May 19, 2023 | ISSUE #163

Love. Share. Grow. Serve.

Bellefield Family,

Almost ten years ago, when our family first started coming to Bellefield, I signed up to volunteer with the Vacation Bible School team, at that time led by Mrs. Karen Shumaker. She had all of us come to a meeting where she went over policies and duties and handed out teal t-shirts. I felt a little at sea since I didn’t really know anyone. During VBS, during the skits and the snacks, the Bible memory verses and the songs, I slowly became more familiar with some of the other helpers and learned the names of all the kids. I had a great time even though wasn’t easy for me to jump into volunteering with people I didn’t know well. The schedule was a little tough and by the end of the weeklong extravaganza I was tired. But one thing I loved about being involved with VBS is the same thing I love about it to this day: it is the one thing I can point to at the church where all ages are working together towards a common goal. There might be one or two other things we do in church that involve everyone in the same way as VBS, but for me there is no better example of intergenerational fellowship, evangelism, and discipleship.


You are invited to get involved this year and see for yourself what it is like to spend four evenings out at the Vietnam Veterans Pavilion in Schenley Park, learning songs and watching kids listen to Bible stories, do arts and crafts, play games, and beg to run over to the swing set when they have free time. You might have a great conversation over a kid-friendly meal at a picnic table under the pavilion. You might hear the stories of Paul from Acts in a fresh way as you notice what the kids find interesting or funny. You might connect with other adults who don’t live near you or don’t go to the same small group that you do. You might come away from the experience with new ideas about what and who to pray for in our community. You might take the opportunity to invite some kids you know to participate, just because they might be happier to attend if you are there.


I hope you try it out. We need good people like you to help in all sorts of ways. If you like playing games or doing crafts, we need people to help with those things. If you prefer something behind the scenes and can help prepare and clean up the food we eat each evening, we need people to help with that. If you want to shepherd a group of kids from station to station, holding hands, being a peacemaker, keeping track of where to go next, and being a great role model, we need people to do that, too. If you decide to volunteer, or you want to register your children, you can sign up here: I hope you do—I look forward to seeing you there.

If you are moved to help with VBS but being there physically is not possible for you, please pray for us. Please pray that the children who need to hear about Jesus and learn about Paul will be there, and that the rest of us remember why we do what we do: to share the gospel with children, and to make it stick. Vacation Bible School this year goes from Monday, June 19 through Thursday, June 22. Participants arrive at 6:00 and stay until 8:30pm. Volunteers arrive between 5:00 and 5:30 and stay until all the children are picked up. Please register today and join us for this great week!

Yours in Christ,

Tanya Carter

Director of Children & Youth

Adult Sunday Class

We'll be wrapping up our two-week series on Christianity and the arts with a panel discussion looking at different pieces of art that have shaped the faith of some practitioners in the congregation, along with some Q&A. This is also the last week of Sunday school before our summer schedule, so join us as we celebrate the beauty God has given us. 

Looking Ahead

Saturday, May 20th

  • Young Families Small Group @ 9:30am, email Greg for details
  • Women's Small Group @ 10:30am, Conference Room

Sunday, May 21st

Monday, May 22nd

  • Youth Group, email Matthew for details

Wednesday, May 24th

  • Wednesday Hangouts, email Matthew for details

Thursday, May 25th

  • Young Adult Small Group @ 7pm, room B6

Saturday, May 27th

  • Young Families Small Group @ 9:30am, email Greg for details
  • Church closed for private function

Sunday, May 28th - NEW WORSHIP TIMES

To watch our worship service online after Sunday morning, head over to our YouTube page, click Videos and then Past Live Videos. On Tuesdays you can find the recorded live stream on the front page of our YouTube channel.


Summer Worship Schedule Change

Starting May 28th

Next Sunday, May 28th, we will be adjusting down to two Sunday worship services for the summer months instead of the usual three.

The summer worship services will be taking place each Sunday at 10 am and 5 pm.


Starting May 31st

Cornerstone University Ministry presents Summerstone! Starting Wednesday, May 31st at 6:30pm - 8:30 pm at Bellefield Church in room B5. Join other students who are around the city this summer for a summer bible study!

Vacation Bible School 2023

Register by June 5th

Paul's Race, God's Grace

Where: Schenley Park, Vietnam Veterans Pavilion

When: June 19 - 22, 6pm-8:30pm

Who: participants age 4-12, Volunteers age 13+

The registration deadline is June 5th. You can sign up here.

Community Care


If you are looking for ways to connect with our community, please reach out to us using this connect form. One of our staff or leaders would be happy to talk with you. 

Small Groups

If you would like to grow in your faith through joining a small group, there are a number of groups to choose from! Email Julie for more information.


Our Prayer Team will offer prayer after our morning service. Contact Greg if you need to talk or would like prayer during the week.


If you or your family have been experiencing spiritual, financial, or physical hardship during this time, please reach out to our Deacons who are here to help care for you.

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