February 2014

Vol 7, Issue 1

Doug & Jodee Sellers
     We hope that 2014 is going well for all of you and you have enjoyed or at least endured this cold snowy winter so far.  I expect most of you have your own stories and pictures of the effects of all this wintry weather but it has been three years since we have had any real snow so I couldn't resist sharing a few pictures and tales.  We had mixed feelings as the "meterologists" nearly wet themselves from excitement reporting the approaching storm.  We would love to get some snow, maybe even go cc skiing if we got what they were forecasting, but we were worried about our guests planning to be here for Valentine's weekend.  The snow came! We shoveled the decks, made our calls to get the road and the driveway scraped and realized that was about all we could do.  We then dusted off our skis and headed thru the woods up to the Blue Ridge Parkway late in the morning.  The snow lay thick and fluffy with only the tracks of a lone fox meandering up the parkway.  We skied up the road then back on the Mountain to Sea trail and down the steep, technical trail to the lodge for soup and sandwiches. 
skiing on Blue Ridge Parkway   Winter doesn't get much better than that.  My stories are never complete without a little disaster though.  I headed back out after lunch on my own and went south on the Mountain to Sea trail. Great snow, great views, great skiing until .... I hit that "steep, technical" section.  I was zooming down in a most non-Olympic, head forward fashion when a limb sticking thru the snow caught the tip of my left ski and a large, very stationary, oak tree caught my forehead just before I planted my face in the snow.  Of course I had removed my hat just prior to this.  Luckily, nothing hurt too bad so I shook off, gathered my stuff and carefully made my way home thinking I could keep this to myself and maintain what little skiing dignity I had left.  That is until I walked into the house and the first thing out of Jodee's mouth was "What did you do to your head?!?".  I soon learned that beneath the dried blood I had a double band-aid size, red medallion emblazed on my forehead to proclaim to the world my true skiing ability.  Oh well, another three years and I'll be hoping for enough snow to get out and try again.    Click on the picture for more shots of the snow.  There is even a short video of Jodee skiing the Mountain to Sea Trail.  
     P.S.  All of the Valentine's weekend guests were able to get here except one couple trying to come from Louisiana.  They probably made the right call.  It was a romantic weekend here with the fireplace crackling and the snow in the yard.  
New Mugs and a New Photo Contest - Enter to win a free night!

     We recently ordered custom mugs from

First MUG SHOT by S. Frey

Sunset Hill Stoneware.  We still love and use our blue mugs but we wanted to try the hand thrown mugs  we had seen in other businesses. Shortly after the new mugs arrived we received a Facebook post from our frequent guests Steve and Maria Frey of our blue mug on their deck's handrail with the comment  "A little bit of our favorite place at home in Charlotte".   I really liked the photograph and it made me think of the images of the traveling leprechan.  What if other guests sent us photos of our mugs taken all over the place.  Hey if I had another photo contest they might do that.  That would also be a great way to introduce our new mugs.  An idea was born.  Let's call it the "MUG SHOTS CONTEST ". Send us a photo of a Bent Creek Lodge mug in an interesting setting by email or Facebook.  To give you plenty of time we will accept pictures for the contest until August 30th.  The photos can be of the old blue mugs or the new mugs as long as you can read the name on the mug.  We will post the winning pictures in the newsletter and a link to all of the entries. First place will receive a Gift Certificate for a free night at the lodge, 2nd place a Gift Certificate for $75, third place and the photo taken the farthest distance from the lodge will each receive one of our new Sunset Hill mugs.  We will consider the Frey's shot the first entry.  We always enjoy photos from guests and are really looking forward to your "Mug Shots".  

New Mugs by Sunset Hill Stoneware now available for $17 each
More Guests Featured  

   I have always intended to include more pictures and stories about guests and groups who visit us at Bent Creek Lodge.  After all it is your friendships and stories that keep this job fun and interesting and why many of you choose to stay at B&Bs.  Unfortunately, I usually forget to take pictures. Well you know what they say about good intentions.  So I am going to try and stop paving that road and share more.

     Jodee took this picture of frequent guests John-Mark and Wendy Adrian with their camera.  They  e-mailed it back to us with the tag "Anniversary Pix and Badrian announcement".  We understood the 14th anniversary and 14th week of being pregnant but we thought that Badrian was a strange name for a little boy or girl.  When they came back last month with their church group for a couple's retreat they laughed and set us straight.  Badrian is their abbreviation for Baby Adrian.  

   Nine other couples joined them from Wise Baptist Church for the Marriage Enrichment Retreat.  They met in the great room for the workshops and sharing but also had some free time to enjoy the area and the lodge.  Rev. Mike Winters  said the purpose of the retreat was "to create a warm environment to encourage spiritual and relational growth in our marriages".  



Another Shift in Our Staff - Lisa Steps Up!
It doesn't seem that long ago that we introduced Matthew Williams as our new assistant manager.  He has been a great help to us in all areas, especially with his culinary expertise and easy going, friendly relationship to the guests.  Unfortunately for us, he and his wife and three children have decided to move closer to her family and he is now working with a resort near Andrews, NC.  Shortly after Matthew told us of his plans our invaluable and loyal Lisa said she would like to apply for the position.  There was no application process needed!  She already knows the lodge as well as anyone, guests love her and she takes care of everything as if it were her own.  She had hesitated in the past to take on the extra hours because she wanted to be available for her young son, Gray.  He is a mature young man of nine now, she has help from her husband Mark and lucky for us she is ready to take on a few more hours and a few more responsibilities.  So expect to see even more of Lisa's smiling face the next time you visit.  



Doug & Jodee Sellers           

Bent Creek Lodge
P.S.  - Winter Rates end March 31st.  Come see us soon.