate in international conflict management at U NE.

We have weathered 2020 by being together-apart and look to 2021 when we can physically be together. In the meantime, here's to a healthy and happy 2021! Sue
Dear Parishioners,

Last week we announced that the Reverend Joseph Robinson has been selected to be CHS' Temporary Priest in Charge (TPIC) and, if you attended our Zoom service on Sunday January 3rd, you were able to "meet Joe." As Joe begins to settle in, we thought it best to repeat the full announcement as well as Joe's initial communication to the parish.

Please CLICK HERE for the Wardens' Announcement and CLICK HERE here for Joe's message. Thank you for your support as we begin again our process to select a new full-time permanent Rector for Holy Spirit.

We also want you to be aware of and hold the date for the Church of the Holy Spirit Annual Parish Meeting on February 21st. More about that meeting will be released the first week of February.

Happy New Year.

Melissa Keeffe and Steve Koehler
at 10:00 a.m.
A Zoom Meeting invitation email is sent
Fridays at Noon.
It includes links to the Zoom service,
Sunday Bulletin, and CHS Announcements.

These services will continue to be a Eucharist through the
Season of Epiphany including Sunday, February 14th.

Communion wafers will be available for pick up
Sunday, January 10 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm and
Wednesday, January 13 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.

If you don't use Zoom, you can now join us via live stream or, later,
watch the recorded services using the CHS YouTube Channel. Click Here

10:00 A.M.
Please join Gail Smith+ for our powerful healing service.
A Zoom Meeting invitation email is
sent Mondays at Noon.
Special thanks to Ruth Campbell, her grandson, Joe Simons,
and videographer Caroline Keeffe-Jones

Amazing Peace -
A Christmas Poem

by Maya Angelou

fyi - When you click on the link it says "Amazing Grace".. ooops.. should be "Amazing Peace"
Just click and enjoy!
Set Up Online Giving for 2021 NOW
One great benefit of our online giving platform is that you can set up recurring payments for the year on whatever schedule works best for you (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and then sit back and relax.

To set up recurring payments toward your 2021 Pledge, click here. Page down to read about setting up Online Giving. Then choose "2021 General Giving & Pledges" from the drop-down menu, check the box "Make this gift recurring," and fill in the details.

If you would like to pre-pay your 2021 Pledge this year, for tax purposes for example, choose the same category, "2021 General Giving & Pledges," when making your online donation this month.

Any questions, please contact the church office.
January is here and is typically the time we remind everyone to get their flu shot! But, this year, we are looking for help with getting the Covid19 vaccine. The news about the vaccines changes almost daily, so how can we stay up to date? When will we each be able to start receiving it? And what about testing? It, too, changes very rapidly.

The most up to date information will be on the state of MA Covid-19 website, and the Cape Cod Health News. Please see the links BELOW. ALWAYS look for the date items have been posted to determine how current the information included is.
Cape Cod Healthcare:
Mass.gov Covid vaccine information:

There are other useful resources at the county level including a newsletter from the Barnstable County Department of Human Services. This bi-weekly newsletter is designed to provide timely information on health and human service topics of interest for people living and working in Barnstable County. This newsletter includes information about local vaccine distribution and testing sites as well as links to many organizations available to you. Click here to subscribe.
Ken Campbell+
Last June 5th (seems like a long time ago!) Ruth and I participated in the largest public demonstration in the history of the town of Orleans with 1,000+ people gathering at the Town Common. Singing and chanting, we walked to the Windmill looking over Town Cove in protest of the horrific killing of George Floyd by several police officers. At the Cove, we sang and listened to the young people speak. Then all 1,000 people knelt for 4 minutes in silent prayer. Some knelt in the street (including our own Gail Smith+) The amazing thing about this peaceful and determined gathering was that it was organized by three young local high school women!

Our MLK Action team of Nauset Interfaith Association decided soon after that the 2021 MLK event on January 18, 2021 would focus on listening to the voices of young women on Cape Cod. I hope you can participate in the virtual breakfast this year with the theme, "Respecting All Cultures and Addressing System Racism on Cape Cod,” with a panel presentation from Cape Cod Voices, an organization seeking to create equality and advocating for minorities on Cape Cod. 

In order for people to attend the breakfast (which will take place via Zoom Webinar), they will need to register for the event using the link below. Registering will allow individuals to attend the event, but it will not allow them to speak.

After registering, individuals will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. One day prior to the event, they will receive a reminder email.

Please Click Here to read the rest of Ken's article. Also click here for the event poster with other information to PRE-REGISTER for this virtual event.
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. "

Martin Luther King, Jr

Photo taken in Orleans
by Anne Ghory-Goodman
December 21st, the Winter Solstice, just after sunset at 5:37 p.m. the planets Jupiter and Saturn were aligned to create what appeared to be a bright star, aka The Great Conjunction. This event is also thought to be the Bethlehem Star the Magi followed to the manger to create "Epiphany!"

Below are pictures of the Winter Solstice Sunset from our Florida front lawn and the "Great Conjunction" as it appeared about an hour later..plus a few Epiphany treats!
COVID Magi Visits
CHS 2020
Epiphany Trope Cast

Davis, Lizzie, Carrie,
Elizabeth, Taliah,
A lovely Epiphany card.
Feature Heading
SOLAR FIELD UPDATE: Panels being installed; Expected solar field completion date 1-15-2021 
New insulated rubber roof on Galley and 2 replacement windows underway; foundation work almost done. Inside work starting this week.

Starting Sunday January 10th, we will begin discussing our next book selection, Love is the Way by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

We meet via Zoom from 12:30 - 1:30 pm. ALL ARE WELCOME! If you wish to join us, please notify Brian or Brooke Skea and they will send you the Zoom invitation.

The book is available through local bookstores or on-line.
About Us
Picture to right of Ian Ellison and Daughter Evie

One good thing that 2020 did was generate a way for us to get
to know more about each other. Your sharing and contributions to
Being Together-Apart editions has kept us connected during our physical separation. Once we can resume in-person meetings,
I would like to line up more interviews to create more “About Us” articles for 2021.

Gail+ sent me information about an exciting article that appeared in the Cape Cod Chronicle about one of our members, Ian Ellison. Please click here to read the full article about Ian that appeared in the September 24, 2020 edition of the Cape Cod Chronicle newspaper about the reconstruction of Notre Dame and how Ian plans to participate.

Ian is a local Cape Cod carpenter who has been a member of a unique organization, “Carpenters Without Borders” who restore historic buildings worldwide using only tools and supplies that would have been available when the buildings were originally built.

When Notre Dame suffered fire damage in April 2019, the Carpenters Without Borders stepped up to help the French learn how to reconstruct the damaged cathedral in the same way as it was built 800 years ago. Once the pandemic travel restrictions are lifted, Ian hopes he and his son Jaden will be able to travel to France and take part in this effort.
You can also do a computer search "Saving Notre Dame" and find many documentaries on this amazing effort.

And…in a future edition of Being Together – Apart, you will be treated to more about Ian’s successful carpenter life and his family.
ANNUAL REPORTS: We are starting preparations for our February 21,2021 Annual Parish meeting. CHS Ministry and Committee Reports are due by Friday, January 25th. Please email the reports to Celia Calhoun (or to Debbi Manning office@chsorleans.org ) It has been a very unusual year but, for posterity, we still need to document what did (and didn't) happen. Of special interest is what has been done to hold your group together during the pandemic. 

CHS WEB SITE UPDATE: To live stream or watch recorded services later, please go to our web site holyspiritorleans.org and click on “VIEW ONLINE”. To download the Sunday Service Bulletin, select “CLICK HERE FOR SUNDAY SERVICE BULLETIN”

IN PERSON-MEETINGS: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended in-person meetings on our church campus. If you need access, please call the office and someone will call you back. If you need to drop something off, please use the black mailbox that is outside the office door. To reach the clergy for emergencies or other church related business please call the church office and press 0 or email Gail+ gsmith at chsorleans.org

PLEDGE ENVELOPES: 2021 offertory envelopes were mailed to those who requested either weekly or monthly pledge envelopes. If you are expecting envelopes and did not receive them, please let the church office know.

SUNDAY'S GLIMPSE OF THE GOSPEL: The Gospel speaks to us today personally and as a community. Join us Sundays at 8:45 a.m. to delve into the Gospel and pray for one another. Contact Gail Smith+ for the Zoom link.

CENTERING PRAYER: Until CHS can resume hosting, the Monday and Thursday Centering Prayer gatherings will be held at 4:30 at the Orleans Federated Church. (No gathering MLK Day, January 18th) Wearing a mask, ring the bell and enter through the door on the East side of the building. Sign in, and look for us at the end of the hall to your right. Sometimes we meet in the Sanctuary upstairs.

WEDNESDAY MORNING PRAYER GROUP: The CHS Morning Prayer Group prays on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. from the comfort of their own homes. Contact Richard O'Hara and he will send you the coming month's scripture readings for Wednesdays. His email and phone numbers are in the Parish Directory.

FEELING PINCHED AND STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET because of the pandemic's impact on your life? Please contact Gail Smith+. Funds are available through the Discretionary Fund.

FORWARD DAY BY DAY: Copies of the November, December and January book are now available. Contact Debbi in the Parish Office. She will mail it to you.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please call the office with your prayer requests at 508-255-0433 and leave a message. They will remain on the CHS Public Prayer List for 4 weeks. If you need them to be on the list for a longer period, please let us know.

PRIVATE INTERCESSORY PRAYER: The CHS Intercessors is a small group of CHS members who are committed to pray regularly for your concerns. If you need private prayer for any reason, please call the Parish Office. Someone will contact you. ALL requests will be held in confidence. 

PARISH DIRECTORY: We no longer include member's personal contact information in our communications. Call the Parish Office and we will email you an electronic copy or snail-mail you a hard copy of the current Parish Directory so you can "stay in touch."
Celebrations, Remembrances and Prayers
Upcoming dates to give you time to send a note, card, or call.

   Jess Kimball  1.06  Ephraim McLean 1.07 Gatria Wheeler1.07
Caroline Chung  1.11 The Rev. Dr. Bill Heuss 1.11 The Rev. Gail Smith  1.11
Joan Kirkby 1.12 Judy Gardiner 1.12 Jamie Thompson 1.13
John Shearer  1.17 Dianne Fromm 1.18 Tracy Weeks   1.19
Ragnhild Bjerke  1.21     Katie Bragdon    1.21 Bill Gardiner   1.23
Jacob La Branche  1.24 Thomas Graham 1.25  Nils Idman 1.26
Douglas Fromm   1.28 Bill Ranscht  1.28  Jacob LaBranche    1.29
Joan McFadden 1.30 Conner Pike 1.31


 Jean Ladue 1.06.98
Charlotte Darlington  1.07.02 Betty Jane Wagner 1.07.11 Craig DeLong 1.08.02
George Doane  1.09.97 Patricia Morrell 1.09.19 Mary Louise Moore 1.10.11
William Hayes 1.12.05 Arthur B. McCormick 1.14.10 Sandy Spencer 1.15.12
 Fern Ellison 1.16.14 Frank J. Gironda 1.17.09 Betty Mann  1.17.95
Vivian Petty 1.17.91 H. Robert Eckhardt 1.18.95 Mary Gray 1.18.99
Elizabeth Kalinick 1.18.06 Janine Santoro 1.18.13 Gardy Bridge 1.23.13
Jane Lough   1.23.10 Barbara MacArthur 1.23.17 John Anderson 1.27.04
M. Egerton “Jim” Gray, Jr. 1.27.08 Harry Preston 1.28.85
Anne Swift 1.29.03 Elisabeth Meyer 1.30.16 George Wallace Ruckert, Jr. 1.30.97

Bev Dreher 12.24.2020

Milt Barnes Jr., Elizabeth Beattie, Robert Blanchet, Kate Carroll, Beverly Chace,
Dorothy Cross, Betty Daiute, Noah Evans, Cassie Fariello, Ali Funnell, Ernest Gordon, Mary Beth Guiliano, Adelaide Hubler, Ruth Evans Jones, Bill Kirkby, Joe Manson,
Ed Mason, Bill Nemitz, Dianna Oliveira, Jennifer Peters, Joan Proctor, The Bayuk Family, Linda Stabb, Jared, Bill Wahlquist For all our service women and men.
Those on the front lines Dr. Susan Cornell, Kristin Crighton, Dr. Donald Dupuis,
Liberty Jane Dupuis, Steven Isner, Carol LaBranche, Kristian Kurtzke, Jenn Marlin, 
Dr. David Meguerdichian,  Dr. Michael Meguerdichian, Dr. Nadia Huancuhuari,
Joy, Danielle Pensa, Meg Nemitz, Kelly Crossland, Justin Tavano, Holly Tavano,
Kimberly Topping, Mike Topping, Peter Vogt
Watch over thy children, O'Lord, as their days increase.
Bless and guide them wherever they may be, keeping them unspotted
from the world. Strengthen them when they stand;
comfort them when discouraged or sorrowful; raise them up if they fall;
And in their hearts, may thy peace, which passes all understanding,
Abide all the days of their lives; Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
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Photo below is CHS during Winter, Circa 1965 before the West Transept was added.