Update: The crews will be working on the permanent reconfiguration of the Belinder Island in the next two weeks (weather permitting). Access around the island may be limited during construction. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences.
The Fairway City Council approved this project at the January 10th City Council Meeting.
As many residents know, the City of Fairway has taken action in recent years to improve traffic related issues on Belinder Road. Five speed humps were permanently installed in the fall of 2020 after the placement of temporary speed humps proved to have the desired affect of lowering the speed of vehicular traffic. In addition, the City temporarily reconfigured traffic at the Belinder Island located on the south end of Belinder near the border of Fairway and Mission Hills. This reconfiguration proved to have the most dramatic impact in reducing vehicular speed on Belinder. At the same time Fairway implemented these measures, Mission Hills began having discussions about the future of the Belinder Low Water Crossing (LWC). Fairway decided it would not spend any money on the reconfiguration of the island until Mission Hills determined how it would move forward regarding the crossing. To date, Mission Hills has not informed the City of Fairway of any decisions or definitive timeline regarding the LWC. However, a donor approached the City about fully funding a project to make the temporary island reconfigurations permanent.

The project will replace the white vertical deflectors with a concrete curb, soften the curve for vehicular traffic traveling north on Belinder who wish to turn right to continue traveling on Belinder and install soil and grass seed on the portion of road that has not been accessible since the reconfiguration took place. A small swale (of the existing road) will be kept in place allowing stormwater to flow.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this message!