January 2015

Vol 8, Issue 1

Doug & Jodee Sellers
     We hope your new year is going well and you've grown accustom to writing 2015 by this point.  Heck I find myself still wanting to start the date with a 19 occasionally. As usual things slow down a bit this time of year. Which means its a great time to visit and take advantage of our much lower Winter Rates and the other winter deals in the area such as the Biltmore Estate.  (See our Winter Newsletter Special below)

     During our winter season we are able to squeeze in a maintenance project between guests now and then. Sometimes with a fine feeling of accomplishment.  We just refinished the bar top and painted the Cherokee room and they both look much better. Sometimes not.  I tried refinishing the bottom of a couple of bath tubs.  They didn't look too bad, at first, but unfortunately I didn't heed
Guest Bob Legg sent us this photo
he made on The BRP last October.
click on for more of his work
the fine print warning, "the use of bath mats and suction cups may harm the surface". Suffice it to say that the word "may" was a huge understatement. Research on youtube later concluded that bath tub refinishing may not be a DIY project. Perhaps one day I will get "research" then "attempt project" in the correct order.  Now on to the cracked stucco and the pavers for the handicapped parking. 
Frommer Picks Asheville as a Top Place to Visit - But with a Gaffe

     Did you see Pauline Frommer on Good Morning America raving about Asheville as she listed it as one of the top 15 places to visit in 2015?  It has caused quite a stir here because she went on to say,  "We are picking it this year because the sketchy riverside area has been totally redone,".  Then  went on to credit the New Belgium brewery for the transformation, suggesting the brewery's investment has resulted in new parks, artist studios everywhere, bike paths, even farmers markets.  The problem is, the New Belgium Brewery is still under construction.  So her comments offended Ashevillians on two levels.  Some were upset with the river district being described as sketchy, others with New Belgium getting credit for their hard work.  

     The truth of the matter is, the river arts district has gone from very sketchy to just mildly sketchy over the last couple of decades.  As journalist John Boyle said, "Sketchy? Obama ate in the RAD (River Arts District) - twice - before New Belgium laid the first brick."   There is a thriving arts district, a few parks and trails but there is also a fair amount of graffiti and abandoned industrial sites.   But that is part of what gives Asheville its charm. It is delightfully sketchy, things aren't all clean and new hotel shiny, and you can see the history and transition of buildings and areas.  

     New Belgium brewery has posted on various blogs that they were not contacted and totally disagreed with Frommer's implied take that they saved Asheville from itself. However their brewery and plans for the area will have a profound effect on the RAD. You can see that in the sketch of their completed project.  Boyle contacted Frommers and she said,  "Being on live TV is very difficult, I accidentally conflated some developments." Nonetheless, you can now buy your, "Still sketchy after all these beers"  T-shirts from Image 420 in West Asheville (the same folks who brought you those "Cesspool of sin" shirts)

Biltmore Premieres:  Dressing Downton  - Changing Fashion for Changing Times
Visit the Biltmore Estate from February 5th to May 25 to enjoy the exciting new experience of viewing more than 45 costumes from the popular PBS Masterpiece series Downton Abbey� showcased in America's largest home. The Dressing Downton exhibition displays costumes in groupings throughout the house inspired by the fictional show and by real life at Biltmore. Ranging from servants' uniforms to lavish evening gowns, the award-winning costumes reflect how world events-the sinking of Titanic, World War I, the Jazz Age, and the evolving roles of women-influenced fashions.

Biltmore House, the exhibition's premiere location, strikingly resembles Highclere Castle where the series was filmed, making it easy for you to imagine how the Vanderbilts and their employees lived a century ago.

"The day-to-day running of Biltmore House was surprisingly similar to that of Downton Abbey," said Ellen Rickman, Director of Museum Services. "Just like Downton has Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, Biltmore had its own cast of fascinating characters. Displaying these fabulous costumes from the show gives us an unparalleled opportunity to delve into Biltmore's stories."

This exhibit is included with your estate admission.  Till March 19th our Biltmore tickets are only $49 each and, as always, good for two consecutive days.  
This and That on Bent Creek Lodge Guests
Congratulations to Damon and Lynda Bell.  They joined their families with a wedding at the lodge in November.
Bob Cately, one of our finest guitar playing guests plays his new custom instrument in the great room, January 3rd.   
Speaking of custom guitars, guest Ed Rice makes them.  Click his pic to see his website.  
Another beautiful picture from Bob Legg

Winter Newsletter Special
Our winter rates are already a great deal,  now 

Stay 2 nights and get the third night for 1/2 price!  This offer is good for new reservations only, for stays from now till the end of February (except Feb. 13, 14, & 15). Savings up to $85. Call or book online and request the Winter Newsletter Special in the "Special requirements/requests block".  Hope to see you soon.  


Doug & Jodee Sellers           

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