A Note from Scott and Marsha
March 18, 2021
NC weather is doing what NC weather does best...being unpredictable. We were bathing ourselves in sunshine and warm temps last week, then we're bundling up against the cold and rain this week. And now we are getting ready to batten down the hatches against severe weather today! I just can't keep up. I apparently also can't keep up with all the crazy in the office...hence this week's story.

There are some things you miss in the office and it ruins your day.  I left early for my birthday several weeks ago and missed the most epic thing ever.  I was so mad.  

Doug came to work that morning and mentioned to Billy that his chair was acting "wonky", one of his favorite words.  

Sometime during the afternoon, I receive this image from Amanda and her text says, "Omg."  

My response was, "Omg. Now he's gonna want a new chair. This is the part where I'm supposed to ask if he is okay. But for real."  

Apparently, Doug's chair had enough of his endless spinning and stretching. It was done. So the wonky chair split in half, the arms split, and he went over backwards, but the legs stayed in place leaving Doug in this incredibly awkward position yelling for help! 

How does this even happen is my question. And more importantly--WHY did I have to miss this? Amanda almost wet her plants and everyone was dying. I wanted to say that finally, my evil plan of loosening all the screws in his chair had worked. But I can't take credit for it. Doug did this one all on his own. I wish I could make this stuff up, but again, I can't.  

For all the wonky plant lovers out there, I'm sure we have something that will turn you upside down as well! Cool and amazing things are starting to arrive and you won't want to miss all the fun we are having. So spin out of that chair and get here now!
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Garden Center Features
If you haven't heard yet, the Red Maranta is the 2021 Plant of the Year. Maranta's "praying hands" that happen at night are a symbol of hope and gratitude we all needed after 2020. We love that Maranta can tolerate medium light. They like humid conditions, but want to dry out about halfway between waterings. Bonus: Maranta are pet friendly!
Geranium blooms are some of the first annual blooms to appear in the spring. You will enjoy geranium blooms well into the fall with the proper care. If temps drop below 40 degrees, we recommend bringing them inside. To promote more flowers, deadhead spent blooms and fertilize at least once a month.
Although Japanese Maples are not putting out leaves yet, we love that at this time of year, you can pick out your Japanese Maple based on its shape. Plant it into the ground or a container, and watch them leaf out through spring! We have many varieties and sizes to choose from--starting at 3 gallons!
The Potting Shed is BACK!
While you shop this weekend, you can grab a cold beer, mimosa, glass of wine or a Sunset Slush Italian Ice to enjoy! For a more adult version, try the Sunset Slush with a moscato or champagne pour over...FUN AND YUM!

The Potting Shed will be open on Friday - Sunday this week, at 12PM with last call at 4:30PM. If we have inclement weather, we will close The Potting Shed, so make sure to follow our social media (Instagram or Facebook) for updates!
Happy, Healthy Houseplants – Level 2
Spring Container Class
Bring joy and color to your outdoor space by creating a one-of a kind container that will last all summer! FGS Plant Coach, Debbi Barrett will cover the thrill, fill, spill technique and discuss other design tips to create a gorgeous container! You will also learn tips for how to best care for your container to keep it thriving through the hot summer months!
Fee includes instruction and everything you need to design your own 12 in. pot–annuals, soil, and the pot! 
Class fee: $45
Click on the class dates and times above to register.

Current COVID-19 restrictions and practices will be observed for all classes.
Food Trucks are BACK!
We have food trucks here every weekend in March! Grab a cold drink from The Potting Shed, spot under the willow tree, and we are pretty sure you have the perfect afternoon!

Saturday, March 20 – 11am-3pm
Authentic Korean Street Food

Sunday, March 21 – 11am-3pm
Greek Street Food

Sunday, March 21 – 1pm-4pm
Variety of cheesecake flavors

Plant Tip of the Week:
If your houseplants need repotting, spring and summer is the best time to repot! Make sure your plant needs to be repotted, and if it does, only go up 2 inches in size to the next pot. For example, if you have a plant in a 6 inch pot, don't upgrade to larger than an 8 inch pot.

Also, March is the time to start fertilizing your houseplants. Use a good houseplant fertilizer, follow the directions, and then fertilize once a month March-September. Spring and summer is their time to shine!
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