Benefits Bulletin
March 2018
Thoughts on the News of Further Industry Consolidation
Three recent, and in my view significant, announcements have rocked the employee benefit health plan provider space!

Granted, significant change has become the norm since passage of the ACA and all that led up to it from a legislative standpoint; industry consolidation has been in process going as far back as the early 90’s. What makes these announcements different is the impact they could have on an already highly consolidated market. 

Shoe Drop 1: This one put me back on my heels. In December 2017, CVS Health announced their intent to acquire Aetna (the 3rd largest Health Plan in the U.S.)...
Gary R. Goodhile, CLU
Principal & Co-Owner
UnitedHealthcare announces plans to pass portion of drug manufacturer rebates back to Fully Insured members starting in 2019

This is some interesting news worth having on your radar. As consultants, we have been advocating for more transparency in the pharmacy space for some time now. Drug manufacturer rebates are not reaching employer or member pockets to the extent that they should be. This announcement is one of the first we have seen from a health plan that is directly addressing the issue, although there are still questions to be asked. It will be especially interesting to see how some of the local health plans react to UHC's announcement.
8 Tips for Supermarket Mindfulness
It's one thing to practice mindfulness when you're sitting down enjoying a quiet dinner in your own home. It's quite another to try to be mindful when you're out running errands.

Your once or twice weekly trip to the supermarket can be an opportunity to further support your mindful eating efforts. It's all part of nourishing yourself and nourishing your family. Here's how to become a more mindful shopper.

  1. Don't leave home without a list. Whether it's on paper or in the Cloud, mindful grocery shopping must be grounded with a list. Knowing what you need can help you avoid distractions while in the store...
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