November 2013

Vol 6, Issue 4

The Wood Shed Oct. 29th
Doug & Jodee Sellers
     What a great fall!  One of the best things about it was seeing
This was taken from the road in front of Bent Creek Lodge 10-29-2013
In front of the Lodge
so many of you return for a visit to see the colors.  It was like a new family reunion almost every week.  We would look around at breakfast and were often amazed that over 80% of the guests were "repeats".  It was really nice to catch up with all of you. The only problem is that each year there is more to remember and fewer functioning brain cells to remember with, so the names, faces and stories don't always surface on demand and you may have to tell us the same things next time. Hope you understand.   
     We were beginning to think that the fall foliage was not going to be up to par this year. At mid October there had been a few highlights but also a lot of muted, rust colored hillsides and big patches of tired green leaves.  Then the last week of the month the color just exploded around the lodge. It peaked on Tuesday, the 29th around 12:45!  I know I've joked about that before but this year that is exactly how it happened. Luckily I got the camera out. Jodee's family even picked the perfect time to visit this year (no, not while I was gone, but when the colors were at their best).  The header picture and these were shot on the 29th.  Click on any of them to see a few more on our flickr page.  
Jim Bell and His Hats 

     Jim and his lovely wife Geri were one of the couples that returned for the fall colors this year, bearing gifts, no less.  His latest craze is hats.  I must admit I couldn't understanding why a man with a full head of thick hair was so into hats but since I need all the help I can get to 

cover up my ever expanding forehead, I was glad to see it. He has collected dozens of them it the last two years.  He knows the history of the manufacturers, who's going out of business, where to get the deals online, the best materials, everything.  So he shows me part of his collection, about a dozen he brought with him, and insists I try a couple on.

    They were all too small to which he replied, "I knew you had a big head!".  But the next morning he comes up and sticks a fine "Indiana Jones" fedora on my head and it fits perfectly.  Then he insisted I keep it and wouldn't let me pay him a dime.  To top that off, he fitted one for my father in-law as well and gave it to him.  So we posed for his favorite vintage hat movie, "Lawless" on the front porch.  Thanks  for a great time and a special hat, Jim.  Now if you will just get into vintage sports cars.....

   ps.  I'm wearing it to all the holiday get-togethers with my leather jacket, all I need is a whip and a rolling boulder chasing me to complete the image  

Asheville for the Holidays and Winter 

   The winter season offers two sides of Asheville.   First there is the hustle and bustle of the holidays with the Candlelight Tours of the Biltmore Estate thru January 12th, the Gingerbread houses on display at the Grove Park Inn from November 20th to January 2nd, the Dickens Festival December 6-8 and shopping in the Village with all the historic buildings trimmed in white lights.  It's an exciting time to be here.  By the way, you can upgrade our two day Biltmore Estate Tickets to include a Candlelight tour for $15.  Check out our website specials or give us a call for details.  You can also get into the spirit with a holiday play; Asheville Community Theatre presents the hilarious Christmas tale "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" Nov.22 to Dec. 8, The Flat Rock Playhouse is putting on a professional production of "A Christmas Story" Dec. 4-22, and the season wouldn't be complete without the holiday favorite "A Christmas Carol" Dec. 5-22 by the Montford players.  That is just the tip of the iceberg, click here for more Holiday Information and Events.  

     After the new Year rolls around Asheville quiets down, time slows, and it becomes a great place for a mellow escape to recover from the holidays, especially with some of the winter rates being offered.  Our winter rates from January to March are about 15% below the rest of the year.  A little snow makes it even more beautiful.   

New Kitchen Countertop "Carrot-ter"
Lisa brought in a new "carrot-ter" from her 
garden back in September.  It caused quite a stir on the counter top.  
I thought you might get a kick out of it. I apologize but I just couldn't resist sharing it, much to Jodee's repeated attempts to talk me out of including it here.   


May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season,                                                          



Doug & Jodee Sellers           
Bent Creek Lodge
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