Volume 20/ December 16, 2020
Being Together - Apart
The Light is here now and is bringing hope and love into our midst.
May we invite, may we embrace Jesus, the Light of God and the
Love of God incarnate, within us.
May we allow the loving Son shine in and through us.
Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord!  
Bishop Gayle Harris

As we continue our celebrations of Advent and preparations for Christmas, we invite you to read Bishop Gayle Harris' complete Advent message, "Light Coming, Light Already With Us." Click Here.

For most of us, this holiday season will be like no other - no parties, concerts or family gatherings. We have to be thankful that, for CHS, we have weathered the year by staying a strong and caring faith-filled community through technology and can now even look forward to celebrating Christmas Eve Eucharist together, albeit virtually. Some information on that service and pageant are included below. More will be included in the service communication planned to be emailed the week of December 21st. Also, see the article below for ways you can help us create a beautiful altar display for our 2020 Christmas Eve Virtual Eucharist Celebration.

This is the last edition of Being Together-Apart for 2020 [the wonderful pictures above are of our 2019 Christmas altars.] It will be 3 weeks before the Epiphany, January 6th edition, is released. By then, we will have celebrated the last Sunday of Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and welcomed the New Year 2021!

So, this final 2020 edition is filled with a few surprises and many things you can read, listen to and do to keep you entertained and informed during the coming weeks of the holiday season.

Merry Christmas. May 2021 be a Happy HEALTHY New Year
where we will rediscover ourselves and each other.

Peace, Sue
Dear Parishioners,

We are coming to a Christmas and New Year celebration unlike any other, and yet, this Advent season does indeed feel like a time of anticipation and hope. Looking back, we feel so much gratitude for how well Holy Spirit has weathered this difficult year and how strong and healthy our parish is at this moment. Saying "thank you" always feels so inadequate in these circumstances, but, it is a moment when our hearts are so full!

We could not have survived this year without the constant (Zoom) presence, love, and support of our Vestry and the weekly “support sessions” with our Executive Committee. They have been truly amazing! And we all have experienced Gail’s+ fantastic energy and creativity as we built a whole new way to worship together and continued to enhance it along the way. On a personal note, her positive attitude and willingness to find the best in every situation has meant so much to us.

Our lay staff had to learn, nearly overnight, new ways to work and always showed a warm and friendly response to every challenge. Debbi’s consistent strength and "can-do" attitude in the office, Ann's cheerful efficiency at keeping the financial books in order, Joan’s wonderful music and creative approaches to bringing it to the parish, Wayne and Tony’s incredible efforts to use their time to bring our physical plant to its best condition in years…..what more can we say!

And if that was not enough, we kicked off a solar array that will (soon!) make a very strong green statement to our community, prepared for a Habitat for Humanity commitment as soon as the right project is ready, and set the stage for a new life for Galley West. We are so excited about the Galley West project, which grew this year from devising the new concept, to securing town funding and Diocesan approval, and seeing the first “shovel in the ground” just this month.

The enhanced way we began to use Constant Contact to communicate regularly with the parish really helped keep us together, and our new Web site is beautiful. We have to thank all those who made that happen. The Buildings & Grounds, Outreach, Stewardship, and Pastoral Care Committees have put in so much time and effort to keep things moving forward and caring for each other, our thanks to you as well. The dedicated church school team continues to find new and innovative ways to connect remotely with our families and children. The Food 4 Kids team rose to the occasion, finding innovative ways to work with the School Districts on the Lower and Outer Cape to provide a vastly expanded food outreach program. And a focused team stepped up to carefully study all the guidelines and recommendations for personal safety in our facility and develop practical protocols for safe use of our space. We could go on and on.

There is not much more a parish could have done in an unprecedented pandemic year. And we have faith that the New Year will bring a Transitional Priest-in-Charge, a Search Committee, and progress toward finding a new Rector who will help lead this wonderful parish.

Melissa and Steve
5:00 P.M. December 24th via Zoom
A Zoom invitation and service bulletin will be sent the week of December 21st.
A Christmas Pageant is being filmed and will be available for viewing
More information to come.
Enjoy these pictures of our two Madonna and Child wall hangings.
"della Robbia " style Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child panel carved by
Vernon Smith
at 10:00 a.m.
A Zoom Meeting invitation email is sent
Fridays at Noon.
It includes links to the Zoom service,
Sunday Bulletin, and CHS Announcements.

If you don't use Zoom, you can now join us via live stream or, later, watch the recorded services using the CHS YouTube Channel. Click Here

We will send you 12/27 service worship options from other sites.
10:00 A.M.
Please join Gail Smith+ for our powerful healing service.
A Zoom Meeting invitation email is
sent Mondays at Noon.
Enjoy these 4 Christmas Spirit Stories
to help keep the "Christmas Child" in each of us alive.
Special thanks to Ruth Campbell, her grandson, Joe Simons,
and videographer Caroline Keeffe-Jones
Since Ruth is being Covid-Safe, she is wearing a mask;
You may need to turn up the volume on your listening device.
The City That Forgot Christmas
by Mary P. Warren
The Christmas Pageant,
by Jacqueline Rogers
For all the World
by Helen Simcox
The Christmas Baby
by Marion Bauer
Even the high wind storm that knocked down limbs and power lines could not topple our outdoor Advent wreath! Each Saturday at 3:00, another Church School family "lights" the next Advent Wreath candle. Click here for the lighting ceremony and prayers and come see this special wreath that spreads the magic of Advent to all who drive by. The last Advent candle lighting is Saturday December 20th and the center white "Christ Candle" will be lit on Christmas Eve.
May this season remind you
of the hope, joy, love and peace found in Christ.
We have received a VERY SPECIAL GIFT from Devon McFadden. Her favorite Christmas tradition is attending Christmas Eve services at CHS. Last year her dear grandmother, Betty Yearing, had just passed away. So, Christmas was a sad time. This year, the pandemic is preventing her from being with family. She misses all of her "family" and sends this special recording of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"... whose lyrics take on a much deeper meaning this year for all of us. CLICK HERE
THANK YOU Devon, from your appreciative parish family. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"
While the Christmas Eve service will include some of our favorite Christmas carols, I asked Gail+ and Joan Kirchner for their favorites to share with you.

Gail+ selected "O Holy Night" and "Silent Night."
Joan selected "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" and
"What Child Is This?" My favorite is is a more modern song, "Mary Did You Know?"

We hope you enjoy these recordings as you prepare for the most special and magical night of all...Christmas Eve!
O Holy Night
 Performed by Josh Groban
Silent Night
Performed by Rafael Scarfullery
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Performed by the
Philadelphia Orchestra Choir

What Child Is This?
Performed by
Andrea Bocelli &
 Francesca Battistelli
Mary Did You Know?
Performed by King Digital Media
Kudos to the parishioners of the Church of the Holy Spirit! Why? Because in spite of being “absent from one another” in normal church life, they responded with their pledges in support of Stewardship 2021.

Thanks to that response we are just shy of the goal set for next year. In this season of holy mysteries, miracles and angels, we are hoping that CHS has some “angels” who will help us close the gap to reach the goal of $300,000 for support of our varied and vital ministries in 2021. In this Advent season of Hope, this is our Hope, with gratitude.

The Stewardship 2021 Team: Georgia Schneider, Kate Paradise, Steven Koehler,
Chris Crighton and Doug Fromm
There is still time to make a special 2020 Christmas offering or a donation towards the Christmas Altar flowers. Since the pew envelopes won't be available this year, there are ways you can still make a Christmas offering. December 21st Noon is the deadline to send names to be included with your memorial flower donation.

By Check - You can drop off your offering in the outside black mail box by the office door or mail it to the parish address at the bottom of this newsletter. Please indicate it's a "Christmas Offering" and/or for "Flowers." If you are making a "Flowers" memorial offering, please include a list of the names that should appear in the Christmas Eve Service Bulletin.

Online - Click Here to get to CHS's online "Give Now" web-page. When you make your online offering, select "Flowers" and/or "Christmas Offering" in the "Fund Option" drop down box. You can indicate names in the box online or email names for a "Flowers" memorial offering to office@chsorleans.org
CHS has supported ABC for years through our membership in the Cape Cod Council of Churches and our parish Outreach. During the pandemic, the center has decided to no longer accept drop off donations creating an even greater gap in their ability to help the babies of Cape Cod and the Islands. But there are two ways you can provide some help to the Council and ABC.
  • Financial donation - send a check (payable to Cape Cod Council of Churches) or click here to make an online donation.
  • Order items online (diapers, wipes, formula) and have them shipped directly to ABC
The Center's mailing address is 320 Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601
Thank you all for your generous offerings to benefit the families of Homeless Prevention Council's Adopt-a-Family Program and the women and children who will spend Christmas at the Safe Harbor Shelter. The final total collected was $3,180. All of the gift cards have been delivered. A donation to the organizations was sent with bonus funds received after the gift card deadline and will be used to help others this season.

Wishing you blessings in abundance this Advent, Christmas, and always,

Robin McLaughlin and Brooke Eaton-Skea
T’was a month before Christmas,
And all through the town,
People wore masks that covered their frown.
The frown had begun way back in the Spring,
When a global pandemic changed everything.
They called it Corona, but unlike the beer, it didn’t bring good times,
it didn’t bring cheer.
Contagious and deadly, this virus spread fast,
Like a wildfire that starts when fueled by gas.
Airplanes were grounded, travel was banned;
Borders were closed,across air, sea, and land.
As the world entered lockdown, to flatten the curve,
The economy halted, and folks lost their verve.
From March to July, we rode the first wave;
People stayed home and tried to behave.
When summer emerged, the lockdown was lifted;
But away from caution, many folks drifted.
Now it’s November, and cases are spiking.
Wave two has arrived, much to our disliking.
Frontline workers, doctors, and nurses
Try to save people from riding in hearses.
This virus is awful, this COVID-19,
There isn’t a cure; There is no vaccine. (*** see below)
It’s true that this year has had sadness a plenty,
We’ll never forget the year 2020!
And just ‘round the corner, the holiday season!
But why be merry? Is there even one reason?
To decorate the house and put up the tree,
When no one will see it, no one but me!
But outside my window the snow gently falls;
And I think to myself... Let’s deck the halls!
So, I gather the ribbon, the garland and bows;
As I play those old carols, my happiness grows.
Christmas ain’t cancelled, And neither is hope!
If we lean on each other, I know we can cope.
By: Shawna Hickling, Calgary, AB, Canada

***Alternate verse
This virus is awful, this Covid-19,
There isn’t a cure, But now maybe a vaccine!
2020 has already brought several firsts for much of the world. However, as the year comes to a close, a once-in-a-lifetime sight will appear in the night sky just in time for the holidays. It's called the "Great Conjunction," or the moment when Jupiter and Saturn appear at their closest – "a tenth of a degree apart." According to Chicago's Adler Planetarium, the event is set to take place on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, just after sunset (5:37 p.m.). It will appear in the western sky. Don't worry if you can't catch it on December 21st. According to the Adler Planetarium, the planets can be seen as early as December 16th and 17th; but the "real show" takes place the evenings of the 20th through the 22nd.

Click Here for a simplified explanation of this event. Click Here for a detailed scientific explanation from NASA.
One day in November, an envelope addressed to CHS from a PO Box in Arkansas was delivered. Inside were "treasures" from CHS's history - circa 1935-1939. A 1935 Whitsunday Booklet about the 3rd birthday of CHS; 2 Christmas Cards signed by Florence Kimball and a small 10 line 1950's Richard Kimball death notice. Richard was CHS' first Rector and his wife Florence was Richard's driving force and support on their spiritual journey that became The Church of the Holy Spirit in 1933. I will share all of the items in the envelope with you in the coming months. However, given this is Christmas time, I thought sharing Florence's 1938 Christmas card (she said she had sent over 600 notes and cards) was a special Christmas gift to all of us. See scanned photos below.

Since there was no letter included in the envelope with the items, I sent a hand written note to the envelope's return address asking for information about the contents. That started a wonderful email exchange when Shelly and Tom Hill responded! Tom's 93 year old mother passed away this year and they found these saved items in a box of her belongings. Shelly looked up CHS and found us and sent them along.

Florence's hand written note salutation is addressed to "Anna", who I learned was Tom's paternal grandmother. She had lived in the Boston area where Florence Kimball grew up. So they must have been friends and Anna saved some of Florence's notes and other correspondence and they were passed down for generations "in a box." Royce, who Florence mentions in her note, was Tom's father.

Florence's Christmas message to Anna is difficult to read in the photo below but includes comments about a vacation she and Richard had taken in 1938 ("first in years") and when they came back she "tore everything up to put in a bathroom!"

These treasures appeared just as the contractors were starting the restoration work on the Galley West. Galley West was the Kimball's first Orleans home and CHS Rectory. When a new Rectory was built, it became Florence's workshop where Vernon Smith taught her the art of hammered aluminum crafts including the candle sconces inside the church. This craft continues at CHS through the Kimball Guild.

The timing of receiving these items and historical insights to Florence was as if she were letting us know she is very pleased with our plans to restore Galley West and re-open as a community art gallery. I truly believe Florence is our Galley West Angel watching over us and telling us all is in divine order and to charge on! Sue
ABOVE - Front of CHS Christmas Card
BELOW - Inside of card with hand written note signed by Florence Kimball
Florence M. Kimball,
from a painting by Chester Slack,
photographed by Fay Olwig
As a "Christmas Gift" to you, I have gathered or created things that you can do or read for Christmas and this winter as we pray we will resume activities in 2021.

Click below where indicated to open the document. Then with your cursor anywhere on the opened document, "right click" on the opened document and in the drop down box, select "print" or "save" and follow your computer prompts.

  • 'Tis the Season - my home-grown INTERACTIVE CROSSWORD PUZZLE. You should know the answers or find them in this newsletter. Click Here. No printing necessary. Wrong entries show in RED. Need Answers? Click Here

  • Festive Crostini Appetizer - easy to make for "one or many." Click Here

  • A Christmas Story, from an anonymous Santa Claus believer. Click Here

  • Favorite books, movies and shows - a few members responded. Click Here If you want to share your favorites, send me your recommendations and I'll include an updated list in a later edition.

  • Tell Your Story - Here's how you can share your life story with your family. Click Here Please consider doing this for your family! It will be a very special treasured "forever gift." If you need help getting started, contact Sue.

  • A Lexophile is a lover of words and one who appreciates the nuances surrounding different words. Click Here for a list of the NY Times list of original lexophile sayings; then send me ones you come up.. I'll share in a future edition.

Have Fun - Happy Winter!
(I know that could be an oxymoron for some of you!)
The Garden Party team has been hard at work getting estimates and narrowing down areas for Phase 1 of our CHS campus landscape management plan and are sooooo glad to have a winter break from the gardens. As Ann Pike- Paris put it, "As much as we love it, we were so happy to 'put the gardens to bed!'" During their last Garden Party on a cold rainy November Friday, the team moved a Hanoki Cypress from its current location along the walkway up the hill from the church to its new home next to the front of the rectory. Nate from Arbortech had told the team "to be sure to save this beauty.... it is worth a couple hundred dollars."

Brian Skea, Ike Cole and Ann Pike-Paris dug out the tree and moved it to it's new location. Nancy Boccio had already spent a day clearing the new location of many invasive vines and that made for easy new-hole digging. Diana Crighton was tasked with collecting mountains of bulbs we found in the property. Brenda Ridgeway replanted them around the little tree and, Nancy Bocia completed the transfer with mulch. Now we hope this lovely tree will enhance the rectory for a long time to come. Fay Sargent had already cleaned, mulched, and replanted gardens along the front of the house. Our crew that rainy cold day was: Cheryl Kyle, Diana Crighton, Nancy Boccia, Fay Sargent, Brenda Ridgeway, Ike Cole, Brian Skea and Ann Pike-Paris.

This was a true "reduce, reuse, recycle" effort! We hope to have a much nicer exterior of the rectory next spring. Keep your fingers crossed the Hanoki survives the winter!
OFFICE CLOSURE: The Parish Office will be closed for the holidays starting Thursday December 24th and reopening Monday, January 4th. If you have a pastoral need, please call the office and leave a message with the answering service. Someone will contact you.

CHS WEB SITE UPDATE: To live stream or watch recorded services later, please go to our web site holyspiritorleans.org and click on “VIEW ONLINE”. To download the Sunday Service Bulletin, select “CLICK HERE FOR SUNDAY SERVICE BULLETIN”

IN PERSON-MEETINGS: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended in-person meetings on our church campus. If you need access, please call the office and someone will call you back. If you need to drop something off, please use the black mailbox that is outside the office door. To reach the clergy for emergencies or other church related business please call the church office and press 0 or email Gail+ gsmith at chsorleans.org

ANNUAL REPORTS: We are starting preparations for our Annual Parish meeting. CHS Ministry and Committee Reports are due by Friday, January 15th. Please email the reports to Celia Calhoun (or to Debbi Manning office@chsorleans.org ) It has been a very unusual year but, for posterity, we still need to document what did (and didn't) happen. Of special interest is what has been done to hold your group together during the pandemic. 

PLEDGE ENVELOPES ARE IN THE MAIL THIS WEEK: Those of you who have requested either weekly or monthly pledge envelopes for 2021 should be receiving them shortly. If you are expecting envelopes and do not receive them, please let the church office know.

FIRST FRUITS: Our traditional annual sale of hand made Christmas arrangements the first weekend of December was a casualty of pandemic cancellations at CHS. We missed our special time making the swags, mantel and center pieces and many other holiday gifts and, most of all, we missed being together and seeing all of you select and purchase our handiwork. We pray 2021 will find us able to resume this special CHS Christmas tradition.

ADVENT MEDITATIONS: Dilys Smith still has hard copies of the daily Advent Psalm Meditation booklets. Please contact her if you want to receive one.

SUNDAY'S GLIMPSE OF THE GOSPEL: The Gospel speaks to us today personally and as a community. Join us Sundays at 8:45 a.m. to delve into the Gospel and pray for one another. Contact Gail Smith+ for the Zoom link.

SUNDAY BOOK STUDY GROUP: Everyone is invited to join us in reading Walter Brueggemann’s, Celebrating Abundance: Devotions for Advent. The book is available through your local bookstore or online. Discussions last about an hour. To join, please contact brookeskea@gmail.com or brianrskea@gmail.com and we will send you a zoom invitation.

CENTERING PRAYER: Until CHS can resume hosting, the Monday and Thursday Centering Prayer gatherings will be held at 4:30 at the Orleans Federated Church. (No gatherings on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or MLK Day, January 18th) Wearing a mask, ring the bell and enter through the door on the East side of the building. Sign in, and look for us at the end of the hall to your right. Sometimes we meet in the Sanctuary upstairs.

WEDNESDAY MORNING PRAYER GROUP: The CHS Morning Prayer Group prays on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. from the comfort of their own homes. Contact Richard O'Hara and he will send you the coming month's scripture readings for Wednesdays. His email and phone numbers are in the Parish Directory.

FEELING PINCHED AND STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET because of the pandemic's impact on your life? Please contact Gail Smith+. Funds are available through the Discretionary Fund.

FORWARD DAY BY DAY: Copies of the November, December and January book are now available. Contact Debbi in the Parish Office. She will mail it to you.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please call the office with your prayer requests at 508-255-0433 and leave a message. They will remain on the CHS Public Prayer List for 4 weeks. If you need them to be on the list for a longer period, please let us know.

PRIVATE INTERCESSORY PRAYER: The CHS Intercessors is a small group of CHS members who are committed to pray regularly for your concerns. If you need private prayer for any reason, please call the Parish Office. Someone will contact you. ALL requests will be held in confidence. 

PARISH DIRECTORY: We no longer include member's personal contact information in our communications. Call the Parish Office and we will email you an electronic copy or snail-mail you a hard copy of the current Parish Directory so you can "stay in touch."
Celebrations, Remembrances and Prayers
Upcoming dates to give you time to send a note, card, or call.

   Annika Kalinick 12.16 Fin LaBranche 12.16 Sue Stevens 12.16    
Hanna Sweeney  12.16  Barbara Koeppen 12.17 Beverly Chace 12.18
Francis Hoffman 12.18  Fay Cole 12.19   Don Bragdon 12.21 Betsie Lind   12.23 
Joan Payne 12.23 Bruce Lederhouse 12.24 Kathy Hubby 12.25  Tom Lennox 12.26 
Barbara Sousa 12.28 Natalie Sweeney 12.28 Marjorie Farrell 12.29
Cai McLaughlin 12.29 Lily Johnson 12.30  Carol Bernhardt  12.31 
Peter Blank 12.31 Jane Nixon 12.31  Jonathon Idman 1.01  Michele Puzo 1.01
Hannah Rose  1.01 Michael White 1.01 Bob Collins 1.02 Connor Pike 1.03
Priscilla Jean LaBranche 1.04 Briton Ash 1.05 Francisco Magliozzi  1.05
Jess Kimball  1.06  Ephraim McLean 1.07 Gatria Wheeler1.07
Caroline Chung  1.11 The Rev. Dr. Bill Heuss 1.11 The Rev. Gail Smith  1.11
Joan Kirkby 1.12 Judy Gardiner 1.12 Jamie Thompson 1.13

Fred and Sue Plumb  1.01.91
The Reverend Herbert Skelly 12.16.61
         The Reverend Sue Lederhouse 12.17.05 The Rev. Dr. William Heuss 12.21.68

Elizabeth Hicks 12.18.99  
James Woodburn, Sr  12.18.99 DD Sillcocks 12.19.02  Gerald Gilmore  12.20.14
Elizabeth Clarendon 12.21.78  Wallace Ruckert 12.21.03 Christian Gironda 12.22.92  
Selwyn Miles 12.22.93 Elizabeth Ruckert 12.23.88  Betty Yearing 12.23.19
Harold Foley 12.25.03  Mac MacDonald  12.25.03 Charles Wood 12.26.19 
Norman Adams  12.28.14 Karen Blank 12.29.01   Nat Goddard  12.30.19
Muriel Helen Scully 12.30.11  Nancy DeWitt Minus 1.03.08
Linda Rencurrel  1.04.04 Roger Cross 1.05.19 Jean Ladue 1.06.98
Charlotte Darlington  1.07.02 Betty Jane Wagner 1.07.11 Craig DeLong 1.08.02
George Doane  1.09.97 Patricia Morrell 1.09.19 Mary Louise Moore 1.10.11
William Hayes 1.12.05 Arthur B. McCormick 1.14.10 Sandy Spencer 1.15.12
Milt Barnes Jr., Elizabeth Beattie, Robert Blanchet, Kate Carroll, Beverly Chace,
Dan Corcoran, Dorothy Cross, Betty Daiute, Noah Evans, Ali Funnell, Ernest Gordon, Mary Beth Guiliano, Adelaide Hubler, Ruth Evans Jones, Bill Kirkby, Debra Kissinger, 
Joe Manson, Ed Mason, Bill Nemitz, Dianna Oliveira, Jennifer Peters, Joan Proctor,
The Bayuk Family, Linda Stabb, Jared. For all our service women and men.
Those on the front lines: Dr. Susan Cornell, Kristin Crighton, Dr. Donald Dupuis,
Liberty Jane Dupuis, Steven Isner, Stefanie Krieger, Carol LaBranche, Kristian Kurtzke,
Jenn Marlin, Dr. David Meguerdichian, Dr. Nadia Huancuhuari,
Dr. Michael Meguerdichian, Joy, Danielle Pensa, Meg Nemitz, Kelly Crossland,
Justin Tavano, Holly Tavano, Kimberly Topping, Mike Topping, Peter Vogt

Watch over thy children, O'Lord, as their days increase.
Bless and guide them wherever they may be, keeping them unspotted
from the world. Strengthen them when they stand;
comfort them when discouraged or sorrowful; raise them up if they fall;
And in their hearts, may thy peace, which passes all understanding,
Abide all the days of their lives; Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
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Photo below is CHS' altar decorated for Christmas circa <1990's.
Taken before the North Transept was added.