Volume 2 | July 2017
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Meetings and Conferences

Future Earth Meeting in Montreal           
Future Earth hosted a series of events in Montreal, Canada 18-23 March 2017, ranging from discussions about the circular economy to the key role of science and technology in shaping the future. The events coincided with the annual meetings of the Future Earth Science and Engagement Committees and Governing Council.  As Belmont Forum is a member of the Future Earth Governing council, both Forum co-chairs were in attendance.   

The World in 2050 in Laxenburg, Vienna

The Belmont Forum participated in the International Institute for Applied System Analysis (IIASA) annual meeting on The World in 2050 (TWI2050): Pathways toward sustainable future.

Inter-American Institute for Global Change Conference of Parties and Executive Council Meeting in Bogotá
The Belmont Forum celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change (IAI) in Bogotá, Colombia this past June and welcomed the new Executive Director of IAI, Marcos Regos da Silva.

European Geophysical Union
The Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures & Data Management (e-I&DM) initiative attended the European Geophysical Union meeting in Vienna, Austria. In addition to hosting a town hall, they organized a Data Skills Curricula Development Workshop to better understand how to support Belmont Forum awardees by building capacity for data skills.
Submit an abstract on Data Sharing for a session at AGU
The Belmont Forum e-I&DM initiative is co-organizing a session with DataONE and DataCite at the American Geophysical Union meeting entitled: Optimizing Data Sharing in Transdisciplinary Research: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due. Abstracts must be submitted by Wednesday, 2 August.  This year's AGU fall meeting will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana 11-15 December.
Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs) in Development
The Belmont Forum is currently scoping international opportunities for funding around five themes.  Key science-policy-society questions are being developed in each of the thematic areas and funding partners being sought to make compelling research opportunities for the international community.

Explore upcoming Belmont Forum opportunities
Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience (DR3)
Scientists, stakeholders, experts, Belmont Forum members, and funding agency partners met in Florence, Italy 5-7 June to discuss various topics related to natural disaster prediction, preparedness, and vulnerability and how we might advance inter- and transdisciplinary research in this area.  The scoping workshop was hosted by CNR (Italy) and MOST (Chinese Taipei). 
Arctic II

Scientists shared their successes from ongoing Arctic Sustainability CRA projects as well as new priorities for Arctic science from the 3rd International Conference on Arctic Research Planning and the 9th International Congress of Arctic Social Science.  Funders are working to incorporate this input with lessons learned from the first Arctic CRA and the discussion during the Arctic Science Summit Week in Prague to form themes for a second Arctic call.

Transdisciplinary Research for Ocean Sustainability
Just days before the SDG-14 meeting on Oceans, a scoping workshop was held on key science, society, and policy needs for Ocean Sustainability.  The workshop, hosted by the European Commission and coordination by the Swedish Research Council FORMAS, brought together a diverse discussion group on May 30-31 in Brussels.  This call is a co-branded theme with Future Earth, who first proposed this at the 2016 Belmont Forum Plenary.

Biodiversity Scenarios II
Funding agencies met in Paris 26-27 June to plan the Belmont Forum's second CRA on Biodiversity as a joint call with biodivERsA.  The call will open later in 2017.
Science for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Following The World in 2050 annual meeting in Laxenburg, NSF (USA) and IIASA hosted a workshop to explore the possibility of a CRA addressing the UN's Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).
We've been busy!  Belmont Forum also participated in the JPI Water's IC4Water meeting, Future Earth Transformations webinar, Heads of International Research (HIRO) closed session, STI Forum in New York, and e-I&DM Publishers meeting in London, to name a few.
Upcoming Belmont Forum Regional Info Days
Americas  Info Day
6 November 2017
São Paulo, Brazil

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Asia-Pacific Info Day
27-28 October 2017
Taipei, Chinese Taipei

Mark your calendars!
Also in the works: Belmont Forum Round Table: Canberra, Australia; Africa Info Day: Nairobi, Kenya; Future Earth Transformations in Practice Meeting: Dundee, Scotland; Belmont Forum Plenary in São Paulo, Brazil; Fall AGU: New Orleans, LA, USA; GEO Plenary Meeting: Washington, DC, USA; Transdisciplinary Annual Science Meeting 22-24 June 2018: Cape Town, South Africa and much more.
Are you drinking the Transdisciplinary smoothie?
Disciplinary vs. inter-disciplinary vs. multi-disciplinary vs. transdisciplinary, represented by fruit. Diagram credit: Emily Nastase

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Talking Transdisciplinary Research in Paris
Belmont Forum Secretariat Deputy Director Mao Takeuchi and Executive Director Erica Key participated in a transdisciplinary curriculum development workshop, sponsored by ICSU and ISSC. Representatives from Belmont Forum member and partner organizations, IAI, START, and Future Earth were also in attendance to co-develop training modules to increase familiarity and practice of transdisciplinary science.
Photo credit: Bill Dennison
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