As we continue into this new year, we're excited to share our 2021 Church Council Goal and Ministry Calendar!
2021 Goal for Our Church:
To see increased church engagement through intentional planning, spiritual discipleship, relational growth, and community engagement.
Intentional Planning | As we plan, work, serve, and grow together we commit to being intentional in everything that we do. Does what we're doing accomplish the other three parts of our goal? Does it glorify Christ? Is it a part of our call toward building the Kingdom of God?

Spiritual Discipleship | As we move through this year, are we growing deeper spiritually through our gathering, worship, and service? Are we encountering Christ in ways that beckon us toward a spiritual walk that both encourages and challenges us to cultivate a deeper walk with Christ?

Relational Growth | In this year we commit to seeing ourselves grow in relationship with one another as much as we grow with Christ. Though we are a congregation of people from all walks of life, we commit to growing together as one body, with many parts.

Community Engagement | As we focus inwardly, we also seek to journey outward, engaging our community through meeting needs, building relationships, and sharing the gospel of Christ in all the ways that we are called.

2021 Event and Ministry Calendar