Bellesini Board member Dr. David McGrath, 6th grader Mariah, & Jaycob Morales, Class of 2007.
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Over the past fourteen years, Bellesini Academy has demonstrated the power of education to transform lives.  Our mission is made possible by your support.   

When you make a gift to Bellesini Academy, you are making a life-changing investment in the futures of  young men and women living in Lawrence.   
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Over the past fourteen years we have helped 140 Bellesini graduates overcome significant challenges and reach their full potential, and are in the process of doubling our enrollment to serve 120 boys and girls by the 2018-2019 school year:

-  Only 6% of low income students attend private high schools, but 100% of Bellesini students go on to attend private preparatory  schools;
-  While the graduation rate in Lawrence is just 67%, 100% of Bellesini alumni have gone on to complete high school; and
-  Just 21% of low-income students complete college, but 97% of post-secondary Bellesini alumni have gone on to attend college, technical school, or to a career in the military.

One of our 2007 graduates, Jaycob, went on to attend Central Catholic High School and then Wheaton College, where he played basketball and earned his degree in Economics this past May. 

Now, with his degree in hand, he's returned to Lawrence to work at the Lawrence  YMCA as the Director of Sports and Wellness.  Some may wonder why he would come back to Lawrence after college. 

"Growing up in an urban environment has its challenges," he explains.  "Once I enrolled at Bellesini, I had so many people in my life supporting me, caring for me, and believing in me, that it helped me overcome the challenges. When other people believe in you, you begin to believe in yourself. And that has a direct impact on your future success."

"Bellesini connected me to so many opportunities and provided so many great role models. Through my time at Bellesini I became connected to more people beyond the immediate school community who provided a network of support as I moved forward. I want to be a part of that network of support for other kids, which is why I came back to Lawrence when I finished college. I want to make a difference in someone else's life, to be the person who believes in someone else, to be the "hope" that helps push that person forward to achieve their potential. I'm a living example that hard work and commitment makes a difference, no matter what your circumstances."

It is remarkable to see our alumni coming back into our community, inspired by the example set by our staff here to make a difference in the lives of other Lawrence students.  We know that our students' success is the result of the outstanding scholarship education Bellesini provides to them twelve hours a day, eleven months a year - nearly twice the hours of public school students.  As a tuition-free private school we rely completely upon the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individual donors in order to raise the funds necessary to provide our students with more than 2,000 hours of instruction and enrichment each year.  

We hope you will consider a making a gift to this year's annual fund, knowing that your support today helps a young boy or girl make the first steps down a path that eventually leads to a private preparatory education and a college degree.  

Julie DiFilippo
Head of School

Jaycob's Story of Success:
From Bellesini 
to Central Catholic, to Wheaton College, and now back in Lawrence working at the YMCA as a young leader in our  community!

"When you have other people believing in you, you begin to believe in yourself.  And that has a direct impact on your future success."




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The cost to educate a child at Bellesini Academy is $11,000 per year, which provides 2000+ hours of annual instruction, including afternoon enrichment, athletics, and clubs, supervised evening study, and a four week summer program.


                          Academic Classes:                                  $7,000

                                 After-School Program:                            $1,500

                                 Evening Study Sessions:                            $500

                                 Summer Program:                                    $1,000

                                 Academic Supplies & Text Books:         $1,000

                                Total Cost Per Student:                 $11,000


By sponsoring a student, you make an investment in his future that starts him on a path toward earning a college degree.  Sponsorship may be at any level, from $500 for evening study sessions to $11,000 to cover the entire cost to educate a student.


Each sponsor receives regular communication from the student, allowing donors a unique opportunity to follow their sponsored student's progress, challenges, and achievements.

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