April 30, 2021
Bencher Profile Series
Salimah Walji-Shivji
From the very start of her legal career, Salimah Walji-Shivji has combined a strong emphasis on high performance with a commitment to public service. The results speak for themselves, with multiple awards and appointments to senior positions. Now serving her first term, Salimah brings a wealth of experience in both education and volunteerism to the Bencher table.

Salimah held several positions within the former Calgary Health Region and Alberta Health Services including articling student, legal counsel, senior legal counsel, associate general counsel and general counsel.

In November 2015, Salimah joined AgeCare, Communities of Care and Wellness, and is currently Senior Vice President, Operations, Support Services & General Counsel.

For Salimah, the desire to run in the Bencher Election was born out of a desire to give back to her profession while bringing her specific experience and voice to the table.

Cora Voyageur, PhD
As a public representative Bencher, Dr. Cora Voyageur brings several important lenses to the work of the Board at the Law Society of Alberta.

Since her appointment as a public representative Bencher at the end of December 2018, Cora has learned a lot about the roles at the Law Society and has contributed to the strategic initiatives underway.

“Dealing with the issue of fairness and justice are two things that I’m particularly interested in. Hearing people discuss situations and working towards a just outcome is something I am proud of. While people do not necessarily agree, they have different perspectives and ways of looking at things.”

Cora is a Dene woman from the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation at Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. She is an avid writer, currently working on her 10th book and having authored 65 academic articles and book chapters. Cora is co-editor of Hidden in Plain Sight: Contributions of Indigenous People to Canadian Identity and Culture Volumes I and II published the University of Toronto Press. She is also the author of Firekeepers of the 21st Century: First Nations Female Chiefs and My Heroes have Always been Indians.

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