October 7, 2021 | ISSUE #79
Love. Share. Grow. Serve.
Missions Highlight: PRISM
Pittsburgh Region International Student Ministries
The relationship between PRISM and Bellefield goes back decades! This ministry reaches out to "international students, visiting scholars and their families to grow in their walk with Christ and work strategically for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in America and in countries around the world."

There are a number of ways you can learn more and get involved! Check them out below:
PRISM Holiday Hosting
Trees are changing, the temperature is
dropping and the holidays are coming
and so is your opportunity to host a
student in your home for the holidays.
It is a fun and natural way to demonstrate your faith.

Contact: rachel@prismpgh.org
PRISM Smartmatching
Be a missionary in Pittsburgh. Get matched to an international student through PRISM'S new profile matching program and get connected with an international student as a Friendship Partner, Mentor or Bible learning Partner. Training provided.

Contact: david@prismpgh.org
This Week At Bellefield
Given the still significant number of COVID-19 cases in our region, our leadership is asking that everyone please wear a mask during indoor worship services and group gatherings in the church. More details are on our website.
Sunday, October 10th
  • Sunday Classes @ 9:15am
  • Adult Class, Politics & Religion @ 9:15am, Zoom/Conference Room
  • New Member's Class @ 9:15am, B4
  • Worship Onsite @ 10:30am, Sanctuary
  • Worship Online, Livestream @ 10:30am
  • Worship Onsite @ 5pm, Patio

Monday, October 11th
  • Women's Bible Study @ 9:30am, Conference Room

Wednesday, October 13th
  • PRISM International Women's Bible Study @ 10:00am, Conference Room
  • Women's Bible Study @ 7:30pm, Zoom
  • Cornerstone: Pitt University Ministry Gathering @ 8:40pm, Fellowship Hall

Thursday, October 14th

Sunday, October 17th
  • Sunday Classes @ 9:15am
  • New Member's Class @ 9:15am, B4
  • Worship Onsite @ 10:30am, Sanctuary
  • Worship Online, Livestream @ 10:30am
  • Worship Onsite @ 5pm, Patio

*To watch our worship service online after Sunday morning, head over to our YouTube page, click Videos and then Past Live Videos. On Monday mornings you can find the recorded live stream on the front page of our YouTube channel.
Prayer Team
This past year has brought challenges to all of us. Some of us have lost loved ones, connections to our communities, and a sense of normalcy. If you are in need of a space to pray with others, or a place to just be prayed over, our Prayer Team will be in the back of the sanctuary each week after the morning service.

If you would like counsel or prayer during the week, please reach out to Greg Burdette.
Sunday Security: Introducing Mr. Rasul Aquil
We'd like to introduce you to our Sunday Security office, Mr. Rasul Aquil. You may have seen Rasul onsite and in uniform on Sunday mornings this fall. He has extensive experience working with houses of worship, and will be a visible but unobtrusive presence outside each week. 

This is not in response to any particular concern. In March of 2020, we made and approved plans to begin having a professional security presence onsite for Sunday mornings, which is a recommended best practice for houses of worship in settings like ours. We didn't implement that due to the pandemic, though with larger crowds returning and the academic year beginning, we now followed through on that plan. If you have specific questions about this, please direct them to Katherine Cosentino (katherine@bellefield.org) or Paul Bookert (buildingmanager@bellefield.org). 
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