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#February 2021
„…for love (the seeking of best for others) is of God and everyone who loves (others) is born of God and knows God (through personal experience).” - 1 John 1:7

We, as a family, experienced that unselfish love from our church family and many others this past month. Mario came down with Covid- 19 during the second week of January and developed double pneumonia. Bonnie came down with it about a week later and both were very ill for about two weeks and quarantined for 20 days. Two of our children also tested positive but only lost their sense of taste and smell. However, because of the wonderful team of leaders we have in our church, it was able to remain open for services during the entirety of our self-isolation. We are so incredibly grateful to the many brothers and sisters in Christ who offered us their help, who went to the store and pharmacy for us, cooked us meals, and most importantly of all prayed for us. We are both still weak and having to cut back on work to recover fully but are so grateful for God’s healing power and the fact that we haven’t experienced any major complications thus far.

We are grateful to each of you who showed your love and generosity in giving to those whose homes were damaged in the earthquake. We have thus far been able to help a family whose wood stove and chimney were damaged beyond repair. They use their wood stove not only to heat their entire home, but also for hot water, and cooking. We were able to purchase a new stove and chimney for them and are thankful for the opportunity to share God’s love in a concrete, practical way with those in need.
Even though we are located about 50 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, our church building was also affected, and we had several cracks in various places throughout our building that needed to be repaired. We were able to take care of those last week and our building is back to full time use again. 
> Our new converts continue with discipleship and membership classes
> Our teen ministry has begun growing this past month
> God has kept our church open despite Covid-19 situation

Our worship album is officially online for purchase. You can listen to it on Spotify and purchase it on iTunes and on Amazon Music.

So, if you haven’t, jump over to one of those sites and get your copy today and remember that 100% of the proceeds from this CD will be donated toward the purchase of our church's facilities.

Our founding pastor, Mirko Novaković has been ill for several years and is currently bed-ridden. Because of his inability to walk or sit for any extended period of time, he has developed horrible, painful bed sores that never fully heal. The doctors recommended purchasing a hospital bed to help ease the sores, however hospital beds are very expensive and not something he could afford. Even though Mr. Novaković is not currently walking with the Lord, our church has felt the need to still show honor where honor is due and help him during his time of need. He gave tirelessly to this church in the ‘90’s: teaching us the essentials of Christianity, how to persevere in prayer, taking us out every single evening on the streets to do street evangelism. If it were not for him, Mario would never be the man of God he is today! Our church decided that purchasing the hospital bed for him was a practical way to show him honor and love. He tirelessly cared for many during his years as pastor, not just spiritually but physically, as well; and we felt it was time for this church to give back to him some of what he had so generously invested years ago. Please, be praying for Mirko Novaković that his heart would once more return to God and that his health would improve.
All in all, it has been an interesting month. It is not necessarily a month we’d like to repeat, but we can still see the hand of God and how he has worked everything for our good. Thank you for your generosity and support of our ministry. Thank you for your prayers that keep us going. Have a wonderful month and do not forget to unselfishly love those who come your way this month. 

In His Love,
Mario and Bonnie Ducic
> Our former pastor, Mirko Novakovic - His return to Christ and physical healing
> Mario & Bonnie's complete recovery from COVID-19
> That our monthly support would continue to grow
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