Small business is the heart and soul of Bennett. We can take a chapter out of the books of knowledge and experience of several longstanding businesses in the Town, and find ways to grow business in Bennett!
Adapt New Technology
Small and local businesses must adapt to new technology and marketing strategies in order to remain current. Costs for new technology have become more affordable (due in part by the constant changes in choices).  This technology offers, flexibility, mobility, and contributes to a creative marketing atmosphere of your choice. 
Leverage Your Community
Use your community to get conversation flowing about a product or service, and you will be able to build a community of users that can answer customer inquiries on your behalf.  Volunteer, get assigned to a project, support a local agency or school, sponsor a community event, and use your community as a network for business growth.  The best part about it, is that you will feel GREAT having contributed to the Bennett community.
Never Skimp on Customer Service
You can't afford to skimp on customer service.  Lead by example and demonstrate exactly how your customer should be treated.  Your product or service may evolve over time as trends change, but if you stay consistent in your service efforts, customers will reward you with their loyalty and become your greatest marketing tool in growing your business.

NEW DEVELOPMENT - Bennett Crossing

Bennett Crossing is a 300-acre, mixed-use project located north of I-70 and east of SH79. The development team for Bennett Crossing, with support of the Town and other agencies, has accomplished a significant number of milestones, including the following:

* Outline Development Plan approval which addresses zoning providing
flexible land use designations and related development guidelines and standards.

* Analysis of the traffic and roadway needs specific to Bennett Crossing for construction of roadway system providing efficient traffic circulation.

* A coordinated utility plan for construction installation of water, sewer, gas, electrical and fiber.

* Plat submittal related to 33 acres surrounding Conoco for development of a mix of commercial uses.

* A commitment from a publicly listed home builder for development of ~270 single-family homes in phase I residential development.

For more information, contact Michelle Gayeski (720.290.4447) or access online at:

The Town of Bennett created the Benefits of Bennett program to support existing businesses that are making exterior improvements to their property and in turn create a vibrant commercial environment in Bennett, Colorado. The 50% reimbursement matches public and private investment in Bennett and is approved administratively. The program is administered on a first-come, first-serve basis in an amount up to $5,000 per business and not to exceed $15,000.00 per building per year. The B.O.B. seeks to bring new opportunity to existing buildings thus improving economic vitality for all businesses and the Town as a whole.

To learn more about the Benefits of Bennett (B.O.B) follow the link below:


The Town of Bennett is dedicated to serving the Bennett Business Community. Have a look at some of our ongoing and future services supporting local business.

To learn more about the Business Services Program, follow the link below:


The purpose of this initiative is to keep Bennett strong by promoting local business in Bennett.  Shopping locally not only supports local business, but by buying Bennett, you are also supporting Town services.  You can look for this shop local sticker on the window or storefront of a Bennett business.  It is just another way of contributing to our friends and neighbors.

Haven't received your "Buy Local First" sticker? Businesses within incorporated town limits can Contact the Economic Development Office to get theirs today!

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