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Wrapping Paper Due Date: Friday, 28 Sept
BEAR SPIRIT ASSEMBLY: Thursday, 04 Oct at 1:45 in the
Lunchroom (Wrapping Paper Fundraiser Celebration)
Principal's Corner


I would like to be the first one to welcome you all back to the 2018-2019 school year! I don't know about you but this summer seemed to fly by. I’m so excited to have you all here so we can get started on another INSPIRED and ENGAGED year of learning, challenge, growth, and FUN here at Bellevue Elementary School.

I'd like to give a great big shout out to our incredible custodial staff and their work over the summer. BES is the most well-maintained building in BCSD and we are truly blessed to have such a dedicated team. Because of their hard work, students and staff can concentrate on the most important job of all, learning!

Thank you to all of our community members for your advocacy and voice in regards to our changes in busing throughout BCSD. Bus schedules and routes are beginning to smooth out and students are getting into the new routines. I will be speaking with the Bellevue City Council on Monday, 24 Sept. to discuss safe routes for students throughout the town of Bellevue. We will be looking for creative ways to support our children as they move around town.

We’re already off to a great start! Let’s have an AMAZING year!

Mark Sauvageau
Principal, Bear, and Lifelong Learner
New Staff and Students

Meet Our Newest Bear Staff
We have some new Bears that have been added to our family this year. These newest team members come to us with incredible backgrounds and experience teaching students and will make an immediate impact on our school from day one.

Mrs. Dena Cohen-Copelan : Mrs. Cohen-Copelan comes to us from Salt Lake City, Utah where she taught primary education at an Expeditionary School working with primary aged students. She has been a lead curriculum teacher and brings an incredible amount of knowledge with her to help our youngest bears during their most formative year. Watching her instruct reading is a joy and the students are lucky to have her!

Mrs. Kelley Rushton: Mrs. Rushton is a third generation teacher at Bellevue Elementary School, both her grandmother and aunt taught at BES. She grew up in the beautiful Wood River Valley and even attended Bellevue Elementary. She has three children, Jake, who is in high school and Chase and Grace who are at the middle school. She received her undergraduate degree from The University of Utah and her masters degree from Grand Canyon University. She is very passionate about teaching and education. She is ecstatic to be part of the fantastic learning community as a Bellevue Bear!

Mrs. Laurie Karel: Mrs. Laurie Karel is coming to us from Cottonwood, Idaho. During her time in Cottonwood she did it all! She was the K-12 music teacher and high school Spanish teacher. She also had time to coach state champion elementary/middle school choir programs. Mrs. Karel has brought an amazing amount of experience and opportunity to our Bellevue family and we can't wait for her to share all her talents with us!

Mr. Smith: Mr. Smith is not new to the BES family. In the past Mr. Smith has been our Special Education Specialist in our Learning Center, a third grade teacher, and now as our new Instructional Technology teacher. He has a love for technology and mathematics and vision to revolutionize our aging computer lab. We are so excited to see what he does to bring our computer lab into the 21st century for students and staff!

Mrs. Stacy O'leary: After visiting family here for 10 years it was getting harder to leave the valley so, she decided to make this her home in July of 2016 from San Diego. She and her husband Mike and have two kids, Evan is 18 and a freshman at BSU and their daughter Brenann is 15 and is a sophomore at WRHS. She has a degree in Criminal Justice from San Diego State University and has always loved working with children. Prior to moving, she worked as a P.E. Assistant at an elementary school and was very active in the PTA. She loves to hike, go for bike rides on our fantastic bike path and swim. She is excited to become a part of this wonderful school and the Bellevue Bear family! 

Kimber Traue (pronounced True-uh) recently relocated here from the Cascade/McCall area and is thrilled to be sharing her love of art with students at Bellevue Elementary. In addition to a BS in Art Education, she has completed her MA in literacy at BSU and loves to explore the connections between visual arts and reading. Competitive figure skating was her favorite activity growing up in Michigan, so when she is not busy teaching you may find her at one of the beautiful ice rinks in nearby Hailey or Sun Valley. 

BES Happenings
We have a lot of exciting new things happening this year to support the whole child here at BES. Our staff will be conducting academic, social and emotional, and behavioral training and programs to support the needs of ALL our Bears to create kind, well rounded, and contributing members of our community.

This year our school is continuing its journey to provide a caring, positive, and safe environment for ALL of our Bears. We have a dedicated team made up of teachers, paraprofessionals, and students who will be working on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Systems (PBIS) that will support our new Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) here at school. This program is a nationally recognized program called Second Step. We will be using this program which will replace the Leader In Me program and will support our students social and emotional growth.

We will also continue our work with our BSU partners, Jonathan Brendefur and Sam Strother, to support student outcomes for students in mathematics. Teachers will be working with Sam and Jonathan throughout the year to support their methods and understanding of the new state Mathematical Thinking Initiative. Our big focus is helping students understand the "why" behind their math so it can be translated to more complex problem solving and discovery.

Our district and school based engagement team will also be working alongside educator and researcher, Dr. Russell Quaglia to continue to work on closing the achievement gap for ALL of our students. You will see the fruit of this work through out PBIS and SEL alignment throughout the year!

For the last two years our staff has been focused on improving reading instruction for our K-2 students. This year we will continue with these efforts and begin working on our 3-5 readers developing their metacongnitive comprehension skills.

As always, we invite you to be part of these initiatives throughout the year. The more you understand what and how we instruct your children, the more we can support each other's efforts at home! Just call and schedule a time to come in and visit or volunteer!

Bellevue Character Focus
Each month Bellevue Elementary students work to develop citizenship and leadership skills. Students are encouraged to look for opportunities to give back to others. This can be as simple as a smile shared in the hall to a school wide food drive to support those in need in our community.

This month, our school wide theme will be presenting our school as a WELCOMING place where every student feels like he or she belongs. In our morning announcements and school assembly, we’ll be reminding students to welcome others and act and speak in safe, respectful, and responsible ways. In addition we’ll be reminding students of our school rules.

We’ll also begin teaching the Second Step program, which includes lessons that support these behaviors.

Support your child at home in welcoming others and acting and speaking in safe, respectful, and responsible ways. Please tell your child’s teacher if you have questions about specific ways you can help your child with these behaviors at home.

Principal for the Day: Nova Cole

BCSD Information
Dr. Anthony Muhammad Presentation to BCSD Employees
The author of the acclaimed book, Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap, presented here Friday, 24 August to speak to BCSD. He brought with him his incredible experience, insight, and research to our BES staff on ways we can continually work on closing the achievement gap for our students.

Homeless Information:

The Blaine County School District understands that unexpected, adverse economic conditions may occur to any family at any time. This type of hardship may cause a change in a desired living condition and a loss of housing. It could mean that a family must move in with relatives, friends or other people until the economic hardship passes. It may mean the living conditions are no longer adequate in accommodations (lack of running water, electricity, or other utilities). The Blaine County School District wants to make sure these conditions do not negatively impact the education of your child. If you are experiencing economic hardship that impacts your housing, please talk to your School Social Worker, to discuss education possibilities and assistance that may be available. We are here to support you.

Safe Schools Resolution:

The Safe Schools Resolution was passed by our BCSD Board of Trustees. This resolution was created in order for the District to take yet another step to ensure all students feel safe and valued. This resolution goes hand in hand with the Board’s previous work in passing the Gender Inclusion Policy and being emphatic that the Achievement Gap be addressed. If you would like to read this resolution in it's entirety you can view it on our district and building webpages as well as on our wall here at BES.
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