Benefits of Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Implants
Benefits of Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Implants
Tooth loss due to oral disease or traumatic dental injury can cause both functional and emotional stress. Dental implants are often the first choice compared to other options to restore missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants are placed into the jawbone, right in the spot where your missing tooth root was, without impacting healthy teeth.
With dental implants you can retain your natural face shape, and smile. Missing teeth can cause the face to sag and appear sunken or sad looking. Implants also help to maintain bone integrity and healthy bone. In areas where teeth are missing the bone has a tendency to atrophy.
Implants help prevent teeth from shifting. When one tooth is removed the other adjacent teeth can shift in response. Teeth shifting can begin quickly and the amount of shifting varies from person to person.
Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. They look, feel, and function like a normal tooth.
Dental implants provide an excellent long term solution. Our office uses zirconium implants rather than titanium. Zirconia doesn't have the same metallic properties as titanium and is just as strong, yet is more biocompatible for most people. It doesn't create galvanic charges and, more importantly, doesn't corrode, which is something titanium could do over time, sending those toxins into your system.  Further, prior to getting an implant, we will order a Clifford Material Reactivity Test to test for biocompatibility. 

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Zirconium Oxide Dental Implants - Dr. Michael D. Margolis
Zirconium Oxide Dental Implants
Dr. Michael D. Margolis

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