Beloved Conversations is a program for Unitarian Universalists seeking to embody racial justice as a spiritual practice. In Beloved Conversations, we are here to heal the impact of racism on our lives, in order to get free together.
Join us in the important work of dismantling racism and building our Beloved Community – together.

Register for the Spring Term of Beloved Conversations Mon Feb 1Fri Feb 26 and receive a generous discount offered by anonymous donors and matched by CUUC.

We are writing to announce CUUC White Plains is continuing its financial support of the 2020-2021 Beloved Conversations program as we approach the Spring Term. The cost schedule has changed: it is now $250 for all participants. In the just-ended Fall Term the cost was $150 per layperson and $250 for Professional staff.

First-Time Participants
Your out-of-pocket cost for the Spring Term is $50. The remaining $200 cost will be covered by contributions from anonymous benefactors, which will be matched by CUUC. Each participant will need to make the $250 registration payment and will then receive rapid reimbursement from CUUC.
Returning Participants
Your out-of-pocket cost for the Spring Term is $100. The remaining $150 cost will be covered in the same manner as First-Time Participants.
Registration for the Spring Term is scheduled for Feb 1–26, 2021. The Spring Term begins on Tue Mar 16 and ends in late May/early June. You will be able to access more information about the Spring Term soon on the Beloved Conversations website, including dates for all of the spring Meaning-Making Sessions.

“How will the Spring Term work?”
  • “Folks who have completed Fall Term will continue on with new material in the Spring Term. Those who will be new to the program in the Spring Term will begin with the older material. The two groups will come together for Meaning-Making Sessions.” – BC webpage
  • “Material will be all new and accessible to people who are just beginning or those of us continuing on from the Fall. Folks will all be together in one cohort for Meaning-Making Sessions and combined into Learning Pods that will mix both newer folks and folks who have completed the Fall Term.” – BC webpage
Tentative Dates for Spring Term 2021
  • Feb 1 – 26 : Registration and payment for participation in the Spring Term
  • Tue Mar 16 : First Lesson drops onto website, Meaning Making Session 1
  • Mid-March: First Learning Pod Meetings, Meaning Making Session 2
  • Mid-April: Meaning Making Session 3
  • Mid-May: Meaning Making Session 4/Spring Term Wrap-Up
  • Ongoing: Online Lessons, released every two weeks
  • Ongoing: Small Group Learning Pod Meetings, every two weeks  
Beloved Conversations provides a thoughtful approach to better understanding “how we got here” and delivers the toolkit necessary to work on the dismantling of racism and building our Beloved Community – together.
Snapshot of the Just-Ended “Fall Term”
The term was comprised of:
  • “6 online Lessons with resources for learning, including videos, readings, music, and artistic resources, as well as questions for reflection and projects to explore our inner landscape vis-a-vis racial justice. These online Lessons were available via the learning platform Teachable and a new Lesson became available approximately every 2 weeks beginning Oct 1. Participants could take as much time as they need with each Lesson. Lesson content was made available for up to a year following the start of the term.”
  • “6 Learning Pod gatherings where we engaged this material in small groups of 4-5 other folks from this learning community. Pods were self-facilitated and met approximately every two weeks online. A suggested agenda and discussion questions for our Learning Pod was included in each Lesson. We were assisted in connecting with folks in our same time zone and racial caucus to form a Pod. We received an email with contact information for the members of our Pod by the end of the registration period.”
  • “4 Meaning-Making Sessions where we came together in a large group via Zoom (in our racial caucuses) to worship, learn, and share our evolving understanding of this journey. Meaning-Making Sessions were facilitated by members of the Fahs Team and their partners.
“OK, I’m in. What do I have to do next?”
  • Complete the online registration when it becomes available. Follow the step-by-step registration instructions. It takes about 5 minutes to complete.
  • Payment: It is necessary that you make a payment via credit card at the beginning of the registration process. Then please forward to Joe Majsak the “Order Summary” email you will receive from the program. CUUC will make immediate arrangements to reimburse you.
  • If you are unable to front the payment, please contact Joe Majsak immediately so we can make alternative arrangements to ensure your timely registration.
  • CUUC will reimburse a maximum of $200 per First Time Participant and $150 per Returning Participant. There may be options to make a “Reparations” payment or “Interdependence” payment in excess of the basic payment. While we encourage those options, the CUUC reimbursement is not available for any supplemental payment options.
We hope you decide to join, or deepen your commitment to, this journey to learn more about ourselves and each other in our exploration of racism and multiculturalism.

Joe Majsak, Chair, CUUC Board of Trustees – Jan 28, 2021
Mobile: 914.281.3243 |
Debra Manetta, Vice Chair, CUUC Board of Trustees
Mobile: 914.374.5188 |