Bend. Don't Break.

Aging has it perks, but we all know there are a few downsides. One of the big reasons is simply that our bodies begins to change. We may start to feel stiffness, or balance becomes challenging. By beginning a yoga practice, you can learn easy and enjoyable ways to combat these things.

Here at Samsara Wellness Center, we teach you effective stretches, joint mobility and strengthening moves that will help you in your daily life to feel better. We are a non-competitive, positive atmosphere that is simply unlike anywhere else.
We have highly trained instructors and therapists to help you on your healing journey.

Stress is another common complaint. We tend to have a lack of healthy boundaries and we take care of everyone in the world except for ourselves. Yoga, meditation, pranayama and massage are simple and profound ways to help you create healthy boundaries and to start making choices that will help your body and mind combat stress related issues like anxiety and feeling depleted.

Don't know where to begin? Leave that to us.
Give us a call, email or come on by and say hi.
We are here for you!
Shamanic Principles for Conscious Living with Nich Von
A series of talks discussing shamanic roles and qualities to cultivate in ourselves and others for greater awareness, health, and wellness in your life. The format will be a discourse on each role or quality followed by Q&A.

March 7 - Storyteller : A course designed to take us deep into our personal stories and give us tools for redrafting or retelling our current stories about ourselves and others.

April 4 - Artist : Awaken your creativity, learn how to express yourself freely by utilizing your creative power in every action.

May 2 - Healer : Learn how to hone your own healing modalities and how you can cultivate them and share with others.

June 6 - Student/Teacher : Find out how this powerful relationship can affect major change in your life and the lives of others.

July 11 - Ceremonialist : Learn the essential elements of ceremonial space and how to create ceremony in your life for personal intention and transformation.

August 1 - Warrior : Find out what it means to be a real spiritual warrior and how to cultivate power to actualize your vision in your present reality.

Ceremonies with Irene Ska
Ceremony for Life
March 16th
Ceremony creates change and is transformative in self. Through Ceremony we establish a healthy and powerful relationship to nature. By performing Ceremonies, such as, healing ceremonies, retrieve lost power, a lost soul extraction, illness ceremonies, ancestral issues help us find ourselves stepping into a beautiful creative power.
We will be weaving Shamanic teachings with stories, journeying, and creativity. Working with divine energy, ancestors, spirits, and elements.

The cost is $30 per ceremony. Please bring journal and 4 rocks.
New Yoga Teacher! Francine!

Yogi for 10+ Years.
Over 1,000 Hours of Certification

"Yoga has restored me in every way a person can be restored."

Will teach a Hatha Yoga Class in Iyengar Style for New+Advanced Students
Saturdays at 7AM

Cultivate a practice that serves your unique path!

Every Saturday

Guided by Stephen Winters

FREE, Provided by Kern BHRS
Live your Dream: Become a Yoga Teacher!
The Art of Living and Dying:
A Modern Yoga Teacher Training
with Katherine and Stephen Winters
& Guest Teachers
Daniel Scott

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified
March thru November 2019

We have so much to offer at the Center, but if you enjoy being out on the town, we have plenty of options too.
We have no cost yoga classes within Bakersfield and the surrounding cities.
To see our schedule please visit;
Samsara Wellness Center | 661.374.8693 | |