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Cardboard Boxes

Reduce, Reuse and Pack!

Moving soon? Think about the way you're packing and how changing a few things can help our environment by being sustainable. April Perkins, president of TheEcoDivas, shares a few tips.

First things first, let's talk about cardboard boxes. The Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment did a study on the environmental impact of packaging materials. The study found it takes 4,444 kilowatt hours of energy emitting 2,645 lbs of greenhouse gases in order to produce $1,000 worth of cardboard boxes. The U-Haul "free box" program is a great way of breaking this cardboard cycle. Reusing boxes reduces the need to produce more boxes. If you must buy boxes, then make sure to get the ones with recycled content.

Another way to transport household items would be to use all of the reusable shopping bags you've amassed over the years. Luggage is also great to transport clothes, shoes, hats and coats.

As for packing materials like peanuts, bubble wrap and Styrofoam, the alternative is to use tissue, newspaper, magazines, old towels and T-shirts. Try packing electronics using a pillow placed between components to protect them in shipping. Or use blankets, tablecloths and linens.

Just as in everything sustainable, it takes looking at how you do something in a different light and then doing it differently.

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Entrepreneur April Perkins publishes the wonderful weekly "Terra-zine". If you're ready to transform your life to be green and fabulous, get your FREE Eco-friendly tips now at

News & Events

Restoring your wood windows?

Before you consider replacement, take the time to attend this informative workshop this Saturday morning Sept 24th from 9am to Noon at the Callahan Center. Local window expert Terry Rasche will show you easy and simple ways to replace window ropes, improve weather stripping and other techniques to enhance those old growth historic wood windows in our homes.

Hunger never takes a holiday

Bellevue helps support three local food pantries, two here in Bellevue and one in Dayton. To help these assistance programs the city has set up a drop off bin at the city building to accept nonperishable foods and personal hygiene items. The next time you visit the city building, bring along an item or two for the support bin. All those in need send their thanks.

Tips & Tricks

Getting ready for colder weather

As fall sets in prepare your home for colder weather before it's too late. See below for some helpful tips to keep you ahead of the game.

Clear leaves, dirt and debris from gutters, downspouts, and roof.

Change filters. Clean air helps keep your family healthier as they stay inside longer.

Program your thermostat.

Turn on your furnace to make sure it's working properly.

Clean fireplaces/chimneys and test gas fireplaces.

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Other News

Shop Bellevue!  

Enjoy the fall weather on the Avenue Friday, Oct 7th from 6pm to 10pm for "Zombie Slide." Details  

Securing your home and neighborhood

During the BNA meeting on Sept 27th at 7pm police chief, Bill Cole, will give a short presentation on ways we can all help in making our neighborhoods and homes more secure and safe.

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Bellevue Moments

Bellevue keeps track of all vacant homes within the city, whether abandoned or for sale. If you know of a vacant home please notify the city by clicking here and help to keep our beautiful city safe!