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A Healthier Holistic Focus: 


More and more we are hearing about natural and holistic health becoming part of the patient's medical program when dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses. Why?  Because celebrities like fashion icon Donna Karan have seen the benefits of natural healing techniques being combined with western medicine and are launching programs with a holistic focus. Zen Therapy is one of those initiatives. The Zen Therapy program includes using yoga, meditation, and Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) like Peace & Calming to ease and comfort patients. 


"When they are able to be calm, then everything works better. The medicine works better" - stated in this CBS news video clip. 


Young Living Essential Oils have a bio-electrical frequency that is several times greater than the frequency of herbs, food, and even the human body. Clinical research has shown that essential oils can quickly raise the frequency of the human body. This is important as it can be one of the factors that contribute to restoring an unhealthy dis-eased body. Peace & Calming's frequency is 105 MHz and studies show the frequency of someone with cancer is 42 MHz and a normal body's frequency is 62 - 68 MHz. When a patient smells the Peace & Calming and/or applies it to the body there is an immediate response which helps raise the body's frequency. When this occurs absorption of medicine into the body can be more effective.  


Young Living Essential Oils are multi-dimensional and filled with homeostatic intelligence to help restore the body to a state of healthy balance. On the flip side, pharmaceutical drugs are one-dimensional, programmed like robots to carry out certain actions in the body, whether the body can benefit from them or not. Knowledge is power and here is additional information about essential oils adding life to a deprived body.   


To learn even more about ailments that Peace & Calming nourish go to The Hayden House Website, where Young Living Essential Oils are also available for purchase. 







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You Never Stop Growing 
At least your personality doesn't.

Thursday, May 31, 6:15pm Pewaukee, WI 
How you choose to nurture it though matters. If you focus on positives like love, abundance, creativity, or peace these features will begin to reflect in your personality and then branch out into all aspects of your life. Pretty soon you will be basking in an overflow of joy. Think about it; if you feed a tree water mixed with a little bit of poison will it ever grow into its full natural potential? Not likely. Come to Good Harvest Market (Waukesha County's largest natural food store) and learn from Dr. Ann Bell of AWAKEN Higher Brain Living who is interested in your personal growth. She will demonstrate how to achieve a constructive frame of mind and stay there.

AWAKEN Higher Brain Living
Become A Licensee 
Dr. Cotton will be in the Indianapolis Area

Thursday, May 31, 6:30pm Indianopolis, IN
AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ promotes a movement of energy from the lower survival brain to the higher evolved part of the brain so a person can thrive in all areas of their life. Created by Dr. Michael Cotton, Higher Brain Living signals a major physiological shift in the transformation of humanity. A one-of-a-kind technique that frees fear-based lower brains, Higher Brain Living offers clients the chance to create an extraordinary new life, to thrive, to let go of stress and being overwhelmed, to experience joy, confidence, and passion and to grow and evolve every day.

Now is your chance to become a part of this life changing process! Dr. Michael Cotton will be hosting a presentation in Indianapolis to discuss training about becoming a Higher Brain Living licensee. If you are in or around the area don't miss this opportunity!

Click here to learn more.  

It's About Being Healthy
Fat release is a side effect.

Wednesday, June 6, 6:30pm, Brookfield, WI
Our overall health is so important and everyday we are exposed to all kinds of toxins that bombard our immune systems. In some cases those chemicals even come from what we ingest. The Rejuvenation 21 program focuses on helping the body purge these toxins. It balances and detoxifies the hypothalamus, a gland located in the brain that controls metabolism, and as a result the body releases excess fat. Come join Certified Natural Health Practitioner Tally Hayden as she explains the process and benefits of the Rejuvenation 21 Program. This is more than just a "quick fix." Learn how to strive toward optimal health and weight and maintain it. All attendees receive a discount on the program!
Click here for more details.


NatraburstBursting with Natural Goodness 
NatraBURST is a Super Foods Mixture that offers an ORAC Value Rating in each scoop which would be equal to consuming six servings of fruits and vegetables and it works in tandem with the body to stop the desire for food consumption. The taste is great and when combined with a favorite beverage, it makes for a wonderful meal replacement option for the 30% of adults that are classified in the "obese" category.

More than just a dietary supplement,
each portion is bursting with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Other benefits of Natraburst include strengthening of immune function, increase in energy, improved digestion, and improved cardiovascular health.

Raspberry Water Kefir
One-on-One Water Kefir Session 
Schedule your 45 minute appointment  with Tally today for only $39.95! 
Water Kefir is a lactose-free fermented beverage made from sugar water, juice, or coconut water so it is dairy-free and an excellent source of probiotics. Kefir helps speed up the healing process, clear blood vessels, improves brain function and so much more!

Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Tally Hayden, offers personal instruction on how to make water kefir and how to take care of your grains. Not only do you receive in-depth guidance, but you also get an informational packet with recipes and a Water Kefir Starter Kit with fermenting jar and kefir grains!
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Hayden House of Healing's passion is to shift the world in awareness of personal growth and connect you to a higher consciousness of well be-ing resources.

Owner Tally Hayden will inspire you with education on how to honor your body and nourish your emotions to teach you that nature and earth feeds the temple.



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