What Does It Mean to “Build a Better Biome™"?

At Previlli™, it’s our mission to help every person “build a better biome™.” What exactly do we mean by that?

In nature, a biome is a distinct community of living things that share the same terrain. Tropical rainforests, tundra, grasslands, deserts, and oceans are all examples of biomes. When scientists describe a biome, they consider three things: the population (who lives there?), the resources (what do they eat?) and the terrain (where do they live?). 

You also have a biome inside your body. If you’re interested in gut health, you’ve
probably heard the term “microbiome.” It refers to the microbes living inside your gut. While the makeup of your microbiome is hugely important, it’s just one piece of having a
healthy biome.
When we say “biome,” we mean the whole package:
• The population: Who lives there? ( the microbiome ecology )
The resources: What do they eat? ( a healthy food source )
The terrain: Where do they live? ( the core gut architecture )
Probiotics address the first element of a healthy gut biome, the microbiome ecology, because they introduce beneficial bacteria into the gut. Prebiotics address the second element of a healthy gut biome, a healthy food source, because good gut bacteria love to eat them.

But what neither of these supplements consider is that without the third and most important element of a healthy biome — the core gut architecture — neither probiotics nor prebiotics will do much good.
Live Well
Go Beyond Probiotics with these 6 Tips for Protecting Your Core Gut Architecture

1. Eat Right
  • Which foods cause gut inflammation and dysbiosis?
  • Which foods contribute to a healthy, thriving community of gut bacteria?

2. Sleep Tight
  • How lack of sleep affects your gut bacteria and gut structure.
  • 3 tips for better sleep.

3. Get a Move On
  • How exercise impacts your gut bacteria.
  • How much exercise is enough?

4. Question Antibiotics
  • What to do when you are prescribed an antibiotic in a non-emergency situation?
  • The one place you definitely don’t need antibiotics.

5. Ditch the Cigarettes
  • How smoking affects your gut bacteria and gut architecture.
  • The link between Crohn’s disease and smoking.

6. Take Previlli™
  • Previlli’s secret ingredients for feeding your beneficial bacteria.
  • How Previlli™ reinforce the structures of your gut, making it a happy, healthy place to be.
Good for You
Previlli™ is the only product that strengthens all four areas of your core gut architecture:

  • Gut surface: The patent-pending, organic trace mineral complex RhyoTrace optimizes your gut surface by improving the length of the microvilli — key for nutrient absorption.* Previlli™ also includes the gut-protecting and calming amino acid L-theanine.* 

  • Gut mucin: Immunell nucleotides provide building blocks for the fast-renewing tissues of your gut, including your gut surface.* Vitamin A & D help keep your gut coated with protective mucin, because they are necessary for mucin production.*

  • Gut barrier: Advanced plant peptides fortify your gut barrier by helping maintain, reinforce, and repair its tight junctions.* Zinc and selenium also enhance gut barrier function.*

  • Lumen environment: Previlli™ contains lumen-enhancing polyphenols and proprietary prebiotics, like PreforPro®, which provide a healthy snack for gut bacteria.* Vitamin D plays a key role in the immune activities that take place inside your lumen.* 

Previlli™ guarantees that as you build a better biome, you WILL feel a difference.
Sharing Success

"As a busy OR nurse, I am unable to regularly consume water... causing my gut biome, flora and digestion to be slow and sluggish. Adding Previlli to my daily routine has completely changed that! I feel like my digestive system works much better and I feel less bloated and sluggish. Would certainly recommend."
Framingham, MA

"Since starting the Previlli on a daily basis, my gut health has never been better. I am thankful to have found a product that combines so many ingredients to promote gut healing and function protection."

Chatham, MA
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The only formula that balances digestion and promotes healthy gut structure.*
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