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August, 2021
Making the World a Smaller Place..

By Susan Buckley

Hi, my name is Susan Buckley and I am a Lay Marianist living in Dublin, Ireland. I am a member of Our Lady of the Round Table, a virtual/cyber Lay Marianist Community for over 15 years.

The members of my community live on 4 continents. So as well as our Marianist connection, our Marianist bond, we have been privileged to learn about each others' culture and each others' lives.
For the past 4 years we have met once a month on Zoom. So when Covid-19 brought our world to a stop, Zoom became something we were more reliant on, especially within everyday life.

The pandemic has been hard for everyone but one of the silver linings for me has been able to attend and take part in virtual Marianist gatherings and workshops (World Day of Prayer, Marianist Family Encounter, A Marian Terrarium:Workshop etc.).

And with our churches closed here in Ireland for many months, I could attend Mass by webcam or Facebook Live in any part of the world. So on occasion I joined the Brothers in Cupertino or Holy Rosary parish in San Antonio.

Taking part in the Virtual Lay Marianist Assembly last August was a highlight of my year. As I sat in my home in Dublin I could participate with fellow Lay Marianists in the U.S, definitely feeling part of the Family.

The Marianist Year of Shared Discernment also was something very positive to focus on. Our "Soul Sister" community met (on Zoom) in the afternoon, so I could join in. (Ireland being 5 to 6 hours ahead does make a difference!) And then we had a joint Zoom call with the Harvest Women's community in Kansas. It was a chance to ponder, reflect and pray about our Marianist journey, past, present and future.

So as I finish off today I would like to thank all those who planned and facilitated the various events. These events made our world a smaller place and fed my soul! I feel truly blessed to be part of our Marianist Family. 
Our Lady of the Pillar
Prayer Table.

Sharing discussion and insights with the Soul Sisters.

Participating in the
2020 Virtual Lay Assembly

Visiting a Webcam Mass

Susan Buckley
National Responsible of Ireland
Leaving School......
by Susan Buckley
This past June I finished my time as a parent and Lay Marianist with St Laurence College, Dublin, as my son Neil completed his six years in secondary school (High School). 

For the past four years I have been one of the two Parent Representatives on the Board of Management.

Being on the Board has been very interesting, challenging and at times hard work. I always felt I had a dual role: that of Parent and Lay Marianist.

This was true especially in the past couple of years as the school joined a Catholic Trust. It is now under the Trust sponsorship, so it is even more important to "fly the flag" for our Marianist ethos and Charism. And so I always felt responsibility for seeing that the school was always incorporating the Marianist Characteristics of Education.

Being a Marianist school is what has always made St Laurence a very special place! 
Our son, Neil, on his graduation day from St. Laurence College (Secondary School).

For more information contact
Susan Buckley
National Responsible, Ireland

National Director for MLC-NA hired
On August 20, Margy Lisjak, President of MLC-NA, announced that MLC-NA has hired its first National Director, Rob Brodrick. This position was made possible through a collaborative seed grant with the SM Province of the United States. Congratulations to Rob!

Rob will be responsible for implementing the vision of MLC-NA and facilitating its day-to-day operations. He begins this position in Dayton, OH, on September 13. Read the full announcement here.

Congratulations to Rob!

Remembering Marie Therese
Marie Therese de Lamourous
SAVE THE DATE - September 14, 2021
  • 8:00 PM Eastern
  • 7:00 PM Central
  • 6:00 PM Mountain
  • 5:00 PM Pacific
  • 2:00 PM Hawaii

Please join the Women and Justice Committee for a virtual presentation (via zoom) on Marie Therese.

She was the Great Collaborator, working hand-in-hand with both Chaminade and Adele to develop the three branches of the Marianist Family. She is our role model for living a Lay Vocation in the Marianist Family.

If you would like to participate, please RSVP by sending email to: ( A zoom link will be sent to your email closer to the date.
prayinghands 2

Let Us Pray...
A Prayer During World Disasters
At this time of wars and natural disasters all around the globe, our hearts break: Haiti's earthquake followed by a hurricane, the Afghan pullout, California wildfires, tropical storms in the Atlantic, Covid-19 hot-spots...and more.
Loving and gracious God,

All love and mercy compels us to the side of our global brothers and sisters.

In our charity and in our compassion, help us stand with them.
In our solidarity and in our sharing, help us stand with them.
In our advocacy and in our prayer, help us stand with them.

And as we turn to them in their peril, we ask your grace go with us:

To feed the hungry:
-give us your grace.

To give drink to the thirsty:
-give us your grace.

To clothe the naked:
-give us your grace.

To shelter the homeless:
-give us your grace.

To care for the sick:
-give us your grace.

To reach the trapped and the stranded:
-give us your grace.

To mourn the dead:
-give us your grace.

And in reaching out, may we find you in them.
And may they find you in us.

Now end with:

  • Our Father
  • A Decade of the Rosary
  • Marianist Doxology

- The Disaster Prayer was Adapted from a prayer of Catholic Relief Services following Typhoon Haiyan, November 2013

-The ending prayer format was suggested by Cyrille-Bebe and Marie-Rodigue of Cameroon

Calendar of the Marianist Family

  • Sept. 5: Mary, Queen of Apostles

  • Sept. 8: Birth of Mary

  • Sept. 12: Most Holy Name of Mary (Patronal Feast of SM)

  • Sept. 14: Venerable Marie Therese de Lamourous
"Remembering Marie Therese" Zoom Event, 8:00 PM EDT.

  • Sept. 15: Our Lady of Sorrows

  • Sept. 18: Memory of Blessed Carlos Erana, Fidel Fuidio & Jesus Hita, Martyrs

  • Sept. 24: Our Lady of Mercy

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