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Community Garden

Community Garden 

Looking for a variety of home grown herbs and vegetables but don't have the space, patience, or knowledge to grow them all? Join the Bellevue Community Garden to get access to all kinds of great produce.

The Community Garden is a place for Bellevue residents to share and gain knowledge on growing and gardening, and is open to anyone. The Garden has started up through sponsorship from the BNA and a grant from the Campbell County Extension Office. So far, quite a few vegetables, herbs, and a few fruits have been planted. 

The Garden has been named Blossom Alley and is in between Ward Avenue and Foote Avenue where the 300 and 400 blocks meet. The harvest will be shared and enjoyed among any that come to work at the garden. Work days are Wednesday nights at 7:00pm and flexible on the weekends. All ages and gardening experience welcome! Email Bridget Vogt at for more info. 

News & Events
BNA Website

Our Website has a New Look      

Special thanks to the BNA IT Committee for transforming our website with a fresh layout. Visit to learn about the services Bellevue Neighborhood Association provides, sign our guestbook, check out photos, and more. And don't forget to join our facebook page for updates and tips.

Yogi Bear Movie

Bellevue Movie Night     

Get comfortable at the Bellevue Beach Park and enjoy an outdoor movie on the big screen tonight (Friday, June 24th) from 9:30pm to 11pm. The family friendly movie will be Yogi Bear and admission is FREE. Info 

Tips & Tricks

Save Some Cash!

Doesn't everyone want to save a little more? Here are some tips to save some extra cash to spend on something fun like a summer vacation: 

1) Cut back on gas money by car pooling, walking, or riding a bike  

2) Pack lunch for work instead of buying out 

3) Turn the AC up a few degrees when you aren't home and replace the filters 

4) Hang dry your laundry 

5) Grow veggies at home or join a community garden 

6) Grill dinner instead of using the stove

7) Attend community events for entertainment   

Check out more helpful tips   

Other News

Shop Bellevue!  

Come down to the Avenue Friday, July 1st from 6pm to 10pm with "Celebrate Independents Day." Details  

Get Fired Up  

Sat, July 9th. An Ohio Valley Enamel Guild show and sale will take place on the Avenue from 10am to 2pm.  

Concert at the Beach  

Sat, July 9th from 7pm to 10pm. "Hot Wax" - a 50s/60s Vegas style show band will play and a fireworks show on the river to follow.

Special Thanks!

Thanks to all who volunteered to "Paint the Town." Nice job!

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We want to stretch our reach and share the newsletter. and make us social! 

Bellevue Moments

By the 1890s Bellevue was bustling. The City featured a hotel, an opera house, a gas company, 15 grocery stores, 2 undertakers, 4 bakeries, 6 boot makers, 6 doctors, a blacksmith, 2 livery stables, 7 saloons,
7 confectioneries,
3 millenaries, a wagon manufacturer, and several churches.