Sometimes, Bigger isn't Better

Sometimes, you have monster intersections that require large, four-door cabinets or even multiple cabinets to house all of your traffic control and peripheral equipment. But what do you do for smaller intersections? Many agencies continue to use midsize or large cabinets, commandeering valuable space on street corners. 

You wouldn't use a shotgun to kill a fly, so why would you use a large cabinet to run a small intersection? Mostly, because there wasn't a better option. Well not any more.

With the industry's latest ATC cabinet technology, users are no longer bound to existing cabinet footprints and can leverage the same technology across a number of traditional and, in the case of our new Backpack Cabinet, non-traditional cabinet sizes.

Read on to see how the small but mighty Backpack Cabinet could make a big impact in your agency.
Meet the Backpack Cabinet
The latest in McCain's revolutionary ATC Cabinet Series, the Backpack Cabinet was designed specifically to meet the needs of less complicated intersections with under 8 phase/ped/overlap movements. It offers all the advanced safety and troubleshooting features common to the entire ATC series - like load current and flasher monitoring - but in one of the most compact designs available on the market.

Standing 25 inches tall and weighing less than 55 pounds, the Backpack Cabinet's  single-door access point enables it to easily be pole or pedestal mounted, freeing up sidewalk space and supporting city beautification efforts.

The Backpack Cabinet is perfect for 2-phase, 4-phase, or HAWK intersections, making the cabinet ideal for:

Downtown Areas or Central Business Districts
  • Standard one-way streets, basic phasing
  • Space savings on busy sidewalks
Remote or
Rural Areas
  • Typically less complicated intersections
  • Draws less power
Areas With
High Pedestrian Use
  • School crossings
  • HAWK
  • Mid-block crosswalks
Benefits of Thinking Small

Cabinet Benefits

Using a small cabinet when and where possible can save valuable time, space, and money.

Benefits of deploying a small cabinet include:
  • One person can carry and move the cabinet
  • Easy to mount without heavy equipment
  • Quicker installation
  • Save sidewalk space

Things You'll Love

Manage up to 16 detector inputs and 8-channel outputs through the Backpack Cabinet's innovative new features including:
  • Combination I/O assembly 
  • First-of-its-kind universal I/O slots for either detection modules or switchpacks
  • Swing-out assemblies that provide access to field wires
What People are Saying 
The Backpack Cabinet made its first national debut August 28-30, 2016 at the IMSA Annual Forum and Expo in Atlanta, GA. Here's what show attendees had to say:
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