2016 September
Belaire eNewsletter
Above photo is the Men's Bathroom at our new Fitchburg offices

Two short months ago we were enjoying our vacations, going to the beach, having family BBQ's, and working on our tans. It happens every year when we say it in September, "The Summer went by so fast this year".

This week I have already been stopped in traffic by local school buses loading up sleepy-eyed students in disbelief that they are on their way back to school. As much as I hate to admit it myself, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. There is no more denying that patches of color are starting to appear along the highways and it will not be long before the Fall and Winter Season is upon us all.

Over the next few weeks we will schedule time on our calendar to get into all of our basements and crawl spaces to make sure everything is all buttoned up for another winter season. Best to get this done now before we have to do it surrounded in snow with frozen fingers and bursting water pipes.

One good tip is to go into the basement during the day with the lights for the basement turned off. We are looking for daylight cracks or holes that let in light. We will be checking around dryer vents, oil heating and gas lines, bulkheads in your basement area. If we see daylight now, then this winter our heating dollars will be pouring out these openings where cold air is coming into your building. The plan is to plug those up nice and secure now.

The last thing we want is a lot of unhappy residents, and landlords, if we get frozen pipes. September is also the beginning of heating season too. Temperature requirement regulations requires temperatures of at least 64 degrees at night and 68 degrees during the day from September 15 to June 15. Temperatures should not exceed 78 degrees.

In this issue we will be supplying you with all sorts of Massachusetts Heating Resources for fuel assistance, and other state wide programs to save you money too.

But for now, enjoy those last few days of warm sunlight upon your face, and get out there and enjoy the remainder of the summer season while it still lingers on.

Belaire Property Management Awards $2,175.00 Through Our
All Star Program

2016 Resident-Of-The-Month Winners To Date:

Betty & Richard
Yvonne Jaillet
Matthew & Amy Gardner
Jennifer & Jeff
Scott & Lisa
Kimberly & Joshua
Renee & Alexisis
Elizabeth Kazinskas
September: Peter & Kimberly Fitchburg

Since 2009 when we started the Resident-of-the-Month appreciation program as part of our All Star Resident Program we have awarded
$2,175.00 dollars in benefits to our Belaire Residents. Congratulations to the above winners  for being our  2016 Residents-Of-The-Month !

Resident-Of-The-Month raffles are another added benefit of being Belaire Property Management residents. Prizes are awarded to residents who qualify to enter by paying their rents when due on, or before the first of the month. 

The prize is either a pizza party for the whole family, a  $25 dollar gift card  of the family's choice, or they may take the gift as a $25 dollar deduction from the next month's rent. Be sure to check out the Resident Programs Page on our web site to see our past winners.


"Welcome Home" to our Belaire Property Rental Community
Belaire Property Management would like to  "Welcome Home" the following residents to their new apartments:
  • Luis Gonzalez & Family

We understand and realize at Belaire Property Management, that as a family, you have several options for choosing safe, reliable housing. We truly do appreciate you choosing our rental units to call home and will work hard to make sure your time with us is"A Beautiful Uplifting Experience" for you and your family. 

We Truly Appreciate Having You With Us

We also want to remind you of some of the resident programs on the  Belaire Property Management Web Site. Last year we rolled out our  $100.00 Referral Program  ONLY for our Belaire Property Residents. We also introduced two new programs to reward our residents. We now have our  "All-Star Resident Program" and our  "VIP Resident Program". Please keep on reading our web site to find out more about these new releases and how they work to benefit you. You can also follow us on our Belaire Property Management Facebook Page for more up to date notices, available rentals, and other program releases. 

We also have  new units coming into inventory soon and want to  make sure our residents are getting paid $100.00 for each for referral for our  available rental units! If you have any friends, co-workers, or family members that you want to have as your neighbor, we  WILL PAY YOU to help them out by finding them a new apartment to call home. 

And as always, Thank you again   for being our valued Belaire Property Management All-Star Resident

Simply put, Belaire Property Management always has
THE BEST residents, and YOU are one of them!

Belaire Property Management is
Expanding Our Base of Operations

New Men's Room in Fitchburg Office

For the past 16 years, Belaire Property Management has been in the Gardner, MA rental market and has been expanding our marketing footprint. 


For the past four years we have been operating in the Fitchburg and Leominster MA areas and have been on a steady climb working with more and more landlords to acquire more rental properties. Our goal is to provide rental apartments operating at the same high standards we hold for all of our rental properties.


It has been challenging, and yet rewarding at the same time. Most recently, we have acquired 26 rental units that are new to our inventory in Fitchburg MA. We have already placed 15 into our active inventory and are finishing the stabilization of those properties. The other 11 rental units are scheduled to hit active inventory on October 1st, 2016. Right behind all of those, we are expanding to another 8 rental units coming into our active inventory by November 1st located in Ayer, MA.


Most of you know that our base of operations has been very strong in Gardner. For the most part, we were running operations out of our company rucks and a home based office for our regional branch in New England. But that is all about to change over the next few weeks.


For the past year we have been studying the rental market and looking for a office to establish a presence in the heart of the communities we serve. We had looked at several locations in Gardner but the places we liked, the rent was incredibly high and the conditions of the commercial rental space did not meet our standards of quality that many of your experience in your rental apartments. There was a bit of disconnect from what we provide as rentals, and where we would be renting our office spaces.


New Ladies' Bathroom at the Fitchburg Office

Ultimately, the search for office space brought us to 1 Lunenburg Street in Fitchburg MA on the tri-corner intersection of Summer Street, Lunenburg Street, and Main Street Fitchburg in the historic Moran Square Building. We negotiated a lease agreement and have been working several late night second shifts to get the offices renovated and open.

We are not finished yet, but we are close. We have quite a few finishing touches to complete, then move in the furniture, and finish the window graphic signage on the huge glass windows. We are very excited to finally have an office branch where we may meet with new residents, sign leases in comfortable furniture, and meet with future landlords to expand our business.

We are not open yet, but the days are coming soon when we will announce our grand opening at our Fitchburg location. Of course, we want it to be perfect, with the same care and attention to detail we put into all of our renovations. So it may take a little while longer to furnish and stage, but it will be well worth the wait. We are very excited and cannot wait to "invite" you to our Fitchburg branch.


Stay tuned to our Facebook page and web site for updates and news.


New Kitchen area in Fitchburg Office

Heating Assistance for MA Residents

Massachusetts provides heating assistance for renters during the winter season. It is a great idea to share this information with our valued residents before they need it. This way, they can be proactive to sign up for fuel assistance programs and the other available services. It will also show them that we are a landlord that cares and are on the ball for trying to save them money and keep them warm in your building this winter.
One kind gesture now can carry a lot of weight when they are thinking about renewing their rental agreement with you or giving us a referral for an empty unit. Keep open communications with your renters to give them information they need to succeed, not just show up when the rent is due.

They notice that too.
Here is the list from the  Massachusetts Court System web page about heat:
  •  Attorney General's Guide to Heating Assistance , Jan. 2007
    Pamphlet briefly describes when utilities may not shut off service, what to consider when signing a contract, and sources for assistance
  • Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program, Citizens Energy
    Site provides a brief introduction to the program "The Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program allows people in need to purchase low-cost home heating oil. If you need help, please call our toll-free hotline at 1-877-JOE-4-OIL (1-877-563-4645) or contact your local fuel assistance agency."
  • Cold Relief Information, Mass. Dept. of Housing and Community Development
    Includes fuel assistance income eligibility chart, energy saving tips, and information about programs
  • Good Neighbor Energy Fund, Salvation Army
    "The Good Neighbor Energy Fund helps qualified residents in Massachusetts pay electric, gas, and oil bills when, due to temporary financial difficulty, they can't meet their energy expenses and they aren't eligible for state or federal assistance." Site includes both how to contribute and how to get assistance.
  • Home Heating Consumer Assistance, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
    Site includes help with your utility bill, fuel assistance information and winter heating tips
  •  Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Mass. Dept. of Housing and Community Development
    "Known commonly as Fuel Assistance, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides eligible households with help in paying a portion of winter heating bills." Site includes everything you need to know about fuel assistance, including forms, eligibility guidelines and procedures.
  • Utilities Advocacy for Low-Income Households, National Consumer Law Center, 2013  Online version of the 136-page book, covers obtaining service, restoring service, receiving financial aid, forms, and appendices of regulations and procedures

Getting Your Dream Apartment:
Know Your Numbers Before You Call

We're going to walk you through some simple steps that are really just common sense when you call a landlord about an apartment. These are the types of things landlords really expect to be part of the conversation. They're going to have certain questions that they are going to ask you. Then by being prepared, and having the answers that they need, you will absolutely improve your chances of getting that dream apartment.

Know Your Numbers When You Call

am always surprised at how  many times when someone  calls me about an apartment  I have for rent, that they have no  idea how much their monthly  income is. It is vitally important  for a landlord as the decisionmaker
to be able to know that  information as quickly as possible.

Being prepared with the answer for "how much  money do you make a month", shows the landlord  that you have done your homework, you know  how much you probably can afford. You can also  help the landlord analyze easily whether or not  you will qualify for the apartment.

Let me walk you through a brief example on how to  figure out this information that the landlord needs.

First, know how much you earn per hour. Then  take that number, and multiply it times the number  of hours you usually work per week. This will  give you your weekly amount of income.
Then, take that number for your weekly income,  and multiply that times 52. If you get paid biweekly,  then take your bi-weekly income and  multiply that times 26.
Either one of these two methods in will give you  your annual gross income for the year. Now take  whatever the annual gross income is, and divide  that number by 12.
This will now give you your gross monthly income.  This is the number that the landlord is looking  for. So when you call, and you have your gross  monthly income information at the tip of your fingers,  you have shown the landlord that you respect  his time, you probably know what you can afford,  and you have been respectful enough to do your  homework before calling.
This will also show the landlord what type of resident  you may be should they decide to rent to  you. Having this information before you call the  landlord, can only help you and put you in a better  position to get that apartment.

Here is an example on how to determine your  monthly gross income:

You earn = $15.00/hour
You work = 40 hours/week
Your weekly pay = $15 x 40 = $600/week

Multiply your weekly income times 52
(52 weeks in a year)

$600 x 52 = $31,200
$31,200 is your annual gross income.

Divide your annual gross income by 12
(12 months in a year)

$31,200 / 12 = $2,600
$2,600 is your monthly gross income.

Sometimes, when I speak to people on the telephone.  They are not sure which is the gross pay,  and which is the net pay from their paycheck. I  have a simple illustration to help explain this. 

Picture that you are fishing on lake. You take your  fishing net and scoop it into the water to catch the  fish. When the fish, and the water, and everything  else is in the lake is under water; that is "gross".

When you pick up the fishnet out of the water and  all you have left is the fish; that is the "net". So,  "gross" is the entire amount of your paycheck before  the taxes and other deductions come out of it.  Your "net" pay is what is left that goes into your  bank account after the deductions and taxes have  been paid.

Some landlords may do their calculations on your  gross pay. Some landlords may wish to do the  calculations off of your net pay. At least, by using  this example to figure out your numbers first, you  will know either your gross pay, or your net pay,  depending on what the landlord asks for.

Determining Your Utility Budget

Here is another good tip for figuring out your utility expense when creating a budget for your new dream apartment. Find out from the landlord what type of heating utilities are being used in the apartment.
An example may be, the apartment is heated with  oil, or maybe the apartment is heated by natural  gas. You want to find out from the landlord which  utility provides the heating for the apartment.  Then, you can call the utility company and request  the last 2 or 3 years of meter usage for that specific  apartment at that address.
This will help you to figure out an average of how  much to budget for utilities for that specific apartment.  This is a very good tip for anyone looking  for an apartment. You can repeat the same process  if you will be paying the electric bill as well.
Just ask the landlord who pays the electric utility  (renter or landlord) then call that utility company  and ask again about the meter usage for that specific  apartment for the last 2 or 3 years.
Another great tip when planning your utility budget  is to see if the specific utility offers some type of  payment schedule plan for winter heating months.  By doing this you will be able to know how much  you will actually be spending every month during  the heating season.
This way, you can get on a payment schedule plan  and then when spring rolls around start working  on paying down the remaining balance. This is a  great idea for natural gas customers. You can also  look into some oil companies that may work with  you to do payment schedules as well.

Belaire Property Management 
All-Star Resident Benefits

Again , we wan t to thank 
 being our valued All-Star Resident and are looking forward to making your rental apartment community feel like home.
As an All-Star Resident  on the anniversary of your rental agreement you will receive added benefits and additional bonuses for renewing your tenancy on your anniversary date.

Any One of the Anniversary Gifts an ALL-STAR RESIDENT may receive are:
  • A professional cleaning service visit for one day
  • A professional carpet cleaning service
  • A new paint color in the room of your choice
  • An upgrade to lighting fixtures in your rental
  • New flooring in a room of your choice
  • Some other one item or upgrade of your choice
And it gets even better the longer you stay with us.  Belaire Property Management All-Star Residents who have been with us for three years are automatically upgraded on their fourth anniversary to VIP RESIDENT status on their rental anniversary.

Belaire Property Management:
Testimonials Web Page

Read What Our Residents And Our Colleagues  Have To Say About Us.
We have been in the property management business for our clients and Landlords for 16 years in Northern Worcester County and have established a well-respected track record along the way from our colleagues, landlords and residents. Visit our brand new "Testimonials web page to read just a few of the comments we would like to share. 

We also would love to hear from you too. If you have an experience from living in our rental communities, or would like to acknowledge one of our employees, please drop us a line. We will post your testimonial on our web page with your permission.
We are also working on another type of reward system for residents who give us testimonials. We are not sure yet if it will be a raffle, or some other type of contest - but we are open to your thoughts and comments. Just tell us what you think.
One of our recent landlords wrote:

"You have a lifetime of knowledge Brian! Good of you to give back to the community of investors as well as providing really nice housing and proper management for your residents."
Black Diamond REI Member,
Tom Connors - Landlord


Did you know that you can reach us through our web site too? On the "Contact Us" page on our web site you can send referrals to us, make maintenance repair requests, or just  send us an email to tell us how we are doing. We would love to hear from you about what we are doing right, and what we could be doing better.

Belaire Property Management
Residential Referral Program

Pay yourself to pick your neighbors by helping your friends, family, and co-workers and receive $100.00 DOLLARS for EACH qualified referral. 

For years we have been offering a $50.00 resident referral program to help our residents earn extra cash by referring people they know, who qualify, move in, and pay rent on time. This has been a great program because not only do our residents get the opportunity to earn some cash and help out their friends, family, relatives or co-workers; but they also get to pick their neighbors and help us to build a better rental community. 

Well, it just got even better. 
We are increasing the amount of reward exclusively for Belaire Property Management Residents to $100.00. Non Belaire Property Management Residents are still eligible for our current $50.00 referral bonus. If one of our residents buys a house and moves out we will extend the $100.00 bonus program for a 1-year period after the move out date. After that time, they will still qualify for the $50.00 bonus as a non-resident. 

So how does all of this work? 
In our monthly newsletter, or from our web site at, residents can see a list of available apartments that we need to get rented. For each unit a resident fills they will be awarded $100.00. To qualify for the referral fee, the applicant must write down into their rental application who it was that referred them, or our resident can contact us directly with the lead. We will show the applicant all available units. If they are interested, they fill out the application. We will screen all applicants to pre-qualify them. If they are awarded the apartment, we will notify the resident that referred them. 

When do I collect the $100.00 bonus? 
The $100.00 will be awarded in two payments on the 2nd month and on the 6th month period of the new resident renting from us. For the first two months of occupancy the new resident must pay the rent on time for the bonus to qualify. If the rents are ever late within the first 6 months the referral bonus is disqualified. 

On the second month if the new resident pays their rent on time, the referrer gets the first half of the award, $50.00. For the next four months of occupancy the new resident must pay the rent on time for the referrer to qualify. On the sixth month if the new resident pays their rent on time, the referrer gets the second half of the award, $50.00. 

So, if you like the way we are managing your rental community, and you know people looking for apartments, why not get paid for it? You can earn $100.00 for each unit filled!

Not only does this reward our tenants for helping us fill our vacancies, but it also ensures that the people moving into the building already get along with the other residents and in essence, the existing tenants get to  "pick their neighbors"

Belaire Property Blog and YouTube Channel

You know that Belaire Property Management produces some of the finest rentals in the communities we serve, but did you know we have been growing our online media presence too?

At Belaire Property Management we have been busy at work over the past year not only doing renovations for our landlords and property owners in our rental unit inventory, but we have been burning the candle at both ends to bring you even more.

Belaire Property Management:
Top Ten Tips To Get
Your Dream Apartment

In the beginning of 2016 we launched our first Belaire Property Blog post and we have been providing both Landlords and Residents with valuable content to assist them from both sides of the equation. For landlords we have been writing articles on Property Management and the ins and outs of what to look for when picking a manager to oversee your real estate investment. For renters we have been writing article to assist them in negotiating with Landlords for the best units on the market.

For years now, we have run back and forth between applicants and owners so we have seen both sides of the story. Landlords want a reliable resident who will pay rent on time, care for the property, and respect the other residents. Residents want clean buildings with solid maintenance programs and worry-free living for the rent money they pay.

We have the unique perspective from seeing the interests up close of both parties. We are diligently writing stories, posts and articles to help close the gap in between so both landlords and residents are getting the best possible situation in our rental communities.

Yes, it is a lot of work to do all of the maintenance, renovations, screenings, and day-to-day management of our rental portfolio - and then turn around and write stories to help educate both groups. But it is worth it! Landlords end up getting the best residents, and we are able to train our clients to be the best landlords too. For residents, we are able to provide great living spaces and the flexibility of options most renters are looking for in their new homes.

Did you know that we have been creating videos on our own Belaire Property YouTube Channel?

This is just one more piece in the puzzle to provide a more complete picture of what are landlords have to offer, and we are delivering it to our residents in a convenient format to "test-drive" the unit before even picking up the phone or getting out of their chair. We took it one step further to be able to provide videos that now work on most mobile devices so you can watch on the go to see our available units.

So take a browse by our Belaire Property Blog page to find tips and suggestions to find the best possible landlords , managers, and rentals units, then stop by Belaire Property YouTube Channel to enjoy some of our finest work set to video and contemporary music. Who knows, you may even pocket $100 dollars if you help find a home for someone you care about from what you see, watch and learn.

This is a win-win-win for all!

Our Smoke-Free Housing Policy 
is now in full affect in all of our
rental communities

As of December 2012 all of our new lease agreements have had in full affect our addendum and written policy for smoke-free buildings. We will continue to roll out this program with further notices and announcements to educate and instruct all residents of these policies and how they will go into affect over a 12 month period. At which time, all Belaire Property Management residential and commercial rental units will be smoke-free environments.

The decision has been made by the property owners and the management for all property being managed by Belaire Property Management to become smoke free, including all apartments, residential and commercial spaces.


There are several important reasons for the rule change. Most importantly, smoking in common areas exposes our nonsmoking residents to secondhand smoke, thereby increasing their risk the of numerous, well documented adverse health effects caused by exposure. Additionally, some of our common areas are potentially covered by the statewide smoking law (M.G. L. c. 270, sec. 6) and thus, are required to be smoke free.

Furthermore, there is no smoking on the property within 20 feet of any open doors, windows, entry ways, or common areas.


The only way to prevent smoke from seeping into common areas and the apartments of nonsmokers is to prohibit smoking entirely in and around the building.


The adverse health effects of secondhand smoke are well documented. A smoke free property will help protect the health of residents and their families. To the residents who smoke, you are welcome to continue living in the building, as long as you refrain from smoking while on the property.


The rule change will occur when leases are renewed. As new residents move in and current residents renew their leases, the no smoking rule will become effective for their apartments.


This means that during the next year, some residents might not be prohibited from smoking inside their apartments, not until their leases are renewed. I ask for your cooperation as I phase in the new rule. (Please note that I reserve the right to prohibit smoking immediately.)


In addition, effective immediately, smoking is prohibited in all common areas of the building, including but not limited to, hallways, stairways, foyers, common rooms and facilities, fire escapes, decks, patios, exterior landings, front steps, entrance ways, basements, storage areas and other building facilities. Smoking means the inhaling, exhaling, breathing, carrying, or possession of any lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, other product containing any amount of tobacco, or other similar lighted product.


Please inform your guests that smoking is prohibited. You will be held responsible, if your guest violates the no smoking rule.


I sincerely hope that all residents, even those who smoke, will continue to enjoy living in the building. I embrace this small change as an opportunity to ensure that the building is a healthier and cleaner place for all residents and guests.


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PSALMS 33:20-22 NIV 

We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.

Do-It-Yourself Tips on Damage-Free DIY Projects That Are Perfect For Renters

So you've moved into an apartment. Your landlord hands you a list of rules, and on it are the dreaded words, "No painting, wallpaper, or excessive hanging." What's a girl to do? Well, thanks to a host of creative bloggers, we've got more rental-friendly decor ideas than you'll know what to do with! From storage solutions to gallery walls, these  DIY  projects will make your apartment feel like home,without  losing your security deposit.

1. Use caging to create more hangable wall space.
If you're dead set on a framed gallery wall, try utilizing metal caging to minimize the number of holes hammered into your wall. You'll need to secure the caging itself with screws, but it requires far fewer than multiple different picture frames! Then you can simply hang your pictures and framed art from the caging instead of the wall itself.

2. Make a flower wall.
Using wall-friendly washi tape, try this simple flower wall DIY - you can use real or silk flowers for your desired effect.

3. Don't hang a towel rack - lean a decorative hanger.
If you don't want to drill holes into your apartment's walls, try hanging towels and linens from a chic DIY towel rack instead. No damage necessary!

4. Show off photos with a nail-free gallery.
If you've got a lot of pictures to show off but don't want to hang multiple frames, try creating a photo display that can lean against your wall.

5. Only make one hole for all of your photos.
This boho-inspired branch picture hanger only requires a single nail for support, but allows you to show off many photos. By minimizing damage this way, you can feel good when you move out of your rental!

6. Cover walls with a curtain.
To cover unsightly walls or change up the color of your apartment, try hanging curtains behind your furniture. It makes a dramatic change!

7. Use Post-its to create brightly colored art.
If you like to decorate for the seasons or get bored of designs quickly, try making wall art with Post-it notes! Their safe adhesive doesn't damage paint, so you can change up your colorful art anytime without fear of permanent marks.

8. Create interesting texture with vinyl decals.
An artistic hole punch and bits of tape-backed vinyl are all you need to create fun decals for your walls. Try a few or a bunch - they'll come off when moving day comes!

9. Hang a full gallery wall with colorful washi tape.
If you're comfortable displaying photos and art prints without frames, try arranging a washi tape gallery wall. This printed, colorful tape won't harm your walls and creates a beautiful effect when paired with creative prints.

10. Get the wallpaper look without the wallpaper permanence.
Removable decals (like these, from Wallstar Graphics) allow renters to decorate walls as they please without risking permanent damage. You can essentially create printed wallpaper without harmful adhesive!

11. Show off your collections without shelves.
If you've got a collection that usually requires shelves to display, try mixing things up. Skip the floating shelves (which require quite a few permanent fixtures to hang securely) and organize these clutter-free art displays for stones, ticket stubs, stamps, or any other collection that you're interested in showing off.


Beaches, wooded parks, parkways, and reservoirs - All of these places make up the Massachusetts State Parks.
You can find a place to go in all regions of the Commonwealth from Pittsfield to Boston and Gloucester to Provincetown. Each one offers activities and amenities. 
Enjoy all that Massachusetts has to offer in its numerous State Parks.

There are facilities for swimming, camping, hiking, walking and bike riding at DCR's Parks - but they also offer fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, sailing, wind surfing, rock climbing, skiing, golfing, and other recreational activities. 
There are opportunities for picnics, outdoor performances, areas to rent for company or family gatherings, historic sites, skating rinks, playgrounds, athletic fields, interpretive programs and much more.
Explore DCR's Parks!




Visit our web site online anytime to see the most recent rehabs, renovations, and available rentals units. 

You can also get paid $100.00 for each qualified referral you send our way who passes our tenant screening process.

Not only will you get paid for helping us, but you will be able to pick who your neighbors will be!

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