On Sunday, October 13th we will have a wonderful time, after the 10 a.m. service, cleaning up our beautiful church yard grounds.

There will be plenty of leaves which have fallen by then and bushes to be trimmed. And of course, there are always weeds which need our attention.

We are so grateful for the faithful crew who lovingly ad attentively care for our grounds throughout the summer, but there are always times when it requires all of us to bring our gardening gloves and tools and pitch in to make a difference.

And then, as we get hungry and need a break, we will share in a fun and fabulous Octoberfest Potluck. We'll set the tables up outside again, like we did for the Welcome Back Sunday Picnic, and work, pray, and eat -- sounds like fun to me!

If you'd like suggestions for what to bring to an Octoberfest Potluck -- here are some ideas --

Suggestions for potluck items
1. Sausages enough for 15
2. Rolls for 15
3. Soft pretzels with mustard if they're frozen we can bake them at the church. 
4. German style salads
5. Pies and pastries (Aldi's has a lot of German desserts)
6. Apple Cider instead of beer

And of course, anything you bring will be wonderful.

We have some tools at church, but if you can bring your own rakes, leaf blowers, or bush trimmers, that would be great.