Glow Up with RF Microneedling Magic
Experience the magic of RF Microneedling – Bella’s new favorite treatment

Microneedling uses fine needles to create micro channels, in the skin which triggers the production of elastin and collagen. If the procedure also uses radio frequency waves, it’s called Radio Frequency Microneedling. The needles release radio frequency into the channels causing additional stimulation which enhances the effects of standard Microneedling. Read more here!
Golden Hour Peel

Alethea’s latest lab creation to provide a luminous glow with no peeling or down time. This multi-faceted peel targets texture and coloration for a lasting glow. Come experience our newest peel treatment at Bella!

The golden hour peel gives you a glow that lasts. Think sultry summer evenings, golden sun kissed cheeks and a juicy complexion.


Exclusively available at Bella Medspa
Revision DEJ Face Cream
Revision DEJ Face Cream is a clinically-proven, comprehensive moisturizer inspired by the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) which helps renew the appearance of aging skin. This product helps to improve the overall appearance of the face by addressing the visible signs of aging with results seen as early as 4 weeks (varies by patient).

Grab one the next time you are in!

"I am loving my results from the RF Microneedling treatment! My favorite part about the treatment was seeing how much tighter and brighter my skin looked after one treatment! My skin has never looked so good!”