Volume 29 / May19, 2021
Being Together - Apart
I have come to wonder after so many years of being involved with liturgical worship in one community or another, how people who are not likewise involved ever know where they are in the calendar. One of the hardest things I discovered in my scant year of retirement before coming to be with you at Church of the Holy Spirit, was that without those daily reminders to get the announcements ready for Thanksgiving services, or what to tell the kids about the Christmas pageant, or recognizing that it’s time to find the old palms from last year to burn for this year’s Ash Wednesday services, I hardly knew what season I was in, let alone what day of the week it was. And, even though I am a self-acknowledged liturgy geek, I suspect that these quiet markers do more to inform us of where we are, when we are, and who we are than many of us actually take time to realize.
The part of the calendar which we have just come from and the part just before us make the point perfectly. We are presently in the week before Pentecost, the trailing end of the Lunar part of the Church year. Since Ash Wednesday, what we have done in church week by week has been determined by the calculation of the date of Easter, which we celebrate on the first Sunday after the first full moon that follows the Vernal (Spring) equinox. We will stay in this pattern for another week - through Trinity Sunday. Then, we plunge back into the Solar part of the Church year moving into Ordinary Time or as our Church says, “The Season After Pentecost.”
Okay, enough Geek-ery. I just wanted to make the point that we are at that time of year when a lot of change takes place. In the last six weeks, we have processed with Palms, walked the Way of the Cross, visited the Upper Room, washed feet, mourned at Calvary, rejoiced at Easter’s empty tomb, heard Thomas’s doubting, walked with disciples to Emmaus, witnessed the Ascension, and heard the Great Commission. Come Sunday we will receive the Holy Spirit along with the Disciples, and then on Trinity Sunday, we will try to make sense of all that has happened. If your spiritual feet are not sore, then you are probably not paying attention.
I once asked my youth group what the difference was between this busy time and the season after Pentecost and, one of them said, “During Lent and Easter, Jesus does lots of stuff. He travels up and down the country, gets some disciples, heals some sick people, casts out demons, and gets in trouble with the law. But in Ordinary time, Jesus mostly just sits on a rock and tells stories.” Well, that about sums it up. I might choose to say that “Jesus thoughtfully teaches us through parable and discourse” in this season we are entering, but you could also say, “He mostly sits on a rock and tells stories.”
The color for Ordinary Time is green. A vivid, bright green to remind us of what happens in our gardens just now. And, that color is about the best hint I can think of to understand our mission for the months to come. During this season of growth, we are to look back on the events of Jesus’ life, his teachings, and his sacrifice, and we are to understand better who we are by knowing more fully who Jesus is.
For our parish, this is also the time when we will begin the concentrated effort of finding the next rector who will lead our local flock into the future. It is not a bad thing that we have finished the heavier liturgical load for a time. Now we can use our energy to support our Search Committee, recently named and to be commissioned on Pentecost Sunday, May 22, as they begin their discernment. Shaping the search is half the job before us at best.
Shaping the community is the harder work, the more difficult to define, and in the end, every bit as important. Now that we have a search committee in place. my job changes too. Now, I become a stalwart supporter of both these causes. I’ll lead you in prayers for their committee efforts week in and week out, and I will be challenging the system, asking questions about who you are and why you do a particular thing in a particular way at CHS.
Now is the best time to take a closer look at how we live together in our community, to take stock of all sorts of questions. These are some questions we should begin praying about now.
How do we share authority? How do we share responsibility? How do we share the daily human effort it takes to make a community run, religious or not?.
And while we are at it, let’s also look at ourselves and one another to ask if there are any ways that we block things that try to come to the surface in our community. Do we screen out the voices of some and favor the voices of others? Do we already have an image of what the future will look like here and subtly, maybe even unconsciously, work to support that agenda?
So now, we pray for courage to imagine God’s best future for us here. We put aside our ideas of who and what we can be and listen to God’s voice calling us to be more… to be more than we expected, more for others, more for the voiceless, more for the outsider. What if we are also called to give more…more of our treasure, more of our time, more of our talents to make this wonderful place even better, and totally ready to receive a new leader?
This quest belongs to all of us and to each of us. Will we decide to distract or be distant from it, or to take part in the work ahead?
We have accomplished so much in the weeks just passed, and now it is time to put down our palms, our Easter baskets and bonnets, time to set aside the fasting of Lent and the Feasting of Easter, put aside the business of traveling with Jesus and the Disciples, and listen to what God’s spirit is calling out of us.
Here’s what I know for sure. It will not all be easy. Much of it will be fun and enlightening and enjoyable. At some point it may hurt our feelings for a moment, or make us very tired, or ask us to give up something familiar for something better. But all of it will be God’s work done in God’s presence. All of it will be aimed at making our life together more transparent, more rewarding for all our members, and more dependent on God as the center of our community and our experience.
I’m sort of glad that during this time, Jesus will be “mostly sitting on a rock and telling stories.” That sounds pretty much like what we’ll be doing too.
God give us grace to hear and heed your call and make us into everything you would have us be.
You've probably heard the news by now, but the Search Process for our new rector, an exciting grace-filled time for our parish, has formally begun.

A retreat including the Vestry, the Search Committee, Joe+, Gail+, Kelly O’Connell+, and our search consultant was held last Saturday, May 15, for the purpose of building trust between all the participants and allowing the Vestry to fully commission the Search Committee to begin our search. We appreciated such commitment to devote the time on such a beautiful spring day!

A second meeting has been scheduled for this week where the Search Committee will begin Phase 1 of the search process. Data will be collected over the course of the next few months which will be used to write the Parish Profile, the Community Portfolio, and the Open Ministry Form for the Office of Transitional Ministry. Certainly, all parishioners will be engaged in a survey and discussions soon, but we'll let the Search Committee provide those details.

Our search consultant reviewed the likely timeline for the search process, which we expect to take from 11-18 months from start to finish. We enter this process with the firm conviction that we will be an attractive opportunity for a new rector, a full-time position with a rectory in an active and engaged parish. We look forward to telling our story!

Again, the list of members includes: Celia Calhoun, Ike Cole, Brooke Eaton-Skea, Doug Fromm, Bob Hubby, Priscilla Isner, Sharyn Laughton, Jen Marlin, Cynthia Murray, Meg Nemitz, Rich Weeks. We offer this group our sincere gratitude for taking on this sacred and holy work and our prayers as they guide us on this journey of exploration and discernment.

Steve and Brenda
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Monday, May 31, 2021
Dear Lord, Guide us toward a harmonious existence as we honor those who were willing to give up their lives that we may gather freely on this Memorial Day, as we pray for peace and for those who gave all for us. Amen

The solar panel installation is complete and we are "live" and generating electricity.

New walk way from parking lot to rectory is complete a/k/a 'Stairway to the Stars.'

Stakes by west parking lot and along the berm on Route 28 mark locations for a Holly Berry hedge and Arborvitae trees to create evergreen buffers.

We are sure Nat Goddard is smiling down on us!
Stakes mark location of Holly Berry hedge to be planted by west lot.
Stakes mark locations of Arborvitae trees to be planted along Route 28.

The restoration of the Galley West is coming along. The foundation is stabilized, new galley roof, fireplace cap, insulation, wallboard, new heating/AC and rough electric are all installed.

NEXT STEP - Orleans Town Meeting on Saturday May 22nd. Receive approval of our $64,000 grant for additional funding to complete the restoration.


In June, look for a Press Release in local papers announcing the gallery opening on October 16, 2021 and the launch of the Galley West Art Gallery website.

The new website will include information for artists as well as volunteer opportunities and ways you can donate to support GWAG.

Photo #1 - Sign in front of Galley West.
Photo #2 - New walls in front room; notice beautiful exposed ceiling beams discovered during restoration.
Photo #3 - triple windows on West side of Galley room with insulation and walls between the ship's ribs. Wood ceiling remains exposed.
Sometimes it seems like the Lord keeps putting greater and greater challenges in front of us for his own Devine reasons. Each of us has been out raking and removing leaves over the last few weeks. Some together on the group days and some individually. We are all tired but fulfilled. It is a large campus. 
There are many facets to maintenance. We feel like we are facing a mountain
with a multitude of decisions all of which have to be made collectively. 
Occasionally an idea will surface and with His blessing, take roots.
Ruminations from CHS Garden Team Member, Susan Hitchcock

PLEASE - Come Join Our Garden Parties - We know most of us have our own gardens to tend to.. but we really can use a few hours of your time
tending to our parish campus gardens. Every helping hand is important.

Garden Party Schedule for 2021
Dates are weather dependent
  May: 22nd (Saturday)
 June: 3rd (Thursday) 19th (Saturday)
 July: 1st (Thursday) 17th (Saturday)
 August: 5th (Thursday) 14th (Saturday)
 September:  2nd (Thursday) 18th (Saturday)

Recent campus work completed include:
  • Bushes moved from the Memorial Garden up to the Rectory,
  • shrubs and bushes along Monument Road have been trimmed,
  • MANY daffodil bulbs have been given a new home,
  • raking the front of the church and removing old unproductive rose bushes at the driveway entrance.
  • We continue to develop a plan for replanting the Memorial Garden as we have been told no voles are remaining to feast on the vegetation!
  • And lastly, we have word that the re-doing and grassing of the back areas should commence in early June.

We've welcomed 3 new members, Chuck Dow and Norman & Andy Stubbendick. Thanks to the Coles for perpetual care of the fountain, pond and inhabitants, weeding, cleaning, and moving bushes & bulbs. Our other stalwarts include Fay Sargent, Nancy Boccia, Brian Skea, Brenda Ridgeway, Cheryl Kyle, Susan Hitchcock & Diana Crighton.
My heartfelt thanks to one and all and if I've missed anyone, I apologize!

Even if you can't join us on one of our planned work days, give Ann Pike-Paris a call and she can tell you what needs to be done and you can do it when convenient. 
Many hands will make our campus work light.  Thank you. Ann
Remember: We are still observing all Covid restrictions:
Bring your own tools: rake, shovel, clippers, a basket, tarp or plastic bag for debrided material.
Masks required when within 6 feet of others
Restrooms will be available
Bring your own coffee or water, no snacks provided yet!
QUESTIONS? Contact Ann Pike-Paris
Share A
Silver Lining
Shared personal stories from you!.
If you have a story or "silver lining" to share from your personal experiences during the past year, please send it to me. Think of it as a chance to share what you might say at a coffee hour.

Below are a couple Silver Linings from the CHS Health Ministry - others wil be shared in future editions Everyone is encouraged to share how they handled their Covid Journey. Send them to Sue Sasso. Please indicate if you want your contribution to be published anonymously.
At last, we’re beginning to see a bit of light at the end of the Covid journey. Clearly, it’s not over yet, but we are emerging from some pretty hard times. So we thought we’d offer you a bit of insight into how those of us on Health Ministry have managed these difficult times. Hopefully you will smile and maybe find our offerings to be helpful! Ann P-P.

Ann P-P: I definitely needed an escape, and since it couldn't be physically leaving...
-I escaped to Ireland via a series of books called "The Irish Country Doctor..."
by Dr. Patrick Taylor. 16 in all and I loved everyone.
-I went through periods of NO news, then selectively went back.
-Trying to stay in touch with 2 old friends and an aunt. It was a mutual support group.
-Regular exercise, trying new recipes and of course, working on my queen size quilt that I am hand quilting!

Michelle P.:
-During the quarantine phase this project kept me very busy and I was inspired because I actually had the time to commit to it. I turned my He-shed into a she-shed. I found it very cathartic to be in Charlie’s space, cleaning painting and decorating at a time when it was so hard to be alone. It’s really coming along and I’m having fun decorating. It’s hard to believe it has been 3 years since he’s been gone and it was very tough during the beginning of the pandemic.
-I started what I call my Covid sweater. Very detailed. Almost done. I’m a slow knitter.
-I don’t know which I watched more, the Create channel or Hallmark.
-Lots of “checking in” with family and friends.

Spirit Stories for children, and adults too, will return in the June 2nd edition of Being Together - Apart.

Caroline Keeffe-Jones will be the creator using a new software, ” I Movie”. How she does it still seems like a miracle to us!

The 2 stories are relatively new. You are Here for a Reason“ by Nancy Tillman was written in 2015. “All Because You Matter” by Tami Charles was written in 2020.

Somehow Jesus’s words flow through these books like they speak through hymns and flowers and kindness and the Eucharist.. which is love incarnate. We hope you enjoy them.

I was struck recently, as I saw the ribbons on the Pentecost Tree at C.H.S., that the kite ribbons in one of the stories had a similar message as Pentecost. “Everyone is here for a reason and we are all a puzzle part of the human story which the Holy Spirit gives to us no matter what language we speak. Each one of us matters because we can spread the story of God’s love to the world.  Peace, Ruth.
On Sunday, May 16, we began our new book selection, Reversed Thunder: The Revelation of John and the Praying Imagination by Eugene Peterson. Get a copy of the book and join us!

We meet on Sundays via Zoom from 12:30 - 1:30 pm. If you wish to join the discussion, please notify Brian or Brooke Skea and they will send you the zoom invitation.
The Homeless Prevention Council has been a long standing organization supported by CHS through our Outreach Ministry. Our own dear Freddie Fitzgerald was a very active member of HPC and her family will be walking again in her honor in the 2021 HPC Walk for Home in Provincetown on Saturday June 12.

If you would like to join "Team Freddie,", create your own team, or just make a donation to this wonderful organization, the HPC website has all the information you need.

If you choose to donate on-line in memory of Freddie, please select "Team Freddie" or write it on your check payable to HPC. Hope to see you in P-town on June 12.

HPC is looking for of a room to rent or share for their incoming Americorps VISTA volunteer, Thalia Tosetti, for at least 3 and up to 12 months. HPC is willing to pay a stipend. Click here to read Talia's bio.

If you can help, please contact Hadley Luddy at HPC 508-255-9667.

CHS member, Cheryl Kyle, will be leading a safari trip to Tanzania in January 2022, including a visit to Endupoto and Oljoro schools, one of Church of the Holy Spirit's Outreach Ministry Partners.

Click here for details of the safari and how to contact Cheryl.
A wonderful proof of our evolution!

Wayne Currey feeding the koi in our beautiful reflection pool spruced up by Ike & Fay Cole.
I grew up attending All Saints Episcopal Church in Glen Rock, NJ. My Mother and Betty Yearing ran the Sunday School program for years. The first year a child attended Sunday School on a regular basis, they were given a special attendance pin. Then each year we attended Sunday School on a regular basis we would receive a bar to add to the pin. While spring cleaning, I found my original pin and attendance bars through my 11'th year!
Sue S.

Grab-and-Go Meals at Nauset Middle School
The opportunity to help pack grab-and-go meals for the Nauset School system will continue at least through the end of the school year. Additional days through June 18 have been added to the sign up here.


Partnerships with Community Summer Programs Return!
This summer we will partner with more than 15 community summer programs for children and teens in all 8 towns on the lower/outer Cape. We will also return to Church of the Holy Spirit, 204 Monument Road, Orleans, as our base of operation. 

Each day for 9 weeks, MON-FRI, we will prepare and distribute 500-600 lunches and snacks with a very small paid staff and the generous efforts of volunteers like you. Those meals will be handed out free to children attending the community programs and any other children who drop by our sites.

Volunteered with us before?
Know what you want to do ?
just click here and sign up!

Want more information about the 2021 Food 4 Kids program,
click here to read their most recent newsletter.

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Make sure your message includes how Joe can respond to your call.
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WEDNESDAY MORNING PRAYER GROUP: The CHS Morning Prayer Group prays on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. from the comfort of their own homes. Contact Richard O'Hara and he will send you the coming month's scripture readings for Wednesdays. His email and phone numbers are in the Parish Directory.

FEELING PINCHED AND STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET because of the pandemic's impact on your life? Please contact Gail Smith+. Funds are available through the Discretionary Fund.

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Celebrations, Remembrances and Prayers
Upcoming dates to give you time to send a note, card, or call.

          Dorothy Cross 5.19 Laura Baska 5.22 Jay Blanchet 5.22
Jody Mines 5.22 Elaine Downs 5.23 Carolyn Hanrahan 5.23
Cian Hanrahan 5.24 Elizabeth Beattie 5.26
Susan Owens 5.26 Mary Anne Bragdon 5.30 Kate Paradise 5.30
Vivian Cook 5.31 Wayne D. Gass 6. Betsey Mason 6.3 Hannah Rose 6.3
Sharyn Laughton 6.4 Kimberly Bruemmer 6.5 Alicia Hyde . 7
Leslie Jones 6.9 The Rev. Ellen McKinley 6 9

Jay and Donna Haynie 5.20.78
Mike and Jean Gatzkiewicz 6.01.58
The Rev. Gail and David Smith  6.01.68
Ed and Betsey Mason   6.07.57
Joe and Randy Gramer  6.11.49
Ike and Fay Cole  6.12.65

May 23rd is the 88th Anniversary of our Parish

The Reverend Kenneth Campbell 5.26.70

May Dunphy 5.19.91 George L. Ebert 5.20.06
Grace B. Tuller 5.20.11 Mary Crighton 5.22.98
Johanna Kumich DuBois 5.23.11 Weston B. Emmart 5.23.13
Polly Earle 5.23.91 Sandra L. Ames 5.25.07
Charles Chilson 5.26.86 Cynthia Wieboldt 5.26.19
Eleanor Broidrick 5.28.02 Dorothy Campbell 5.30.04
Henrik Janson 5.30.14 Milton Powers 5.30.05
Mary Crawford 5.31.00 Robert Meyer 5.31.04
Timothy Price 5.31.07 Michael Karlson 5.30.15
June F. MacDonald 5.30.16 Robert L. Mumford 5.31.15
The Rev. Canon Francis S. Bancroft III  6.03.12
Arthur Chapman  6.03.92 The Rev. Alston Chace  6.03.19
Lewis Delano 6.03.91 Edith Petty 6.04.18
Hersey Taylor 6.04.18 John Watts 6.04.16
Richard Nickerson 6.05.06 William Burroughs 6.06.99
Eva Williams 6.07.06 John Haynie 6.10.91
Marge Farrell 4.23.2021
Bill Kirkby 4.27.2021

Milt Barnes Jr., Elizabeth Beattie, Robert Blanchet, Kate Carroll, Beverly Chace,
Dorothy Cross, Betty Daiute, Noah Evans, Cassie Fariello, Ali Funnell, Ernest Gordon, Mary Beth Guiliano, Adelaide Hubler, Ruth Evans Jones, Joe Manson,
Tyler Marshall , Ed Mason, Bill Nemitz, Dianna Oliveira, Jennifer Peters, Joan Proctor,
The Bayuk Family, Linda Stabb, Jared, Mike, Bill Wahlquist, John, Donna, Margaret Young
For all our service women and men.
Those on the front lines Dr. Susan Cornell, Kristin Crighton, Dr. Donald Dupuis,
Liberty Jane Dupuis, Steven Isner, Carol LaBranche, Kristian Kurtzke, Jenn Marlin, 
Dr. David Meguerdichian, Dr. Michael Meguerdichian, Dr. Nadia Huancuhuari,
Joy, Danielle Pensa, Meg Nemitz, Kelly Crossland, Justin Tavano, Holly Tavano,
Kimberly Topping, Mike Topping, Peter Vogt
Watch over thy children, O'Lord, as their days increase.
Bless and guide them wherever they may be, keeping them unspotted
from the world. Strengthen them when they stand;
comfort them when discouraged or sorrowful; raise them up if they fall;
And in their hearts, may thy peace, which passes all understanding,
Abide all the days of their lives; Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
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