Summer 2019
Bruno, very curious about exploring his townhouse during his boarding stay.
5 Benefits of Boarding at Cats Exclusive
Professional Care
Each of our boarding staff members is highly experienced and trained in providing the best level of care to the cats staying in our townhouses. When your cat stays with us, they will enjoy a personalized level of care and attention, from customized daily feedings to close monitoring of weight and appetite.

You can feel confident that your kitty will get their medications as requested and receive medical attention from a Cats Exclusive veterinarian if needed.

Going the Extra Mile
We have multilevel units that allow your cat to explore with enough room to accommodate up to three cats from the same family. For cats who cannot be as active, spacious single level units are available.

For cats who experience stress in unfamiliar environments, we provide hiding places and privacy curtains, offer special treats, and give other encouragement to lessen their stress level and make them feel comfortable while staying with us.

If you want to treat your kitty to the ultimate spa-like staycation, other personalized services such as toenail trims, daily playtime, brushing sessions, and mini massages are available.

Helps Prevent Boredom
If your cat is used to human interaction and attention everyday, it is important to have a caring professional there to provide this when you’re away so that your cat doesn’t become lonely. Our townhouses have large windows that allow your cat to watch and interact with the staff.

We also provide TVs playing stimulating videos of birds, squirrels, and other critters to keep predatory boarders engaged. They can rest and enjoy some nap time too, but having something new to watch is a great way to fight boredom.

Peace of Mind
When you trust Cats Exclusive with your cat boarding, you enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your cat is never far from our experienced veterinarians during their stay. While we never anticipate that a cat will encounter medical problems during a stay with us, our veterinary team is here should your cat need any kind of specialty care while you're away.

If you would like to schedule boarding, tour our facility, or find out more, give us a call or reach out to us online. We’re here to help your cat live a happy and healthy life!
Are Grain-Free Diets Safe For Cats?
The FDA warning about grain-free diets and possible link to heart disease in dogs does not extend to cats. At this time, the association between grain-free diets and canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is unknown, and veterinary nutritionists are working diligently to identify the link.

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