Ben's Buzz Summer Updates
Arrival, Dismissal and Transportation
Can you believe that the first day of school is now just two weeks out?

We look forward to seeing students in Grades 1 - 8 for their first day of school on August 28th. We will see Kindergarten Families for an open house starting at 9:30 that morning!

Today's issue of Ben's Buzz is dedicated to information with respect to arrival and dismissal from school. Please review this issue for important information regarding the launch of School Dismissal Manager, updating your SchoolBrains parent portal, the flow of traffic through our parking lot at various times of the day, Bus Transportation, and Morning Care Registration.

I thank you in advance for your thorough review of this information,

Joe Perna
Head of School
School Dismissal Manager
This year we will be implementing a new piece of software to automate dismissal changes and absence notification. We piloted School Dismissal Manager internally at the end of last year and were very pleased with the results.

Using School Dismissal Manager with your desktop or smartphone browser, you can quickly and easily update instructions when your child's dismissal needs to be changed.

This service will take place of the practice of making dismissal changes through the main office. The easy-to-use mobile and desktop interface will allow you to make these changes in advance or for the current day. You can also report absences, early dismissals, and even schedule recurring dismissal instructions for after-school activities such as Art Club, Drama Kids, Science Club or Lego League on the desktop version. Free apps are also available for Android and iPhone users.

School Dismissal Manager will provide us with a more organized and efficient tracking system for afternoon dismissals. Parents will receive login instructions and instructions in Mid-August.

All BFCCPS will receive registration details on Wednesday, August 15th. We ask all families to update their dismissal instructions using School Dismissal Manager by 9 am on August 24th so we can ensure we have accurate information on how your child(ren) should be sent home.

´╗┐If you need assistance with your School Dismissal Manager account school personnel will be available during the Back to School Celebration.
SchoolBrains Parent Portal
At this time we ask that everyone please login to SchoolBrains to verify and update all of your contact information and emergency contacts in your Parent Portal.  It is very important that we have this information updated prior to the beginning of school

Please note, each parent/guardian has his/her own parent portal account. If you have any questions or difficulties with your SchoolBrains account please email Deb Leonard for assistance.  
Arrival and Departure Information
We have outlined very specific procedures for arrival and dismissal to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff. We ask that you adhere to these procedures at all times to be courteous to our neighbors, BFCCPS Faculty and Staff, and your fellow BFCCPS Parents.

Morning Arrivals:

Arrivals Grades K-5:

The school day begins at 9:00 for students in Grades K-5. Parents who drop their children off here at school may do so beginning at 8:45 am. Please note that students who have not arrived by 9:00 am will be marked tardy.

Please note: If you need childcare coverage before 8:45 am, morning care will be available beginning at 7:30 am and signups will be available over the summer.

Arrivals Grades 6-8:

The school day begins at 8:15 for students in Grades 6-8. Parents who drop their children off here at school may do so beginning at 8:00 am. Please note that students who have not arrived by 8:20 am will be marked tardy.

If you need childcare coverage before 8:00 am, morning care will be available beginning at 7:30 am. Sign ups for our Morning Care program are now available and detailed information is included in this newsletter. As a reminder, the building does not open until 7:30 am, please do not drop your students off before that time.

This short video will show you how to complete the drop-off process, please note that the traffic patterns differ depending on what time you arrive to the school. 

Departure options:

1) Express Dismissal : Queuing in the car line, where students walk to your car under the supervision of BFCCPS Faculty and Staff. Please note that parents should not park and walk up to the front of the line nor should they cross the active car line at any time. (Approx 3:05-3:20)

2) Courtyard Dismissal: Parents park, and can wait for their children to be dismissed when the express line is cleared. Once the express line has cleared, parents can walk across to the courtyard to greet their children. (Approximately 3:20)

3) Bus Dismissal: Students are dismissed to the auditorium for bus dismissal at 3:05

4) Walkers/Bike Riders:  Students who walk to or from school or who ride their bikes should be dismissed when express is called. In inclement weather, if a parent is meeting a child at school and walking with the student, they should go directly outside when express dismissal is called, and not join the students in the indoor express rooms. Parents can not ask the indoor express staff to dismiss to parents waiting in the courtyard for their students to come out.  
We ask if you have an appointment that requires you pick up your child(ren) earlier than express or courtyard dismissal allows, that you dismiss them from the main office prior to 2:45.
For both arrivals and departures, please remember that you may not make a right hand turn into the parking lot from Queen Street.

We request that you approach the school via Hillside, to Crescent then onto Queen Street to make a left onto the Queen Street entrance as illustrated in this photo. This process keeps traffic from backing up onto Pleasant Street.

Bus Transportation
Franklin Residents:

Franklin Residents who would like to take bus transportation must register with Franklin Transportation here.  Bus routes will be published from the Town of Franklin on August 10th.

Franklin Residents in Grades 6-8 who plan to take the bus to school in the morning will take their neighborhood high school bus to Franklin High School, disembark and take a transfer bus to BFCCPS. Students arrive at 7:30am at BFCCPS and will go to Before School Care, chorus or band. There will not be a fee for Before School Care. To register you must register with the Town of Franklin and complete this Middle School Transfer Bus online form .

Regional and Non-Regional Residents:

Families from outside of Franklin who would like to register for our Regional Bus service must register for transportation using this form:   If you already filled out this form in June of this year, then there is no need to do it a second time.

Bus Passes:

Bus Passes will be required for all students riding either a Franklin or Regional Bus. Bus Passes will be available for pickup at the Back To School Celebration on August 23 from 4:30 to 6:30. If you are not able to pickup your bus pass on August 23rd, they will also be available for pickup on Monday, August 27th between 8 and 3.

Bus passes must be picked up before the first day of school .

After School Care:

If your child is going to an After School Care program, please let us know which program they are going and how often using your School Dismissal Manager Account.
Before School Care
Before school care is offered daily for students in grades K-8.

K to 5th grade before school care is offered from 7:30-8:45 and will be located in the Art Room or the Library.

6th to 8th grade before school care is offered 7:30-8:00 in the 7th and 8th grade classrooms.
Programming includes homework help, ongoing art projects, quiet games, silent reading and outdoor play. All activities are led and supervised by BFCCPS teachers and staff. A parent/guardian is required to accompany and sign-in their child(ren) in grades K-4. Students in 5th through 8th grades may sign-in on their own.

Each child must be registered individually, and by a specific weekday(s). You are limited to sending you child to morning care on the weekdays you enroll them for. Each weekday you elect to enroll in costs $100/per year. For example if you opt to send your child to Morning Care on Mondays and Wednesdays the cost would be $200 for the year. If you elect to send them Monday through Friday the cost would be $500 for the year. The family cap for Morning Care is $750 for the year.

To register your child(ren) please complete the form below.
Thank you for your time and attention!

Joe Perna
Head of School
The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School
201 Main Street, Franklin