Benefits Bulletin
June 2018
Know Your Obligations
Multi-State Employment Laws
Recently, we’ve received many questions from our clients concerned about expanding their operations into new states, growth of their employee populations, and the complexities of employees living in one state and working in another.


In Massachusetts alone, several new state laws have taken/or will be taking effect in 2018 as noted within this article...
Chrystine M. Heier, CEBS, LIA
Principal and Co-Owner, Sullivan Benefits
Was Your EMAC Appeal Denied?
Second Chance to Appeal by 6/30/2018...
Not surprisingly, most organizations appealing their EMAC Supplement assessments for reasons other than having less than 6 employees, an employee(s) is an independent contractor, or the employee(s) had less than 56 days of continuous coverage were immediately denied the appeal .

If this describes you, you checked off “other”. Many of our clients appealed charges and checked off “other” for one of two reasons:

  1. The employee was enrolled in the employer-sponsored health plan, or
  2. Based on earnings, it appeared the employee was not eligible for subsidized public health care coverage

These requests were immediately denied as the DUA’s initial process was narrow in scope and they were inundated with appeals. Read on to learn more about the second chance opportunity created for employers submitting for appeal.
Chrystine M. Heier, CEBS, LIA
Principal and Co-Owner, Sullivan Benefits
Kids and Body Image
Growing up can be tough. The challenges of school, relationships with friends, sports and other activities can be stressful for children. Peer pressure, along with what they see and hear daily via social media, TV, movies and video games, can cause them to stress out about how they look. Comparing themselves with their friends—or, worse, with supermodels, movie stars, or pro athletes—can then lead to a negative body image.
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