Dear Friends:

This time last year, March 13th to be exact, the Museum, along with businesses and non-profit organizations across the country, began the difficult and uncertain process of shutting our doors and transitioning to a new COVID-safe working model. As we come up on our one year anniversary, we want to take a look back and savor some of the more special and memorable moments that we have shared with you, our community, who came together to support us through this time of adversity.

Jasen Frederickson (Visitors Services Manager)
In July 2020, right before our re-opening weekend, those heavy storms in Bennington caused water to back-up into the lobby of the Museum. It was all hands on deck after hours - we had board members, staff, family, and community volunteers all helping us move furniture, relocate artwork, and demo what the water had destroyed so that we could open to the public on time. Looking back, it really was a difficult moment, but I remember it as being so heartwarming and filled with goodwill. It was at that point that I knew the community had our back, and that felt good. Thank you.

Jamie Franklin (Curator)
This has been the year of new connections! From the NBOSS collaboration to the Across the Street exhibit created in partnership with the Town of Bennington both outdoors and online, we really made an effort to present and promote COVID-safe cultural activities. I am really proud of how all of these different local entities joined forces this year and how it made it possible for us to bring our mission to the public in new ways that surely we will continue to build upon in the future. Thank you to everyone who participated in making these happen, and to everyone who sent us notes telling us how much they enjoyed the final product. Your encouragement and enjoyment means the world!

Deana Mallory (Director of Public Programs)
This year we have offered more public programs than ever before. Since July over 700 people have participated in our online discussions, our summer outdoor workshops, and our virtual educational programs - that doesn't include the scores of people who attended the concerts in the courtyard or who ordered food from R&D Island Taste. While there were some familiar faces, many of our participants were new, which is wonderful! Further, this year we received several grants and anonymous donations to continue to grow our programming which validated our hard work and underscored the impact we were making. I am so grateful for everyone who has participated and/or contributed to our efforts during this crazy year. Thank you.

Thank you for sticking with the Museum during this year of change and challenge. We could not have made it through without you!


Please read on below to see what's in store for the coming month. As always, if you have any ideas, send a note to We love hearing from you.