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Fall 2016 News
Get ready for cooler weather
Time to Reboot
Taking care of your skin following a summer of sun exposure!
How was your summer? Did you spend much time in the sun? Do you use sun protection?
After periods of indulgence with food or alcohol, we often complete cleanses to support our detoxification organs like our liver and bowels.
Skin is our largest organ and needs just as much support after any periods of indulging in the sun. How are you taking care of your skin? Let us help you repair your skin from sun damage and discoloration, and to reduce aging.
See Dr. Arla Kasaj ND RAc for cosmetic acupuncture consultations!
Please remember to supplement with Vitamin D3 this fall and winter :)

NAET -  Name Awkward, Effective Treatment!

...Actually it stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique..."Nambudri who's whatnow?" your friend or colleague may reply...and you've lost them..."how 'bout those Jays?"

Patients regularly mention to me that they wish they could explain to a friend or family member how I had helped them, with the hope that they too might investigate NAET for their own health concerns. Most often they concede that it is just too strange to bother trying to explain - understandable!

If you know of someone that you think might benefit from NEAT - or the other health services we offer -  but would rather not find yourself in a conversation like that above here are some options:
  1. Direct your friend to our website which includes an information video 
  2. Let them know that our NDs offer 15min free meeting to answer your questions about our services
  3. Check the website and your email for upcoming information evenings in the new year
Kid at pumpkin patch
Fall Detox Recipes  
Here are two great Fall recipes to help you feel great and to promote clean eating after a summer of BBQs and beverages. 

Fall Detox Smoothie

Fall Walking Club
Our Walking Club has began its Fall session on September 6th. Thank you to everyone who joins each week and if you are interested in joining us, please call the office for more details.

3 categories of awards:
Your ND will be nominated for all three, your story will determine which category fits best.
  • Above and Beyond - share your story about how your ND went above and beyond the call of duty for you.
  • Most Caring - share your story about how your ND showed their genuine caring.
  • Amazing Results - share your amazing results story and how your ND helped you overcome your health issue
Its time to start thinking about using your benefits before the end of the year!
Call the office to make an appointment!
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